How to pay by Bank Transfer

Choose your purchases with this program.

When the process is complete, your order will be
sent to the eGGSA.
Your purchases will be dispatched
once confirmation of your payment is received.

Once you have completed this process online

the online Bank Transfer itself must be done independently by you,
it is not done by this program.

The eGGSA account is held in a South African Bank
and Transfer details will be sent to you in your
order acknowledgment email.

Please note the amount quoted is for an Online Bank Transfer -
if you take cash to the bank for the transfer
please add R35.31 to the stated total
as this is what the Bank charges us for cash transactions.

(please ensure your name is used as a reference)

We only accept bank transfers from another
South African bank account.
International payments must be done via PayPal.

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