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The Sunday Tribune 2013 1 January - March

6 January 2013


VILJOEN nee CAWOOD-WILSON Terry & Kerri-Leigh a son Nicolas Clive * 28 Dec 2012 at Life Crompton Hospital.


CLIVE DESRAJ. Happy Birthday from Independent Newspaper Classifieds.


HOPSON /STAEHLIN Adrian & Rose announce engagement of their son Michael to Kimberly, daughter of Mark & Lori of Chicargo USA.

LEIGH /HARVEY Stephen, Erika, Paddy and Dawn congratulate their children David and Meghan on engagement.


DOBEYN Al & Ralph. Golden wedding anniversary. From Ian, Elna and family.


AITKEN Kenneth Thompson + 2 Jan 2013 x Margaret. Father of Sharon and Bruce. Father-in-law of Charlyn. Grandfather of Payton and Tyloh. Funeral at Frere Rd Presbyterian Church on 8 Jan 2013 at 2pm.

ARDE Jacques * 1929 ----29 Dec 2012. Brother of France, Marc, Max and Clem. Thinking of you Steve, Louise, Paul, Juliette and families.

BAILLACHE Ronald + 3 Jan 2013.Late of Johannesburg and before from Empangeni.

FENNER Henry John + 2 Jan 2013 in Pietermaritzburg x + Cynthia.Father of + Shaun, Greg and Clint. Survived by his daughter Louise and grandchild Sophia. TEL:- Louise 078 1422849.

JONES Margaret Mary (Meg) 12 Dec 1916 -----3 Jan 2013 in Nazareth House. Mother and mother-in-law of Derrick and Barbara, Richard and Kay and Joe. Grandmother of Wayne, Angela, Linda, Andrew, Frances. Greatgrandmother of Kevin, Jarod, Owen, Adam, Noah, Samantha, Heather and Meghan.

LUVUNO Nokuthula (50 years) + 28 Dec 2012 in Babanango Zululand. Killed by son Mduduzi (25 years). He drove his fathers truck into the house. A 4 month old grandson was also killed. The daughter of Nokuthula Cebile (22 years) is in Hospital.

MATTHEW Robert 18 May 1942 -----3 Jan 2013. Funeral at Wesley Methodist Church Mobeni Heights on 6 Jan 2013 from 11am ---2pm, proceeding to Clare Estate Crematorium.

MEILHON Edward Joseph (Eddie) 29 Nov 1950 -----3 Jan 2013. Brother of Jennifer, Barbara and + Raymond. Brother-in-law of Susan and Graeme. Uncle to Blake, Boyd and Liam. Cousin to Elaine.

MOSES Stevenson x Sheila. Father of Verona, Monica, +Ivor, Ernie and Anita. Father-in-law of Chetts, Clement and Rani. Grand and great-grandfather. Funeral at Bethel Baptist Church (Old Dutch Reform Church ) Stanger on 5 Jan 2013 from 11am ---12pm body will lie in state. Service at 12 pm Proceeding to Stanger Christian Cemetery.

NAGIAH Mr P. (Roy) x Mrs C NAGIAH. Father of Newlands West . 16th Day Memorial at Sahara Stadium Kingsmead on 7 Jan 2013 at 17:30pm.

SING Bivash + 20 Dec 2012. Son of Ganeshwar ROOPSING. He was Palmist and Tarot reader. Love from Vanessa, Santhan, Kaviran, Kajal, Shannon, Sabitha, Banjo and Fender.

WALSHE Sister Anne. RIP from your friend Tony.

ZONDI Tutu (21 years) + last week Thursday . Drowned in Eastern Cape. Brother of Inky ZONDI.


BATTISON James. Love from Wendy and Belinda.

CAMPBELL (Nannie) Colleen. 10 years gone now.Blondie and family.

GRAHAM Vera Olive + 6 Jan 2012. Mother and grandmother of Glynnis, Neville and family.

HERMAN Lydia + 6 Jan 2010. Remembered by Dan, Kathy, Laura and Sophie.

JAFTA Andrew James + 5 Jan 2010 x Sherezah. Father of Zaida and Rasheed. Grandfather of Nishaan and Aaliyah.

LANDERS June + 3 Jan 2008. Mother, grand and great-grandmother, sister of Carol, Joan, Sue, Sharné, Cara-Lee, Michelle, John and Lucian.

NAIDOO Ram (Dharma ) 30 April 1946 ----6 Aug 2012. Yearly Ceremony on 6 Jan 2013 at Andhra Cultural Centre Havenside at 11 am.

13 January 2013


BARNES / MORRIS Tim & Emma a daughter Ayla Belle. Congratulations from Great Granny Jean and David CALDER, Sue, Kirsty, Claire, Gys, Ben and Alex.


TERBLANCHE Carl Gabriel * 13 Jan 1992. Love from Mom, Michael and Kaleb.


FIRREST / BOWES-TAYLOR Bruce & Jeanine, Anne & Ian announce engagement of Amy to Kyle.


ALLENBROOK Eric 2 April 1921 ----1 Jan 2013 in Cape Town. Private cremation.

BURGER Des . Sympathy to Moira and family from Mike & Lynn WATSON.

HOLTZHAUSEN nee BESELAAR Martha. + 9 Jan 2013. Daughter of Marie. Sister to Heather, Jannie, Linda and Mandy. Mother of Chantel and grandmother.

KARUNAGARAN VEERAN (Ken) + 31 Dec 2012 of London . Son of + Mr & Mrs Sam THAVER. Brother of + Krish (Pottie), Kamla (Camps), Selvam , Sadar, Amri and family. Missed by Theoga, Meenatchie, Saras and family.

MOODLEY Sathia x + Kummie MOODLEY. Mother of Sesh, Losh, Mogesh and families. Memorial at Andhra Hall Clayton Rd Overport on 15 Jan 2013 between 6 -7pm.

MORRIS Brian . Service in Memory of Brian on 16 Jan 2013 at Holy Trinity Catholic Church at 11am.

NAIDOO Jayce x Lizzy. Father of Keshni ,father-in-law and grandfather of 3. He was a soccer for Colchester, Dhalias, Dynamos, Prina United, Del Rio Spurs and Manager of Shastri Park Football Club. Funeral at his residence 30 Newton Park Phoenix on 12 Jan 2013 from 10am ----3nm proceeding to The Clare Estate Crematorium at 4pm.

NAICKER Gonaseelan (Gonnie) 3 Sept 1948 ------1 Jan 2013 . 16th Day Memorial at 8 Lylapur Rd, Merebank on 15 Jan 2013 at 6pm.

PATHER Mr. Sathanthan Munsamy +2 Jan 2013. He was retired School principal. Presented Northern Natal in Sam China soccer tournament in 1949. Father of Kumaran, Theigran, Siva, Kuben, Maya PATHER, Grandfather of Trishen, Shalen, Kavashen, Tirslen, Preshen, Tashlin, Sashni, Aneshree and Keshlin PATHER.

SMITH Bryan William. Father and grandfather. Funeral at St Joseph's Catholic Church, Florida Rd, Durban op 14 Jan 2013 om 10vm .Verassing private . AVBOB 031 2061831.

VAN RENSBURG Tinkie x Christine . Father of Lara, Taylor-Shay, Carmen and Elai. Funeral at Bayala Game Lodge, Plaas Versveld Bayala op 17 Jan 2013 at 10 am Proceeding to Mhlosinga. Contact: Martin BIRD on 0836589886. AVBOB 0860025500.


EYSELE Karl + 13 Jan 1999. Husband and father of Mandy, Marius and Kyle.

GOVENDER Satchoo + 26 Dec 2011. Brother-in-law and uncle. Of Colin, Serena, Erin and Chad.

JACKSON Edna. 1 year gone now. Mother, grandmother . From Colin, Serena, Erin and Chad.

MONTZOURIS Maria + 13 Jan 1998. Mother, Grandmother and greatgranny of Poppy & Stan, Sheila MANOLI and family, Thelma, Mike and family; Manuel, Doddy and family.

PARSONS Graham Phillip 9 May 1959 ----12 Jan 2010. Miss you from Athene.

PATHER Shunmugam (Boya) + 31 Dec 2002 x Mano. Father and grandfather. 10 years gone now. 10 Years Memorial on 13 Jan 2013 from 4---5pm at Kharwastan Community Hall .

PILLAY Clive from Cindy, Craig & K PILLAY.

SCHULTZ Barry Arthur 13 Sept 1958 -----15 jan 2011. Remembered by Karen, Jeff, Dana and Greg.

SEWSUNKER nee NADASEN Francesca Martina 19 March 1956 -----12 Jan 2012. Remembered by Mom , Annie, Trevor, Ian, Jane , Hayley and Joan, Justin and Warren.

20 January 2013


HERMON / KIRKWOOD Will & Jules a daughter Ella Grace * 3 Jan 2013 in Singapore. Sister to Jack and Tilly. Granddaughter to Robin and Sue, Mathubatuba and Jenny HERMON, Cape Town.

HILL nee HAYWOOD Ed, Bev and Eugene thank Warren and Candice for Noah Leven * 14 Jan 2013 in Parklands.

INMAN / NORTHEY Cuan & Angela a son Heath Terence . From Dad, Mom, Neil and Jo.

PETERS – NEWMAN Tyron & Jax a boy Josh * 16 Jan 2013 in Wilgeheuwel Hospital.


AUERBACH Vincent (Vini). Son of Leonora BLOXHAM. Father of Jarod AUERBACH. Condolences to family from Aunty Marina, Adelaide, Jean, Piet, Mike and his late father Wilfred. Memorial at Frere Rd Presbyterian Church Gelenwood on 23 Jan 2013 at 11am. BELL 031 3014793.

BAMBER Jane. RIP from your friends from Fountains.

BLACKBEARD Joan Medlicott (Paddy) 11 Feb 1023 -----17 Jan 2013 x + George. Mother of Shirley, + Wendy, Jeffrey,. Mother-in-law of Neville and Wendy. Grandmother to Nicolette, Justine, Ross and Emma.

BURNE nee LOCK Grace Elizabeth 3 May 1927 ----12 Jan 2013 x + Gordon. Mother to + Alan, Kathryn and Michael. Mother-in-law of Colin and Ailsa. Grandmother of Elizabeth and Warren, Matthew and Joanne, Douglas and Judy. Great-grandmother Kayleigh, Amanda and Isabella.

CHETTY Theogaran (Theo) 3 Jan 1947 ----10 Jan 1913. X Baby. Father of Deseree and Vernon and grandchildren 15th Day Memorial at 3 Wallace Rd Tongaat at 24 Jan 2013 at 7pm. RSVP:- TEL:- 032 944 5213.

CLARK Robert (Rusty) . Condolences to Wendy, Donovan and Farren from Ashley, Kevin and Carla SMITH. RIP from Neville & Pat DRAGSUND.

DAWSON Cecil Beresford Winstanley Dunbar (Barry) (Koos) 17 July 1934 ----16 Jan 2013. X Dinah. Father of Glenda x Braam. Grandfather to Ruan and Karlien. Brother to Betty.Uncle to Leo, Tracy, Cuan, Kendra and Ann.

ENGLISH Denis Paul. Father of David , Peter, Craig , Lynette, Marylene ,Chris. Funeral on 23 Jan 2013 at 23 Jan 2013 at 10 am. Buriel Service at Berea on 23Jan 2013. Proceeding to burial. OAKLEIGH 031 2059957.

ERASMUS T. J ( Theo) 6 Feb 1939 ----8 Jan 2013. Friend of Linda, Allan, Pierre, Brendin, Leslie, and Boys at Chill's Bar; Carl, Lorna, Dave, Chantal, Dennis and Samson, Trigger and the Gang. TEL:- Allan 076085723.

GAYAPARSAD Chooraman (Jay) (Educator of Longcroft Primary School) .Son of Mr & Mrs Bharath GAYAPARSAD . Brother of Vishnu, Jayvin, Rajin and sister Veena. Nephew of K SINGH cousin of Cookie BOOYSEN and Nirrie. Funeral on 20 Jan 2013 . Body will lie in state at residence from 11:30am ---1pm. Proceeding to Clare Estate Crematorium Hall from 2pm ----3:30pm PHOENIX
Funerals 031 5073925.

GOVENDER Arumugan (Boston) 2 Nov 1925 ----7 Jan 2013 x + Selvie. Father of Lorraine, Ivan, Erwin and Colin. Father-in-law of Bubsie and Imantha. Grandfather of Thilona, Marcolyn and Ryan. 16th day Memorial Ceremony at 45 Fighaven Place Phoenix on 21 Jan 2013. Supper at 5pm Service 7pm. TEL:- 031 5051760

GRENFELL Thelma + 15 Jan 2013. Mother of Ruby, Graham, Jean and Colin. Mother-in-law of Ingrid, Jenny, Vic and + Tom KYLE. Memorial at Flame Lily Park Malvern on 22 Jan 2013 at 2:30pm. SHANLEY'S 031 2057644.

HARROCKS nee DELPORT Denise Annette 6 Jan 1953-------9 Jan 2013. Daughter of Enid & + Bex DELPORT . Mother and grandmother, sister and aunt. Mother of Amanda-Lee and Chereen. Grandmother of Nicholas and Cody. Sister of Jackie and mother Enid. Memorial at Westville Baptist Church Westville on 26 Jan 2013 at 10:30pm.

HIGGS Wendy-May+ 11 Jan 2013 x Andrew.

JONSSON Aubrey Hugh 6 Jul 1924 ---- 17 Jan 2013 x Margaret. Father of Sarah and William.

MARX Leslie . Funeral Service at Twelve Apostles Church Wentworth on 23 Jan 2013 at 0930am. Proceeding to Dudley Street Cemetry for internment. DOVES 0860025500.

MORRISON Terry + 14 Jan 2013 x Daphne. Son and brother-in-law and uncle. RIP Terry, Anna, Philip, Lynn, Rudy, Susan, Lester, Candice, Craig and Caitlyn.

OGDEN Lynnette Ann + 17 Jan 2013. Godmother and aunt o Janine. Sister-in-law of Helen.

PADAYACHI Lervasen 6 Nov 1976 -----17 Jan 2013 . Son of Gops and Rani PADAYACHI (S G Padayachi Optometrist) and + Mr & Mrs N.S . PADAYACHI and + Mr & Mrs T.M. MOODLEY of Pmb. Brother of Nashentha, Morvesha, and Periniya. Brother-in-law of Krishnan NAIR and Hermendra ODIT. Uncle to Surya NAIR, Yeshalia ODIT, Suvarn & Suyash NAIR. Funeral on 20 Jan 2013 at Clare Estate Crematorium New Germany Rd .Body will lie in state from 11am ---1230 noon.

PICHE Muriel Genevieve + 18 Jan 2013. Mother of Charmaine, René and family; We will miss you from Des and Sandy ROBB, Tracy , David, Jeff and Josh DEEP.

SINGH Tashnee + 15 Jan 2013 from Chatsworth. Grade 4 pupil. Sister of older Terisha 14 years. Granddaughter of Violet PILLAY. Voilet was grandmother of 18 grandchildren.

STIPCICH Timothy John + 17 Jan 2012. Son of Tony & Jenny. Mourned by parents, Meg, Rex, Jennifer, Sophie, and Danette. Funeral at St Luke's Anglican Church Howick on 23 Jan 2013 at 2:30pm. OAKLEIGH 033 3426116.

SWART Valeica Merle (Lisha) + 17 Jan 2013. Condolences to Paul and Gary. On request No funeral service. Cremation private.

WILLEMS Nickie.In loving Memory of Nickie, missed by sisterMargie, + brother Andy, families CRAWFORD, MACNAMARA , MEYER and niece Lorna. Private Family Memorial Service at Stellawood Crematorium Umbilo on 22 Jan 2013 at 1 pm. BELL Funerals 031 301 4793.

WOMACK Spencer Arthur Benbow + Orchard Lea Nursing Home. Father of Brian & Julie, Martin & Catharina, Caleb & Neill. Memorial at Harvest Church Umhlanga on 28 Jan 2013 at 1430pm BELL Funerals. 031 3014793.


BUCHANAN Gladys + 19 Jan 1994.Mother, grand and great-grandmother.

DAVID Daryl Kevin 22 Dec 1971 -----19 Jan 1998. Remembered by Mum, Dad, Nesa, Ian, Caleb and Jayden.

GODDARD Derek Kenneth 12 Jan 1947 ----20 Jan 2011 x Ann. Friends Johnny and Dilys. Dad and oupa of Patrick, Yvette. Grand and great-grandchildren.

GODDARD Derek + 20 Jan 2012 . Brother and Uncle of Brian, Pat Chantel and Tarryn.

HEZLETT Cameron Lee 15 Jan 1994 -----18 Jan 2003 .Love from Gaga, Pops, Candice , Ouma & Mom.

LACON-ALLIN nee BAKER Cheryl Ann + 20 Jan 2003. Daughter and sister of Jacqui, Neville and Judy.

MOMSEN David 1 June 1953 ---19 Jan 2012. Father of Wayne and Charl.

NEEL Pamela Anne + 22 Jan 1998. Remembered by Brian, Ryan and Mark.

NULLIAH Indranantha Perumal (Indra) 20 Jan 1989 x Priscilla. Father of Dhirendra and Prissie, Marlini and Santhosh, Bishendra and Ursula, Kumeshini and Roger, Gishendra and Kershini. Grandfather of Reantha, Yastil, Neolin, Tashania, Yusheal, Jarvaan , Shaeyan and Thiana.

27 January 2013


GOPICHUND Deresh (Melvin) 5 April 1949 ---31 Jan 2011. Missed by Mum, Dad, Sandy, Shaun, Jody, Raymond and Tyrese.

3 February 2013


ARMOUR /ATKINS Dave & Lauren a son Rocco David * 30 Jan 2013. Brother to Rebekah and Farren.

BROKENSHA Kyle & Michelle announce birth of Tyler Garry * 41 Jan 2013 in Westville Hospital. Garry & Gail and Cedric & Karen share in their joy.

KHALED nee MEAKER Doug & Candice a son Ross David KHALED * 30 Jan 2013 in Westville Hospital. Grandson for Glen & Mary MEAKER and Derek & Carol KHALED. Nephew for Allister, Seanne, Brett. Cousin to Mckenna.

THOMPSON /WESTON Grant & Trudy a daughter Gemma Drew * 28 Jan 2013. Sister to Hannah. Grandchild for Caryl.


BEERE James John (Videographer). Memorial on 8 Feb 2013 at 2pm at Durban North Methodist Church.

COLLINS William Bert Charles x Cynthia. Father of Garth, Selwyn, Cherith. Stepfather of Michelle and Jules. Funeral at DOVES Greyville on 4 Feb 2013 at 2pm. Cremation private. DOVES 0860025500.

EDWARDS Isabella Eva 20 Feb 1912 ---1 Feb 2013. Mother of John, Gail and family; Grandmother to Warren and Frank.

GRANT Derek Stuart (Bird) +25 Jan 2013. Now with his + wife Beryl. Father of Kerry "Prie". Father, father-in-law of Mark, Kerry, Wendy, Russell, Julie and Catherine. Private Cremation. Memorial later.

GREGORY John Roy + 31 Jan 2013 x Joan .Father to Michael, Brett, Wayne and Lise.

HUGHES Alan . Funeral at Kloof Methodist Church on 6 Feb 2013 at 11 am. OAKLEIGH 031 2059959.

JAMES Quentin (Jimmy) +27 Jan 2013 x Carol. Father of Bradley, Aurillia, Shaun and Craig. Grandfather of Courney, Donné, Dean and Kelly.

LEGGO Vincent Richard 14 Jan 1927 ----29 Jan 2013 x + Adele. Father of Brenda, Mark and Janet. Father-in-law of Derek and Bruce. Grandfather of Maire, Katy, Angela, Steven and Maxine. Friend of Rosemary S. Funeral at Nazareth House Ridge Rd on 5 Feb 2013 on 10:30am. Cremation at Stellawood. DURBAN BURIAL SOCIETY 031 5002815.

MAHARAJ Leroy " Prem" + 1 Feb 2013 at age 52 years. Shot at his home in Asherville. Married to Vasie. JEFF WICKS.

MATTHEWS Brett + Jan 2013 in Pretoria op ouderdom 50 jaar. Sy jonger broer Craig het dit bevestig. Brett was 'n voormalige provinsiale krieket speler. RAPPORT

MOODLEY Satchidanada (Satchu (Mervyn)) of JKS Civils and Primal Power. Funeral at his home at 18 Wingen Walk, Shallcross, Chatsworth today (3 Feb 2013 ) from 10am ---1:30pm. Cremation at Clare Estate Crematorium from 2 ---3:30 pm.

SIMPKINS Ron + 1 Feb 2013 x Hazel. Father of Anne, Ed and Jenny. Grandfather of Mark, Sean and Andrew. Missed by Beatrice and Ivan, Les, Barbie and family. DOVES 0860025500

SINGH Karondas (Suresh) 15 Jan 1952 -----30 Jan 2013 . Sympathy to his family. From Management and Staff at Powafix.

SYMONDS Tommy + 30 Jan 2013 op ouderdom 68 jaar in Pretoria. Hy het in 3 Currie beker wedstryde gespeel en was 'n junior Springbok. Hy het in 86 wedstryde gepeel vir Transvaal. Getroud met Estelle. Pa en oupa. RAPPORT.

VAN DER LINGEN Beverley Jean +31 Jan 2013 x Jakkie. Mother of Sandy, Jean, Jakkie Junior and Romy, Quincy and George. Memorial at DOVES Greyville on 5 Feb 2013 at 10am.


BARLOW Stephen. Remembered by Shaun & Carolyn.

CLARKE Ellen 25 April 1938 ----4 Feb 2007 x Ray.

GOVENDER Desmond 26 Feb 1996 ---+ 3 Feb 2012 . Missed by the NAIDOO family.

MACKINTOSH Maude 14 March 1920 ----3 Feb 2007. Mother of Colleen, Delys, Doug, Malcolm and families.

MAULLIN Donald Spencer 9 Aug 1945 ----30 Jan 2012 x Lesley. Father of Ty, Jane, Jordan, Callum and Hannah.

MOWAT Eileen Lilian + 3 Feb 2009. Mother of Miles and granny of Warren and Samantha.

NAIDOO P. K. (Boya) . Father ,family and friends .Bhavani, Prabha, Gita and Rakesh. 1 Year Memorial Service at Craigieburn Temple Hall, Temple Rd, Umkomaas on 10 Feb 2013 at 11am.

STAFFORD-MAYER Fenn 2007 ----2010. In memory from Mum.

WALLIS Shirley. " My Tjom". Love from Brenda.

10 February 2013


HUSSEN. 12 Years married. From Leanne Rymes Ditto.


BAUMANN Anne Ingleston 26 Dec 1926 ----19 Jan 2013. Mother, grandmother and great-grandmother. Service at Pinetown Methodist Church on 13 Feb 2013 at 11am.

BOOYSEN Anene + at age 17 years, of Bredasdorp. Raped and died last week. Foster daughter of Corlia OLIVIER. Funeral 9 Feb 2013 at United Reformed Church.

CARTWRIGHT Neil. 11 July 1961 ----27 Jan 2013 in Biggenhill UK. Previously of Kloof. Son of Connie & Joe. Brother of Denise and Dawn. Love from Lyn COURNEY and family and Albert JAMMINE.

DE CHARMOY Monique 17 Sept 1923 -----5 Feb 2013. Mother, mother-in-law, gran and great-gran. RIP from Patricia. Miss you a lot from Agnes and family. Requiem Mass on 12 Feb 2013 at 11am at All Saints Catholic Church Ballito. DOVES 0860025500.

DIXON -SMITH David William + 8 Feb 2013. He will be missed by Craig, Julie and the boys, Helen, Craig and the kids and Jane.

HIGGS Shaun Graham 22 Dec 1956 ---7 Feb 2013. Will be missed.

LLEWELLYN Jean + 7 Feb 2013. Prevously ROCKINGHAM & WAKE). Mother of 3. Grandmother of 6. Missed by mother and brother. Also her step family, (Trevor, 4 stepdaugters and 9 step-grandchildren.) RIP mom from Risa, Penny and Tom. Funeral at Stellawood Crematorium Glenwood on 12 Feb 2013 at 2pm. Refreshments at Durban Collegians Bowling Club after Service. TEL:-OAKLEIGH 031 2059959.

LITTLE Steve . Memorial at Wesley Methodist Church Hayfields Pietermaritzburg on 12 Feb 2013 at 2:30pm. OAKLEIGH 033 3426116

McGEE Glen Ashley 26 Oct 1950----3 Feb 2013 x Debbie. Father of Craig, Lisa, Caryn, and Ian. Grandfather of Matthew and Kyle. Thank you to Janeth and his carers.

NADAR Meenambal 19 May 1932 ----8 Feb 2013 x + R N NADAR of 20 Merton Gardens Reservoir Hill and formaly of Nagapattinam Indie. Mother of Kogie PILLAY, Thansie NAIDU, Val MOODLEY, Raj , Panyan and Velu NADAR. Mother-in-law of Siva PILLAY, Geeva NAIDU, Vasie MOODLEY , Selvum and Afia. Grandmother and great-grandmother. Funeral at Clare Estate Crematorium on 10
Feb 2013 .Body will lie in state from 2---3:30pm cremation at 3:45pm.

OTTO Ronald x Patricia. Father of Jerry, Karl , Graham. Grand and great-grandfather.

PILLAY Pastor Bobby 5 June 1942 -----7 Feb 2013 (Grace Chapel Bevedere Tongaat) x Mrs Kay PILLAY. Father of Patsy, Sharon, Clive, Edwin, Mark and Charlene. Grandmother of Sameer, Junaid, Michelle, Letisha, Tyrel and Leah, Mother-in-law of Desiree and Claudette. Funeral on 9 Feb 2013 at KZN Celebration Centre Church Tongaat Body will lie in state from 12noon to 2:30pm proceeding to Desainager Cemetry Tongaat.

PILLAY Radha x + Jerry (Nanda). Mother of Kumaren, Nareshnan and Prebashni (Bashi). Mother-in-law of Lucretia and Deshini. Grandmother to Austin, Keethin and Trimeshin. Sister to Apatha, Ambiga, Casagie, Maggie, Vani, Mackay, Vishnu and +Vasa MOODLEY. Dauhter of + Mr & Mrs A S MOODLEY. Funeral at Verulam Day Care Centre. Body will lie in state from noon to 2:45pm
proceeding to Verulam Crematorium at 3pm.

REEVE Ronald Ernest (Ron) 4 Dec 1928 ----2 Feb 2013 x Laura. Father of Barbara, Cheryl, Dianne and Eleanor. Requiem Mass at Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Church Durban North at 2pm on 11 Feb 2013.


APPANAH Jessica . 2 years now . Married to Michael and mother to Christopher and Nicholas.

DAVIS Dougie 28 Jan 1925 ----9 Feb 1993. Remembered by Fiona,Travis and Tevin.

FLASHMAN Lorraine Margaret. 3 years gone now. Wife, mother of Graham, Rodney, Craig and Mark.

HARVEY Tom. Remembered by Brian, Merle, Stacey, Melissa, Travis.

KAST Rae. Mother of Dennis, Flo, Delon, Marvin.

ROSCHER Wayne Earl. 10 Years gone now. Love from Mom, Dean, Kristen and family.

SCOTT Peter Eric . 7 Sept 1928 ----11 Feb 1999 . Father of Christine & Selwyn.

SHEPHERD Val. 20 years gone now. Mother of Alison, Melly, Jonathan and Liesl.

WITHERS Barbara Elaine. 2 years gone now. Missed by Duncan & buddie from WCC Squash Court.

17 February 2013


TREGEAR GLYNN Claire & Lukas a boy Ethan John * 7 Feb 2013 in London UK. Grandchild for John.


BARLOW John & Hazel announce engagement of their daughter Carol to Cameron, son of Vanessa & William THOMAS.

COOK Lynne announce egagement of her daughter Jaimie to Justin HUGO, son of Rose LEGG & + Katz (Stephanus HUGO).

WEDDINGS:- MTHETHWA Nathi x Philisiwe BUTHELEZI in Franchhoek 16 Feb 2013 (Nathi is Police Minister). Son od Nurse GUMBI (75years)


BURROWS William Ronald + 13 Feb 2013 .Missed by Ronella and family.

CHAPMAN Dereen . Condolences to Mark and family from Camelot Country Club Members and Staff. ;Also from Anna & Tom GRIMSLEY.

CHAPMAN Vereen Priscilla 11 Feb 1954 ----+ 14 Feb 2013 x Mark. Mother to Keith, Donna and + Cecil. Grandmother to James. Memorial at The Hillcrest Methodist Church on 22 Feb 2013 at 10am.

CLARKE Richard George. Memorial at Durban North Methodist Church on 19th Feb 2013 at 12:30pm. Wake at Parkhill Bowling Club.

EDRIC DAVID SYDNEY JACKSON 10 Dec 1928 ----13 Feb 2013 x Shirley. Father to Bruce, Gavin and Cherene. Father-in-law to Cindy, Pippa, Wilbur. Grandfather to Cayley, Bevan, Ryan, Blake, Hayden, Nathan, Mia, Dale , Guy and Makayla.

LANGEVELDT Edward Frank Carl ( Eddie) 28 Feb 1935 ----14 Feb 2013. Now with Mom. Father of Annette and Dennise, Jenny and Llewelyn, Chantel and John. Grandfather of Warren, Chelsea and Belinda and great-grandchildren. Father and grandfather of Clive , Carol,Travis and Mitch.; Sympathy and condolences to the family and Directors of Bradcor Elecrtical from Directors and Staff
of BFBA Consultants.; Funeral at The Flame Lily Park Malvern on 18 Feb 2013 at 0930am. Cremation private. DOVES 0860025500.

MANZIE Allan John 10 June 1932 ----14 Feb 2013 x Alta. Father to Melanie, Michael and + Allison. Step-father to Craig , Hilton and Christopher. Brother of Hazel, Ian and + Beryl. Father-in-law. Funeral at The Holy Trinity Church Hillcrest on 19 Feb 2013 at 11am. SHANLEY'S 031 2057644

MZIMELA Dr Sipo + ouderdom 77 jaar. Oud- minister van Korrektiewe Dienste. Man, pa, stiefpa en oupa van 7. Begrafnis was verlede Saterdag in Altlanta VSA. RAPPORT.

NOFAL Maureen Jula + 13 Feb 2013. Requiem Mass at St Joseph's Catholic Church Florida Rd Durban on 18 Feb 2013 at 10am.

PATHER Yoganathan Vassa (Owner of Vassa's Poultry) x Selvie PATHER of No 20 /24th Avenue Umhlatuzana Township. Memorial Service at his home on 17 Feb 2013 from 7 -9pm Supper at 5pm.

PETERS Bernice. To Uncle Alex thank you for your support. Thank you Ulaine for sharing your Mom and our aunt with us from Cecily and Nicky.

SCHROENN Lucy Anne 5 Oct 1922 ----13 Feb 2013. Mother of Alf and Heather, Veronica and Errol. Grandmother of Michelle and Trevor, Brenda, Sandra and Peter, Christopher and Chi-Chi and Matthew. Great-grandmother of Alex, Maxine, Gemma Ryan and Shannon. Memorial at Poinsettia Park Kingsburgh on 20 Feb 2013 at 10 am.

TYACK Mari Henri Arthur Gilbert x Jeannine. Father of Marilyn and grandfather to Mitchell, Britney and Campbell; Father and grandfather to Rod, Heila, Gareth, Tarryn, Bradlee and Devin. Requiem Mass at Star Of The Sea Catholic Church Umhlanga on 19 Feb 2013 at 2pm. BAELL Funeral 031

VAN SENSIE Okkie + op ouderdom 80 jaar x Sheila. Pa en oupa. Kaapse staplegende. Hy was ook oudstadsraadslid vir Kuilsrivier. Begrafnis was 15 Feb 2014 uit St George -Anglikaanse Kerk in Kuilsrivier. RAPPORT

WOLFF nee WYLDE-BROWNE Bernice Geraldine + 11 Feb 2013 x Bernie. Sister to Celia and niece to William.

ZWANE Osborne Linda Leslie + 27 Jan 2013 x Gwen. And father.


DAVID Billy 1931 ----1997. From DAVID family and grandchildren.

GARDNER William Allibone + 16 Feb 2001.

NAIDOO Hansavathana + 16 Feb 2012 x V K NAIDOO. Mother of Anuradha, Ashwin, Shahadev, Salochana, Premloshini, Salven Navie, Dayaram,. Grandmother of Shahistha, Yeshodha, Sekhar, Thushaar, Luthaar, Himal.

PADAYACHIE Rashakrishna (Roy) Minister . Married to Sally. Father of daughters Dr Vindea PADAYACHIE and Trevana MOODLEY. Father-in-law of Dr Anben NAIDOO and Sivenasan MOODLEY. Brother of Saren PADAYACHIE. Grandfather of Kedhar . 1 jaar Memorial at M.T.S.S Hall Merebank Durban on 24 Feb 2013. Service 3pm Supper thereafter. TEL:- 031 7063351/7

SEEPARSAD Anil Shah 15 Jan 1959 ----17 Feb 2012. Remembered by family Annie, Tanya, Ameeth, Frenzil, Sandipa and Sonalia.

24 February 2013


KISTAN Damu (Damyenti BHOOLA ) 6 May 1948 ----18 Feb 2003. 10th year Memorial on 2 March 2013 at 4pm at Shri Siva Subramaniar Temple Hall Verulam. Professor Chandru KISTAN request your presence.

3 March 2013

PIETERMARITZBURG COLLEGE 1863 -----2013. Supplement .

School was founded with help of Mr William CALDER -a well-trained teacher. A notice was published in the Natal Witness on 16 Feb 1836. Headmaster Mr William CALDER, Government teacher. Classical master was Rev ME ROWLANDSON. School fees 10 pounds per annum. They started with 36 "colonial ruffians" on 2 March 1863. Now they have 1 100 pupils.

Pupils attending was BUCHANAN E and H (Possibly son of David Dale BUCHANAN who was founding editor of The Natal Witness.

ERSKINE Robert, son of the Colonial Secretary; Died at Bushman's Pass in 1873.

SHEPSTONE George and SCOTT Durrant died at Isandlwana in 1879.

HATHORN Kenneth who lter became a judge

FERREIRA Ignatius ,son of the first chairman of the Collegiate Institution. He died at Kambula in 1879.

Other pupils that came from them :-

GOLD Ronald -6th Form in 1963 (writing in the Witness Supplement of the year.

MKHIZE Cedric- Sharks Wing

PATON Alan -SA Author.

RODES Jonty - SA Cricketer

SAVAGE Cedric -CEO of Tongaat Hullett.

STRANSKY Joel -World Cup-winning Springbok flyhalf.

ZAMA Lungani -Sports reporter (Sunday Tribune)


GAMBLE Garth Stewart. Will be missed by his friends and colleague at Sika.

TENZA Nonsikelelo Veronica + last Friday night at age 53 years. Fell in open manhole in Westville. Mother of David Tafita RAMATLATENG.


BONNETT Chris . Missed by Libby.

BROWN Gary . 1 year gone today x Jenny. Father of Jillian, Brigette, Quentin and families.

SQUIBB Gilbert (Gilly ) 26 Feb 1930 -----4 March 2011 x Meryl.

10 March 2013


DU BOIS-BOWER Donovan & Charlotte (DU BOIS) a boy James Donovan *7 March 2013 at Westville Hospital. Grandchild for Bev & Duncan DU BOIS.

KELSO Rob & Hayley a boy Travis David *6 March 2013. Brother for Rhys & Ayla.

MAW Alanah & Richard and Caitland a boy richer Tyler James * 7 March 2013 in London. Grandchild for Ken, Anne, Emily and Mike.


BISHOP Kim. From all at Independent Newspapers Classifieds.


BOMBARDIERI- PRINSLOO Dario & Lesley and Dionne & Ingrid announce engagement of Melissa and Carl.


BANNISTER (nee WEST/HARRISON ) Gaynor 1941 ---8 Feb 2013 at Entabeni Hospital. Wife, Mother and Gran.

BULLOUGH Edward Michael 16 May 1936 -----8 March 2013 x Rebecca. Father of 5 girls and 6 grandchildren.; Love Lesley & Janet and grandchildren Candice and Aislinn.; Memorial at The Hillcrest Methodist Church Hillcrest on 12 March 2013 at 2pm. Donations to Glen Haven Nursing Home.

CHISHOLM Malcolm Alexander 20 Jan 1926 ----4 March 2013.Companion to Emmie. Father of Paul, Graham and Gordon.

COCHRANE (NOBLE) Fiona Jane (Granny Fudge) x Dave. Mother of Janet, Lynda, Reynard, Cade, Mandy, Andrew, Lance, Kiara, Andrew, Cyndee and Campbell. Funeral at Frere Rd Presbyterian Church at 10 am on 11 March. TEL: 0839928045.

DELPORT Jan . Condolences to family from Peter, Janette and all at Hypersure.

HARMAN Roy . Condolences to Pat and families. Friend of Ray and Lettie. Husband, father and grandfather and brother of Pat; Audrey; Gary, Jenny, Lauren, Nicola; Jeff, Louise, Josh, Catherine; Bev ANDREW. Memorial at St Lukes Church Glenashley at 2pm on 11 March 2013.

HARRIS Lovell + 7 March 2013. Remembered by Joy, Anthony, Colleen, Neigel, Martin ,Hillary and Kari and his 10 grandchildren; He was a teacher at Highbury School Family for 37 years. From Board, Staff and Boys at Highbury Prep School. Memorial at Hillcrest Methodist Church on 11 March 2013 at 2pm.

MCKAIL Elsie Mona + 6 March 2013.

MINICHIELLO Michele + 6 March 2013. Funeral at St Patricks Catholic Church Empangeni on 14 March 2013 at 11am.

[ MKHIZE Mngeni 45 Years + 9 March 2013

MKHIZE Lingisani and Sibusiso (Sbu). 17 Years + 9 March 2013

MKHIZE Simphiwe 32 Years + 9 March 2013

MKHIZE Mhlengi Tonqo 38 Years + 9 March 2013

ZONDI Sizwe 18 Years. + 9 March 2013 They were all skot in the Tshekani Area of Muden, 20 km from Greytown. ]

ROBERTSON Eileen + 5 March 2013. Sympathy to James and family. Friend for 34 years of Kay HICKS. Remembered by friends at Browns'.

SHEPHERD Ronald Valentine 12 Oct 1931 ----1 March 2013. Husband, Father, grandfather of Ruth, Les & Greg, Gary, Lynn and Jason, Lauren, Nicole, Brett, Christy and Caylee.

SOOBBEN Alex + 8 March 2013 at age 61 years.(Durban Regional Court Holding Cell) Cardic Arrest.

VAN ZUYDAM Des. RIP from Garth, Bruce , Lynne and families.

WOOD James 2 Sept 1932 ------ 7 March 2013 x Joy. Father of Sandra, Lionel,
James, Linda and Pamela. Father-in-law and grandfather.


FLUSK Terence John + 10 March 1962 (Killed by knuckle duster when he was attacked. From his twinsisters and mother Enid McNEILL.

GOUNDER Pushpa . 1 year now. Yearly Memorial on 16 March 2013 at Merebank Community Centre Merebank from 5-6pm. From Sagie, Kogi, Salosh, Roginey and families.

GOVENDER Soebakium (Soba) .Missed by Trevor, Jayson, Sagree, Monty, Sharmaine GOVENDER. Mother-in-law and grandmother. Yearley Memorial on 19 March 2013 at 17 Flummery Place Chatsworth (R928) from 7-8. Supper 5-6pm.

MURUVAN FRANK MOONSAMY (Lawrence) 22 May 1952 ----10 March 2010 x Selverani. Father of (one row names unreadable) Justin & Claudia. Son -in-law Roshan, daughter-in-law Larissa. Grandfather of Sejal and Cayden.

NUGGAN Deon 31 Jan 1980 ---9 March 2012 From the Malvern Boyz.

PRISLEY nee SYMES Faye +9 March 2006 .7 years gone now. Mother of Debbie. Remembered by Jean & Dave MOBEY and Families.

ROSA CHARMAINE + 9 March 2011. Love Keery and Mike, Colleen & Godfrey, Colleen & Mark.

WHEELER George Dennis 4 Aug 1952 ----10 March 2010. From Mom and family.

17 March 2013


CLASSEN Dirk Johannes ID 570805 5111 08 5 ---+ 18 March 2013. Partner of Laura. Father of Mrs J HEPPLEWHITE. [PRIVATE]

COETZER Maureen. Funeral on 18 March 2013 at Presbyterian Church Greyville at 11 am.

ROLLING Joan + 13 March 2013 x Keith . Mother of Clinton & Kim HAYES and Hayley AHRENS. Stepmom of Shelley (SLEE) and Janine (PURCELL). Sister of Joe (Butchie ) [not sure if it is surname or not] and Debbie PRINGLE. Granny of 11 grandchildren. Service on 20 March 2013 at Athlone Park Methodist Church.

ROSSOUW Mandy (33jaar) + 11 Maart 2013 in Bryanston Johannesburg. Dogter van Willa, suster van tweeling Megan en Melanie (28). Sy was Media24 se internationale beriggewer en politieke skrywer van Rapport en City Press. Gedenkdiens is Woensdag gehou in Johannesburg. Roudiens op 16 Maart 2013 uit Calvynse Protestante Kerk in Paarl . Begrawe in 'n Klein Parys begraafplaas.

VAN DEVENTER Piet + 16 Maart 2013 in Klerksdorp op ouderdom 66 jaar x Marietjie. Ingesit deur Christine Van Der Westhuizen. RAPPORT.


CORRECTION SURNAME:- DE SWARDT Neville Alfred + 17 March 2008 from Lohanna.

24 March 2013


MISSEN David & Jamie-Leigh a daughter Megan Joan * 21 March 2013 at Hillcrest Private Hospital.


GROVE – SWANEPOEL Gerald & Laurinda announce engagement of their son Aden to Christelle, daughter of Chris & Christine of Centurion 


ALLEN Helen. Sympathy to Maura, Greg , Patrick and Catherine on loss of your Mom and granny. From HERON Clan. Funeral at St Michael's Anglican Church Umhlanga on 27 March 2013 at 3pm . OAKLEIGH 031 2059959.

ANGEL Brian + 21 March 2013. Was running the Windsor Park Tuesday Golf School for 10 years. Brother of Michael and Roylene . Uncle to Hadley, Joan, Charlotte, Claire, Christopher, Sam, Georgie, Alex, James and Sophia; Best wishes to Mark , Allan and families from Rob & Zoe.

ACHEBE Chinua (Nigerean novelist) "father of modern African literature" died in the US last week. LAGOS SAPA-AFP.

BEREZOVSKY Boris (Russian tycoon ) + 23 March 2013. Found dead in Moscow. SAPA-AFP.

BEHRING BREIVIK Wensche + 22 March 2013 at age 66 years. She was mother of Norwegian Mass Murderes Anders BEHRING BREIVIK. OSLO SAPA –AP.

DAVIE John AB 13 Aug 1927 -----19 March 2013 x Renee. Father of Edwin, Gerald, Keith, Elissa and stepfather of Robert. Memorial 30 March 2013 at St Johns Presbyterian Church Nottingham Rd at 10:30 am.

FERGUSON William Wallace + 21 March 2013 x Sheila . Father to Bruce & Judy, Suzanne & Richard, Nicola & Mark, Charles & Lisa. Grandfather of Christopher, Robert, Alice, Murray, Cathryn, Matthew, James, Andrew, Julia and Laura. Funeral at St James Church on 27 March 2013 at 2 pm. Cremation

HAYWARD Marius + 17 March 2013 (car accident) at age 31 years. Turned away at Addington Hospital. He lived in Paddington South Coast. Father of Milandi and Cade (8 years and 8 months respectively). Brother of Colin.

NEL Nico + 17 March 2013 (car accident) at age 27 years. Brother of Anel MEYER. (Turned away at Addington Hospital)

PATERSON Raymond Walter + 22 March 2013 x + Esmé PATERSON. Father of Nicole, Janice and Quentin. Grandfather of Neil, Kirsten , Alastair, Nicolas and Emma. Great Grandfather to Cooper, Chase, Nathan, Luke, Christopher and Eden.

STUBBINGS Tony + 21 March 2013 x Angela. Father of Bridget and Steve, Pippa and Richard. Loving "Gum" of Craig, Nick, Ant and Justin. Memorial at Michaelhouse Chapel Balgowan on 26 March 2013 at 11 am. OAKLEIGH 033 3426116.

TILL nee HANAFEY Lyn Maureen 16 Nov 1945 ---20 March 2013. Wife, mother and grandmother of Derek, Darren, Sarina and Aiden. Memorial at Full Gospel Tabernacle Berea on 27 March 2013 at 2pm.

VAN WYK Andries (Andy) 18 April 1933 -----20 March 2013 x Thelma. Father of Shanon, Vanessa and Neil. Grandmother of Nicole & Timothy. Memorial at the Moth Hall Bartle Rd on 25 March 2013 at 2pm.

WORTHINGTON Jean Elizabeth. Memorial at Church Of The Good Shepherd Durban North on 23 March 2013 at 15:30 pm. DOVES 0860025500.


BRISSET Denice Audrey 2 March 1938 ----24 March 2012 x Lenny. Mother of Mandy and Michael ; Mother of Adam & Nessa; Gran of Bridger and family.

DE MONTILLE Kenneth. 1 year gone now. Missed by Una, Brian, Jenny and Sue.

GOVINDER Morgan 1 Aug 1951 ----24 March 2004. From your family Daya, Nivani, Thiven, Pravesan and Ramya.

MORROW Joyce 19 Jan 1928 ----19 Jan 1928 ---24 March 2003. Mother of Odette ; Also from Bubbles and children.

REBECK David (Doeby) 7 Feb 1948 ---22 March 2003. Remembered by Allison, Shelley and Gareth.


SHEPHERD Ronnie. Ruth and family wish to thank all for support on the death of my Husband, father and grandfather.

31 March 2013


GRIFFITHS Richard + at age 65 years after complications following heart surgery in the UK (Harry Potter). Well known actor. Spent almost 4 decades in radio, film and TV. Reuters LONDON. 

KEMP Johan + 28 March 2013 .Shot in house in Fontainebleau Johannesburg. He was 35 years old. Married to Elaine . Father of Christiaan (2 years ) and Christopher (4 years). RAPPORT

VAN TONDER Morkel * 7 Nov 1923 on an ostrich Farm ' Rus-en-Vrede' in Klein-Karoo + 26 March 2013 at age 89 years in Northcliff Johannesburg. He was head of Afrikaans Radio Station (RSG). Father of 5. RAPPORT.

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