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The Sunday Tribune 2013 4 October - December

6 October 2013


KIDD nee WELLS Terence & Debi a boy Benjamin * 2 Oct 2013 in Parklands. Grandchild for Marc & Sharon WELLS and Malcolm & Georgina KIDD.


BEARD / WRIGHT Brian & Bev announce engagement of their daughter Robyn to Stephen, son of Malcolm and Sharon.

HAMPSON Rowan & Judith's daughter Catherine to Shane GRANT.

ANNIVERSARY:- D'UNIENVILLE Bernard & Sue x 5 Oct 1973 at Our Lady of Fatima Church Durban North. They have 2 children.


BAILING Robert . Son of Mercia. Brother of Anthony, Brian, Denise, Lynette, Brenda, Wayne, Colin, Claude, Charlene, Nolene, George, Carol Gloria, Roy and Norma. Funeral at Glenwood Presbyterian Church Ester Roberts Rd Glenwood on 9 Oct 2013 at 10am. BELL 031 3014793.

CHETTY Dennis .Of Dennis Spice Bar, Victoria Street Indian Market. 11th Day Memorial on 8 Oct 2013 at 162 Arena Park Chatsworth from 1800 ---1900 Supper after.

CONLIN Jimmy + 2 Oct 2013. Father and family member.

DOUGLAS Arthur x Jill. Father of Wayne, Denton and Kerry-Ann. Memorial 7 Oct 2013 at 15h00 at Northside Church La Lucia.

GOUWS Gerhardus Cornelius . Memorial at the Correctional Service Hall Westville on 8 Oct 2013 at 11am. SHANLEY'S 031 2057644.

HARRIELALL Renuka x Raveen. Mother of Naveer, Niekara. 10th Day on 7 Oct 2013 at Queensburgh Civic Centre .Supper from 17:30 ---19:00. Service will be done by Mr. Karthigesan PILLAY. TEL:- Raveen 082651 0065.

MAHARAJ Dr. Pravin Jaichand x Asha. Father of Alisha and Surina. Father-in-law of Gavin. Grandfather of Alice. He was formally from Newcastle and Seatides, Tongaat. Funeral took place in Perth on 5 Oct 2013. Inserted by Dr. Sidara SINGH Umhlanga.

MASSEY-HICKS Barry James 30 June 1955 ----1 Oct 2013. Brother of Graham, Lawrence, Gareth, Neil and + Lyall.


MOODLEY Navalor (Elvis) 5 March 1942 ----27 Sept 2013 x devi. Father Devan and Sugan. 16th Day Memorial at Veda Dharma Sabha Hall Verulam on 11 Oct 2013 at 6pm.

MOONSAMY Vadivelu. Memorial at 1 Sudara Place Shallcross at 6:30pm on 11 Oct 2013.

PILLAY Umbiga (Ambie) of 152 Fernham Drive Redfern Phoenix.16th Day Memorial on 8 Oct 2013 at Redfern Community Hall at 19h00. Cathy or Victor TEL:- 031 5076581.


GOVINDSAMY CHETTY ( George) + 3 Oct 1976 x Lutchmie. Father of Lacey & Ronnie, Lorraine. Father-in-law of Neela and Rita. Grandfather of Shien, Shivani, Thilo and Maya. Grand-son-in-law Seelan, Ashley and Tivolen. Great-grandfather of Deveshan, Savanya and Makayla.

GOVENDER Dr Chandrakes S (Dolson) x Nerika. Father of Shaheen, Darsheen & Nishtha. Son of + Mannie & Queenie GOVENDER. Son-in-law of Ricky & Roshini MAHARAJ & brothe of Gonny and Allan. Yearly Memorial at Dravida Society Hall , 12 Oct 2013 from 15:30 ---16:30pm.

GROSE Gary 6 April 1960 ----6 Oct 2003. Missed by Frances, Sherri, Andrew, Dustin, Lauren and grandchildren.

LEWIS Captain Lew 3 Jan 1913 ----5 Oct 1985 . My Pilot father. From Tony LEWIS.

MANIKAM David. 3 years gone now. Miss you from Julie, Andrie, Desiree, Marilyn and Adrian.

NAIDOO Nita . 1 Year Memorial at MTSS Hall Merebank on 18 Oct 2013. Service 6-7pm.

PATHER Annalutchmee. Happy Birthday from Surie.

PILLAY N G (Pillays Garage) 6 June 1901 ---5 Oct 1973. Father of Lionel, Morgan, Sathie, Wuthmee and Vasie.

RILEY Quinton Craig 11 Sept 1976 -----5 Oct 2003. Love you still from Mom, Dad and family.

20 October 2013


MCKEOWN Mac & Margie a grandson Alexander James Hugh * 1 Oct 2013 in Manhatten .

WELTON Clyde & Sarah a girl Anna Lee * 8 Oct 2013. Sister to Riley Colin. From Mom & Dad congrats as well as from proud aunt Tyler. From Gran & Gramps BURNS. Also from your brother Miles & Kim. Cousin for Skye, Morgan & Ethan; >From Aunty Sharlene, Kyle and Nadia; Uncle Shane. Nephew of Uncle Shaun, Shelley and cousins.


BENTLEY David & Del announce engagement of Tracy to Angus, son of Elizabeth & + Charles KENNARD.

HAWORTH Lindy & Alan announce engagement of their daughter Jade to Marc. Son of Moira & Peter MOFFAT.

JONES Barbara & Ron announce engagement of their only daughter, Jenna JONES to Justin BATE, son of Alex & Raymond.


AJOODHA Koomar( Kaka) + 23 Sept 2013. Father and grandfather of the LALJEETH & GUINESS families.

BOWMAN Ryan. Symathy to family, Katrine, Mia , Rob ,Ione nad family. He was our employee and colleague. From Management and Staff at Stefanuti Stocks Civils KZN.

CUNNINHAM Trevor Norman 28 Feb 1947 ----152 Oct 2013. Father of Brendon, Adelle, Desiree & Sheldon . Funeral at Stellawood Cemetery Chapel at 10am on 22 Oct 2013.

DARNÉ nee POUSSON Marie-Thérèse 23 Oct 1913----17 Oct 2013. Mother of +Paulo, Monique, Clément, Gaëtan, Marie-Clair, Lindsay, Robert, Marco and + Jean-Claude. Mother-in-law to Gill, + Cyril, Jacques, Jane, Les, Marilyn and Gail. Grandmother of 26 and great-grandmother to 52 children as well as great-great grandmother of 11.

HULETT nee STARR Edith Brenda died at age 102 years. Mother of Yvonne, Jenny & Jack, Bruce & Yvonne, Tony & Netta, Winny & Paul, Roseanna. Gran,great and great-great gran.

JOHNSON Owen (OJ) + 17 Oct 2013 at Mount Edgecombe Estate 1. From Directors and Staff of Estate One.

KNIGHT Dan + 17 Oct 2013 violently killed at Underberg Home. Partner of Beth BUCHER for 18 years. He was 56 years old.

MEINTJES William Roderick "Oupa Tot" + 18 Oct 2013 at age 94 years. Father of Willie, Dawie, Johan and Mike. Oupa of Annelien MEINTJES.

MOODLEY Sunny . Formally Cliffdale and Umlaas Rd. Father of Gelha, Harris (Faw), Hansel, Gretek and Devan. Son of + Mr & Mrs P.S.MOODLEY. Remains will lie in state on 20 Oct 2013 at 2 Moodley Rd Umlaas Rd on 20 Oct 2013 from 10am. Service at 12:30am. At 14:00 proceeding to Mountain Rise Cemetery.

MOODLEY Neelambal . 16th Day Memorial on 24 Oct 2013 at SRS Hall Overport at 0530. Supper will be served. Mother of Preggie, Vanie, Mother-in-law of Mumsy and Yogis. Granny of 6. TEL:- Vaniie at 0848964790/ 031 2082734.

MOODLEY Narenjini 15 March 1932 ----12 Oct 2013 of Berea. Mother of Nantha, Jaya(JT), Mogie. Mother-in-law Divi and Shereen, Johnny. Grandmother of Sivenasen, Diveshan, Suvern, Saieshan, Derushni and Kamelin. Funeral on 27 Oct 2013 at Sivan Kovil Chatsworth at 11am ---12noon Lunch after.

NAIDOO Appanah (Bob) 25 Jan 1947 -----16 Oct 2013 x Manor. Father of Premie and Quinton, Son of + Chandria and Bangaramah NAIDOO, Brother of + Balkrishna, Dolly, Loga, Desmond, + Cheryl (Lalitha), Devi and Cookie. Funeral at 77 Pardy Rd Isipingo Hills on 20 Oct 2013 at Church of The
Eternal Truth Merebank from 13:00 ---14:00 .Proceeding to Wentworth Cemetery.

NAIDOO Sumintha + 14 Oct 2013 x Roer. Mother of Sandy & Gayendra, Vaughan & Parishna, Mandy & Nishen and Cassie. 13th Day Memorial Ceremony on 26 Oct 2013 at Unit 10, Multi Cultural Ctr. Chatsworth from 2pm. TEL:- Residence 031 9022138.

NAIDU Strinivasen (Les) 12 April 1963 -----11 Oct 2013. Brother of Bernard NAIDU . 16th Day Memorial at 114 Helmcroft Crescent Phoenix on 25 Oct 2013. Supper at 7pm.

PALMER Mavis Hope 20 Aug 1920 -----16 Oct 2013 x + Reg from Tuinsig. Mother and Mother-in-law of Trevor & Doreen, Colin & Elaine, Gran and great-gran. Memorial at St Olov's Church St Thomas Rd at 10am on 22 Oct 2013.

SCHEEPERS Michael John + 16 Oct 2013 x Jenny. Father to Candice and Tiffany. Father-in-law to David.

TOUHY Anne. Served Lifeline for 27 years. From The Director, Board, Staff and Counsellors of Lifeline Durban.


BROWN Stanley Forrest 1923 ---2007. From Gladys.

ECKSTEEN Ravon Bernard . 10 Years gone now. Love from Bruce, Yolande and the boys; Son and father. Love from Mum Marcia and son Jevon.

NAGIAH Roy 15 Sept 1945 ---24 Dec 2012 (ex-SANDF). Yearly Memorial at Saharah Stadium Kingsmead on 26 Oct 2013 from 18:30----19h00. Supper thereafter.

PILLAY (Pastor) Mark Soobramoney . 15 April 1949 -----19 Oct 2012 x Selvie. Father, father-in-law, grandchildren, brothers and sisters.

SCARROTT Julie . 19 years gone now. Mother of Sandra and Sharon.

WALKER Noreen. Missed by Mike, Jason, Kelly , Daniel and Erin.

27 October 2013


COWAN/ McGEE Gavin & Claire a daughter Eva * 20 Oct 2013. Grandchild for Terry & Margaret.

MOBEY Simon & Michelle a girl * 9 Oct 2013 in UK. Sister to Daniel. 1st Grand-daughter for Jean & Dave.

SACHER Tarryn & Dani a boy * in Melbourne Australia . Brother for Shaina. Grandchild for Maurice & Rhoda and Mirah & Frank WILKS.


ABBEY nee SYMONS Eleanor Marion (Nell) + 21 Oct 2013 x+ Dave ABBEY. Sister to Pat TRIBE and Aunt, great and great-great-aunt. 

BOWYER Leonard Charles (Len) 10 Dec 1934 ----24 Oct 2013 x Joy. Father of Colleen and Clive, Philip & Lucie, Elaine & Jake, Bronwyn & Matt. Grandmother of Andrew & Sune, Darren, Michelle, Matthew, Jason and James. Great-grandfather of Isabella. Memorial on 29 Oct 2013 at Living Waters
Church Durban North at 10am.

BRAITHWAITE Leslie Albert 11 Aug 1923 ---22 Oct 2013 x + Stella. Father and grandfather. Rest is the same as Fridays press.

DARNE Maria Therese. Requiem Mass at Assumption Parish Umbilo on 28 Oct 2013 at 10:30am. BELL 031 3014793.

DE BEER Martin + 24 Oct 2013 x Val. Father to Natalie, Melanie, Ryan. Grandfather to Megan, Kelly, Jack, Harry, Holly, Emily, Joe and Matthew. Memorial on 29 Oct 2013 at 14:30pm at Waterfall Methodist Church. OAKLEIGH TEL:- 031 2059959.

DU PLOOY Annie Margaret + 23 Oct 2013.

MILLER Gordon William + 24 Oct 2013 x Sheila. Father to Stephen, Julie and Debbie, grand and great-grandfather.

NAIDOO Rukumani (aunty Rosey). 16th day Ceremony on 3 Nov 2013 at Asherville Andhra Sabha Hall from 4-5pm Supper wil be served. TEL:- 031 2094708.

PERUMAL Seethamma. 16th Day Ceremony Memorial on 28 Oct 2013 from 17:30 -supper- Service 1845pm at Dravida Cociety Hall Reservoir Hills.

POTTINGER Isabella 15 Oct 1932 ----23 Oct 2013. Mother of Marion, Priscilla, Rod, Bruce and Natalie. Grandmother of Jacques, Pippa, Justin, Damion, Robert, Stephanie, Roxy, Craig, Samantha and Jade. Memorial on 28 Oct 2013 at Westville Methodist Church at 2:30pm. DOVES 0860025500.

REID Alexander Gordon (Sandy) 26 Aug 1949 -----21 Oct 2013 died of Cancer. Father, father-in-law of Brett, Janine and Megan, Donald, Bruce, Alan.Memorial at DOVES Greyville on 28 Oct 2013 at 10am.

THOMPSON (B KENDALL ) aka WILLIS Mrs T & T Phyllis + 22 Oct 2013. Missed by family and friends. Memorial at Musgrave Methodist Church St Thomas Rd Musgrave at 10:30am on 29 Oct 2013.

TORCHIA Zelma Amelia 1927 ----24 Oct 2013. Wife, mother, grand- and great-grandmother Great-grandmother of Antonio Augustino TORCHIA.

WEERHEIM Johanna + 23 Oct 2013. Mother ,grandmother of Don, Louise, Kate. Allannah, Ingrid and Adi.


DAVIDSON William (Bill) + 26 Oct 2006. Love from Mary, Rob and Gina, Glynnis and Peter.

FREEGUARD Steven + 26 Oct 2002 Love from Dad & Marion.

JONES Michael. 14 years gone now. Husband and father. From Maria, Olivia, Greg, Amber and Rus.

STAFFORD-MAYER Fenn 23 Oct 2007 -31 Jan 2010. Missed by Mum. 

3 November 2013


HANEKOM Candice & Heinrich a daughter Serena Catherine * 24 Oct 2013 in Crompton Hospital. Sister for Darius.

MacCALLUM /ROSSOUW Michael & Frances a daughter Josephine * 31 Oct 2013 in Surrey UK. Grandchild for Margaret & Terence and Monica.

MACQUET- MAUREL Cyril & Julie a daughter Nevaeh * 28 Oct 2013. Sister for Damien.


NAIR Moon & Pat .Golden anniversary (50) Parents of Vaneela, Paul, Vaseela and Shalen. Hugs and kisses from Yuveera and Shavay. TEL:- 031 5783139.


ADDISON Patricia (Pat) Memorial at St Agnes Anglican Church Kloof on 11 Nov 2013 at 11:30am.

BADRIPERSAD Brady. Sympathy to family from MARSH (PTY) LTD Family.

BRUCE Joyce . From Angelo & Sylvia LASICH, Mona and family.

CROWHURST Colin Newell + 31 Oct 2013. Husband ,father, brother, uncle and grandfather. Memorial 6 Nov 2013 at 2pm at Serepta Church Gillitts.

CULLINANN Heather , her daughter Melanie and granddaughter Rachel (10years) was killed in car accident near Jozini on 1 Nov 2013. Love from Ganny Anne.

DALE Pamela Ann 17 May 1943 ---31 Oct 2013 x Mike. Mother of Brad and Colleen. Grandmother of Sienna.

DALES Pam. Love to Mike, Brad, Coleen and Sienna. From Jose, Estelle, Jean-Marc, Tessa, Carl, Pippa, Pierre and the TOSTEE children.

DAVIDS Leon "Lyons" was also killed the same week as ISSA Sam. Sam & Leon both worked for KREJCIR

DILSOOK Nithyanand Rathilall Junior 13 Aug 1948 -----26 Oct 2013. Leaves behind his wife, 2 sons, 3 daughters and a grandson. Brothers and sisters.

HOWE Elizabeth (Beth) . Mother , mother-in-law and granny of Graham, Debbie, Matthew, Candice, Dave, Wendy, Gordon, Leeanne, Megs, Daniel and Dot.

INGLE Wesley Son of Wayne & Alex. Brother to Ainsleigh and partner of Carla. Celebration of his life on 5 Nov 2013 at 2pm at Glenridge Church Durban Station Complex.

ISSA Sam was murdered 3 weeks ago in Bedfordview.

LAGANIN Veselin + 2 Nov 2013. A Serbian 54 year old man. He was murdered in Bedfordview.

McMASTER Robert Alexander (Guppy) + 29 Oct 2013 at age 92. Love from Tokkie, Kathy, Mark, Trish and family.

MYENI Nomlindelo + 2 Nov 2013 at age 61years. She was hit and torned apart by a speeding car in Umlazi. She was standing on the pavement. Mother of Thabisile (37) and Sphiwe BUTHELEZI.

NAICKER Gopaul Subramoney. Son of Bala SUBRAMONEY & Radha Gengamma NAICKER. Husband of Sheila NAICKER and father of Jugadeesan NAICKER. Funeral on 3 Nov 2013 at Clare Estate Crematorium. Body will lie in state from 11:30 ----1:30pm at Crematorium.

PARSONS Keegan Travis 5 Sept 1990 -----30 Oct 2013. Son and brother of Elaine MUDROVCIC, Patrick PARSONS, Gavin MUDROVCIC, Vanesse PARSONS, Jared PARSONS, Roxanne SIERRA, Troy MUDROVCIC, Chane GLORIOSO and Gianno GLORIOSO. Memorial at DOVES Greyville Durban on 5 Nov 2013 at 11am. DOVES 0860025500.

RIDL Peter John + 31 Oct 2013. Memorial at his home in Westville on 7 Nov 2013 at 3pm and in Winterton on 8 Nov 2013 at 4pm.

VAN REENEN nee TUPPER Joy + 30 Oct 2013. Mother of Neil, Jennifer and Denise and Ann. Granny and great-gran. Cremation private. Tea at 126 Haygarth Rd Kloof on 6 Nov 2013 at 2pm. TEL:- Neil 0827732221.


ANTONIO Maurice from the Philippines 

CAASI Federico from the Philippines

CASALE Dennis from the Philippines

LESAONA Majara from Lesotho

MTHIYANE Daniel from Richards Bay

NDZOYIYA Sinethemba. He was fom the Eastern Cape.His age was 25 years


BHANJAN Ashokumar x Sharita. Father of Omkar and Navir. Father-in-Law of Renusha. BANJAN & BALDEO families. 1 year Memorial on 9 Nov 2013 at Jupiter Square Asoka Heights , Umzinto at 09am.

GOVENDER Arumugam (Boston) 2 Nov 1925 ----7 Jan 2013. Missed by Lorraine, Ivan, Erwin, Colin, Busby, Imantha, Thilona, Marcolyn and Ryan. Yearly Memorial on 9 Nov 2013 at 45 Fighaven Place, Foresthaven Phoenix at 3pm.

JASPER Jack 2 Nov 1949 ----19 June 2007. Remembered on your birthday from your wife Cookie. Father of Andre, Kathy and Jamie, father-in-law of Tersia, Asley and Donovan. Grandfather of Hayley, Hayden, Daniel and Riccardo.

MOORVAN Sathiadevan 6 March 1969 ----12 Jan 2013. Husband, father and brother of Vanessa, Yolisha, Jinisha and family. 1 Year Memorial at 12 Victoria Rd on 5 Nov 2013 from 6 -7pm. Supper after Service.

NAIDOO Ragavaloo (Bobby). Missed by Selvie and family. 1 Year Memorial on 9 Nov 2013 from 10:30 ----11:30am at Shri Vishu Temple Hall Unit 1.

PADAYACHEE Raman Sankara ( Raymond). 24 July 1929 ----1 Jan 2013 x Neela. Father of Veni, Padmini, Ragini, Jeeven, Lalitha and Koobashnie. 1 Year Memorial at Tudor Conference Centre Chatsworth on 9 Nov 2013 from 2----4pm.

SEW Sunjeeth (Sandy) 15 Dec 1948 ---19 Nov 2012. 1 Year Ceromony on 10 Nov 2013 at 87 Weycroft Ave, Phoenix at 8am.


BANG Severin Leonard 11 July 1943 ----3 Nov 2008 x Sandy.

BAXTER Pamela Jane 2 Aug 1972 ----2 Nov 2012. Thank you for 40 years of joy.

GAILLARD Darren Kurt Joseph 3 Nov 1987 ----23 Dec 2007. Son and Brother. From Mum, Dad, Reese, Jodi-Leigh, Quentin, Darren Jnr and baby Summer.

GOVENDER Morris + 3 Nov 2003 x Roshnee. Father of Poovendran and Yushen. Father-in-law of Sudika. Grandfather of Valashen.

JOHNSON /HUTTON Suzanne, Cameron , Thomas Forever young and in our hearts.

O'CONNOR Celine (Budgie) + 3 Nov 2012. Gran and great-gran of Bridge, Wayne, Matt, Brands and Tinks.; Mom ,Gran and great-gran.

REDDY Rajen 1 Feb 1967 ----6 Nov 1988. Remembered by REDDY & MOODLEY family.

SUBRAYADOO Clinton Brett + 30 Oct 2010.

17 November 2013


BOTHA Edda Jumaima +16 Nov 2013 at age 75 years. Bludgeoned to death with a pickaxe at her Athlone Park Home in Amanzimtoti. Married to Braam BOTHA. He was a Daily News printing technician. He is partly blind and cripple. Mother of Daleen and Sonia. Grandmother of Caitlyn, Sienna, Daniel, Natasha and Roxanne.

MAVUNDLA Tryphina (Fina) + 11 Nov 2013. Mother of + Ruth and Patrick. Granny of Fortunate and + Eugene. Friend of Glen BROUGHTON for 49 years.

SUBRAMONEY Somagandi (Soma) x Krish. Mother of Malinie & Kamini. Sister of Kogie and brother Pops. 16th Day Memorial on 19 Nov 2013 atSaiva Sithantha Kazhagam Temple Hall Newlands West. Supper from 17:30-18:30pm Service from 19h00 ----20h00. TEL:- 031 7082809.


DOYLE Audrey. Remembered by the BEARD family.

24 November 2013


WESTER Captain Henk 11 April 1962 ----17 Nov 2013 in Maputo x Melanie. Father of Bryan, Henk. He had a passion for the sea and maritime industry. Funeral at Michaelhouse Chapel Balgowan on 29 Nov 2013 at 2pm.


BAKER Tiefa. Your birthday today. Celebrating it with memories. From Monty, Zain, Lisa, Latasha and grandchildren.

DE JAGER Trevor Lawrence 9 Oct 1934 -----26 Nov 2013 x Elaine

LAPPER Leslie Valentine. Gone 2 years now x Joy.

1 December 2013


VAN NIEKERK Hennie x 30 Nov 2013 with Leani (Leah) EKERMAN (26 years) in Wellington. RAPPORT


KILLED IN HIJACK:- HADEBE Sandile + 27 Nov 2013 in Pietermaritzburg.
Hour later

MTHETHWA Bongani + 27 Nov 2013.

EGLIN Colin * 14 April 1925 ---+29 Nov 2013 at age 88 years x Raillie. Father of 3 girls and their families. (Father of the DA ) . RAPPORT . The Mercury said Colin was married to Joyce.

JOHNSTONE Douglas Reginald Folster 1931 ----2013 [Correction of surname]


COOMBES Peter. 25 years gone now. Eldest son of Gill & Anthony. Brother to David and + Andrew.

OLFSEN Lance 18 Nov 1962 ----1 Dec 1983. Son and brother. Son and brother. From Mom, Steven, Sylvia, Stewart and Shane.

TURNER Gerald. 4 years gone now. Husband ,father, grandfather and Buddy. From family.

8 December 2013


BINGHAM Douglas + 5 Dec 2013. Father of Darryl, Gail, Graham and Rosemary. Missed. Memorial on 10 Dec 2013 at 7th Day Adventist Church Pinetown at 11 am. AVBOB 031 2061831.

COOMBES Roy Atyjur. Memorial at City Hill Church Hillcrest on 10 Dec 2013 at 10am. OAKLEIGH 031 2059959.

EDGAR Colleen + 6 Dec 2013 at home.Will be remembered by Desmond, Babsie, Norma, Carlos and Barbara. Also members of EDGAR, WARE and CABRAL family.

GADD Louis William 4 Aug 1943 ---1 Dec 2013. Brother to Jean .Brother-in-law and uncle of HERON family.

GOUNDEN Paul Perry. Body will lie in state at 69 Nizm Rd Merebank from 10:30 ---11:30am proceeding to Bethseda Temple Church Durban from 12noon -1pm for service, proceeding to Stellawood Cemetery for committal at 3pm.

LOK Michael Dennis 25 Aug 1963 ---23 Nov 2013.Son, husband and father, brother and brother-in-law and uncle. The Whole Family.

MANDELA. Viva Madiba. PHOENIX Funerals 031 5073925.

SLATER Raymond Oswald 9 Dec 1935 ----5 Dec 2013 x Diane. Father of Bradley and Tricia. Grandpa of Aaron. Memorial on 11 Dec 2013 at Hillcrest Methodist Church. DOVES 0860025500.

SMITH Phillippa Young. 28 Oct 1917 ----5 Dec 2013. Mother of Estelle, Robert and Julie. Grannu and great-gran. Memorial at Amber Glen Sanctuary Howick on 9 Dec 2013 at 2:30pm. OAKLEIGH 033 3426116.

STYLIANIDES Mana x Stello. Sister to Sunny and aunt to Gary, Karen, Michael, Marcia, Dylan, Justin, Gared, Alexandria, Daniel, Jack and Live.


BUGWANDASS Krishna 1941----2008 Ajhaa from Tahill.

BUGWANDASS Preshne 1972 -----2008 Mother from Tahill Miss you from BUGWANDASS & SUKHU family.

NAIDOO Papammah x + TS NAIDOO. From your sons and daughters.

PLOWMAN Quintin + 7 Dec 1994. Remembered by Mother, brothers and sisters and daughters.

STRECKER Lorraine + 6 Dec 1997. From Dawn.

15 December 2013


ENGAR Mohammad + 7 Dec 2013 at age 67 years in Winterton farmhouse. Beaten by intruders.

HAWKINS Geraldine + 2 Dec 2013 Mother to Sydni . Sister to Grant HAWKINS. Daughter to Merle & + Gerald HAWKINS . Aunt to Caydon, Tanna, Cameron, James and Gareth. Memorial at Edge Church Melkbos on 14 Dec 2013 at 10am.

22 December 2013


HOGAN Terence Gavin (Terry)+ 20 Dec 2013 in Johannesburg x Tania. Father of Tracey (Vic, Taryn, Kyle, Brendan and Dorothy), Meredith( Luke and Cullan) , Warwick (grandfather of Linus, Kayla and Ethan) and Michael ; Thank you for love and guidance from Michael and Mervyn.;Funeral on 23 Dec
at St Stephen's Anglican Church Sunninghill at 12:30pm.

JOHNSON Brian .Companion of Ann. Missed by Thelma, Gary, Laura, Tanya, Peter, Clinton, Charmaine ,Chad and Jordan. No funeral per wish. Memorial private.

KASWAH POONGAVANAM (Rhada). 16th Day Memorial on 27 Dec 2013 at 19h00 at 65 Tangerine Grove Orient Hills Isipingo. Supper from 6:30pm

NAIDOO Nita x Gonna. Mother of son Neshchalin ,daughters Renira, Yakshini. Mother-in-law of Ryan and Prayln and grandchildren.

STEPHENS Neville. Son of Eva and + David. Husband of Esme. Father of Marcel and Clarissa. Brother and uncle. Funeral at Blessed Liberate Church Newlands West on 23 Dec 2013 at 10am, proceeding to Mobeni Heights Crematorium.

29 December 2013


REARDON nee McKENZIE Wesley & Tessa a son Zachary Brian * 18 Dec 2013 in Parklands.


HART John Graham + 25 Dec 2013 in Sydney Australia. Brother of Rhoena, Jill and family.

MOODLEY Sivanathan . Stage name Johnny SOON. He is a musician and played in the Magnets. He was 69 years old, he fell twice and hit his head. He died from 2nd fall.

RAMDAS Sudesh + 24 Dec 2013 at age 47 years. He was from Clare Estate and was killed in car accident.He owed Springfield Safari Tours. Brother of Shanildutt (Dodo) RAMDAS. Father of Dr Suvir RAMDAS. Heis survived by his wife and 3 sons Suvir, Kavir and Ashvir.

REDDY Allan + 24 Dec 2013 at age 47 years. He was hit in the neck by someone at Chatsworth Shopping Mall. He owned a couple of photo Studios. Victim of Rage.


BRAND Phoebe May 7 Dec 1918---29 Dec 2012. Mom, mom-in-law ,granny and great-granny. From Dave , Denise and family.

HARDOUIN Raymond Charles + 29 Dec 1989. From El , Graham, Dors, Tony, Tess, Craig and families.

HATTON Desmond Joseph 26 Dec 2010. Husband ,father and grandfather of Pat, Chantel, Greg and Tarryn.

HOUAREAU Noemie + 29 Dec 1990. Beloved Mere from the family.

VAN DER VYVER Dennis . Husband, father and grandfather.

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