Grahamstown Journal

Grahamstown Journal 1879 - 4 - October to December

Friday 3 October 1879

BIRTH at Grahamstown on 29th Sept 1879, the wife of Charles William WEBBER, Southwell, of a son.

Very great regret and sympathy is felt in Cradock on account of the death of Dr. MOORE, who had resided in that town only about a month, having come out from England in search of health. He died on Friday last, after an illness of about 14 days, from disease of the heart and liver. Mrs. MOORE and her family of little children will return to England.

The death is announced of this eminent man, the Foreign Secretary of the London Missionary Society, on the 10th July, at M’Wapwa. He left England in April last for Lake Tanganyika, via Zanzibar.

Mr. John ARNOLD was yesterday married by the Rev M. NORTON to Miss Isabella DAY, at Christ Church. As this was the first marriage ceremony performed at that pretty little church Mr. NORTON according to custom presented the bride with a Bible.


Dutoitspan: Mrs. G.H. GOCH, a daughter, Sept. 16.
Grahamstown: Mrs. A.R. SMART, twin daughters, Sept. 28.
Uitenhage: Mrs. Alan G. DALTON, a son, Sept. 23.
Port Elizabeth: Mrs. Alan SOUTH, a daughter, Sept. 30.
Capetown: Mrs. Adolph KOCH, a daughter, Sept. 20.
Capetown: Mrs. W. CLEENWERK, a son, Sept. 20.
Capetown: Mrs. C.B. SOLOMON, a son, Sept. 25.
Komgha: Mrs. W.F. KAVANAGH, a daughter, Sept. 27.
Seymour: Mrs Geo. LYNN, a daughter, Sept. 16.
Reka, Transkei: Mrs. J. BARNETT, a daughter, Sept. 24.

Kimberley: Henry W. SAVAGE to Miss Sarah WEBB, Sept. 15.
Capetown: Charles C. ALGAR to Miss Grace DUNN of Fowey, Cornwall, Sept. 23.
Capetown: Arthur ANGLE to Miss Eliza KANNEMEYR, Sept. 25.
Rondebosch: Henry T. HALL to Miss Blanche CROLL, Sept. 25.

O’oklep, Namaqualand: Mrs. W.W. TOWNSEND, Sept. 14.
Allendale, Clanwilliam: Mrs. H. WRIGHT, aged 40, Aug. 29.
Kimberley: The infant son of William and Emily SHILLING, Sept. 21.
Amandelboom: Mr. Johannes MONTON, aged 78.
Capetown: The infant daughter of Robert and Mary LEWIS, Sept. 24.
Cathcart: Mrs. Eliza HOBBS, Sept. 13.
Kingwilliamstown: Florence, the only daughter of John and Finette BATTEN, Sept. 26.

Monday 6 October 1879

The Cradock Register records the sudden demise of Dr. W.E. MOORE, which took place on Friday night last at 11 o’clock. The deceased gentleman had but lately taken up residence in Cradock, having removed from Middleburg, where he had been practising for some months, in conjunction with DR. HURFORD of that town.

Wednesday 8 October 1879

In the Estate of the late Harriet TOMLINSON of Grahamstown
All Persons claiming to be Creditors in the above Estate are required to file their claims within six weeks with the undersigned; and all Persons indebted to the said Estate are required to pay their debts within the same period.
Wm. TOMLINSON, Executor Dative
October 7 1879

FELL ASLEEP October 5th, Bertha Margaret, third daughter of the Rev. R.J. MULLINS, aged 4 years and 4 months.

DIED at “Mount Pleasant”, Salem, after a long and painful illness, John, youngest and deeply beloved son of J. and M.A. GARDNER. Aged [12] years and 6 months.
He “fell asleep” in Christ, his Lord,
He gave to Him to keep
The soul His great love had redeemed,
Then calmly went to sleep.
The bereaved family tender their sincere thanks to the many kind friends who assisted during their recent trouble.

The will of Mr. William FROUDE, who died in Simon’s Bay, has been proved by his sons, Richard Hurrell and Robert Edmond, the acting executors. The personal estate was sworn under £50,000.

We regret to announce that Mr. H.F. CURRIE, late of the Fish River Randt, and the youngest brother of Sir Walter CURRIE, died yesterday afternoon at the Masonic Hotel. The deceased gentleman had only been seized with illness a few days ago. The funeral took place this afternoon, when a large number of mourners followed, among the rest being the members of the Masonic lodges.

A brutal murder was committed in Elizabeth-street, in Bloemfontein, at an early hour on Sunday week. A man named BERNARD, a German, turned out of bed at the unreasonable hour of 4am, says the Friend, and began sharpening his pocket-knife, and upon his wife asking him what he was doing that for, he replied that he was about to cut up some tobacco, and immediately afterwards stabbed his little son of 2½ years in the abdomen, disembowling him. Thereupon the mother rushed out of the house, crying “Murder!”, which alarmed the neighbours, who hastened to the spot, sent for the doctor, called for the constables, and had the unhappy husband conveyed to the gaol. The child, after lingering until noon on Monday, succumbed to the injuries it had received. The father had been brought up for preliminary examination before the Landdrost, was remanded, and subsequently committed for trial on the capital charge. It is supposed that jealousy of his wife actuated the prisoner to perpetrate the fiendish act. BERNARD was formerly in the employ of Mr. William HANGER, of Bloemfontein, as butcherman; subsequently he left for the Diamond-fields, but returned a few weeks since. The diabolical deed for which BERNARD is awaiting his trial at the Circuit Court has shocked and horrified the community. As the case, however, will shortly be sub judice, we will not say anything more about it for the present.


Capetown: Mrs. Henry SOLOMON, a son, Sept. 26.
Capetown: Mrs. F. CRIGHTON, a daughter, Sept. 20.
Richmond: Mrs. H. STEWART, a daughter, Sept. 27.
Wynberg: Mrs. P. BORCHERDS, a son, Oct. 2.
Constantia: Mrs. Seb VAN RENEN, a daughter, Oct. 1.
Rondebosch: Mrs. T.H. LANTON, a daughter, Oct. 2.
Umtata: Mrs. H.J. HUMPHREY, a son, Sept. 19.

Port Elizabeth: John FOX to Miss Emily A. GILLMAN, Sept. 30.
Prince Albert: John A. GIBSON to Miss Helen ROOS, Sept. 16.
Capetown: John M. PAINE to Miss E. SMITH of Grahamstown, Oct. 1.
Capetown: J.O. [RISSCOUW] to Miss M.C. BENNETT, Oct. 1.
Portlock, Graaff-Reinet: R.H. RUBIDGE to Miss Agnes Portlock RUBIDGE, Sept. 30.
Kingwilliamstown: J. Myers JACKSON of Torquay to Miss Johanna C.E. BRAUNS, Sept. 23.

George Town: Mr. Marthinus W. THEUNISSEN, aged 59, Sept. 20
Coorney: Mrs. Susanna J. DU PREEZ, aged 31, Sept. 28.
Ceres: Mr. E.F. SYMS, aged 29, Sept. 29.
Paarl: Mr. George E. DUKE, aged 44, Sept. 23.
Capetown: Mr. John [B..D] Sen, aged 79, Oct. 1.
Wynberg: Mrs. A. BROWN, Oct 1.
Rondebosch: Mrs. H. LEITH, Oct 1.
Calvinia: Edith, daughter of Mr. G. ALSTON of Carnarvon, Sept. 24.
Port Elizabeth: Mrs Catherine [ROOME], aged 73, Sept. 29.

Friday 10 October 1879

On Friday evening last (says the G.R. Advertiser) there was a trolly accident on the line between the Station and the bridge at the second drift, by which Robert HORNE was killed, and Richard TREMBETH had his collar bone broken and was otherwise injured. The two men, who were platelayers on the line at Zwart River, left about 7 o’clock in a trolly with some bags of flour, sugar and other things for household use. There were four coloured men with them who worked for them on the line. On going down the incline a bag of flour fell off in front and threw the trolly off the rails. When seen by the other men, HORNE was lying insensible and bleeding. Frans, one of the coloured men, who was not hurt, went to his assistance, but nothing could be done for him. He lived but for half an hour. The body was taken to the Midland Hospital, whither TREMBETH was also taken. On Saturday an official enquiry was taken before the Acting Resident Magistrate into the cause of the accident, at which the above facts were elicited. The deceased has left a widow and one child.

Wednesday 15 October 1879

This morning at Commemoration Chapel Mr. Albert LAWRANCE of Messrs. LAWRANCE and Sons, was married to Miss Mary WEBB, daughter of Mr. John WEBB. There was a great number of spectators in the chapel.


Port Elizabeth: Mrs. W. SHAW, a son, October 3.
Capetown: Mrs. Alex. DAVIDSON, a daughter, October 5.
Capetown: Mrs. A.C. BRILL, a son, October 3
Simonstown: Mrs. F.H.S. HUGO, a son, October 4.
Herbertsdale: Mrs. H. ECCLES, a daughter, September 29.
Rosemont, East London: Mrs. D. LITTE, a son, October 5.
Capetown: Mrs. P.A. ROOS, a son, October 5.
Capetown: Mrs. F.J. PARSON, a son, October 8.

Rondebosch: Wellesley J. NOAD to Miss Helen EATON, October 2.
Paarl: T. SHELDON to Miss E.M. DE VILLIERS, October 2.
Fort Beaufort: Henry OWEN to Miss S.M. RIDGARD, October 7.
Fort Beaufort: George F. OWEN to Miss E.J. ROBERTSON, October 7.
Alice: F.J. HODGES, C.C, to Miss DEVENING, October 8.
East London: J.F. PEARSON to Miss Isabella RENNIE, October 9.

[Coffee Langth]: James CHAPMAN, aged 2 years, October 6.
Capetown: Mr. H.J. HAMITON, aged 31 years, October 2.
Mossel Bay: Miss Emily M. SIMPSON, October 2.
Simonstown: Miss Johanna VAN BLAK, aged 20 years, October 1.
Rondebosch: Ralph BARRY, aged 2 years, October 6.
Capetown: Mrs. Louisa WILLIAMS, aged 57 years, October 8.
Colesberg: Mr. A. ORTLAPP, aged 72 years, October 8.

Monday 20 October 1879

MARRIED by Special Licence on the 8th October, at Mimosa Villa, by the Rev. H.R. Woodrooffe, Walter J.L. EDWARDS (son of Rev Jno. EDWARDS of this city) to Miss Elizabeth Emma LEPPAN, daughter of C.J. LEPPAN Esq.

The Funeral of the late Major STACK will leave the deceased’s residence, Fort England Road, tomorrow (Tuesday) 21st October at 4 o’clock pm. Friends are respectfully invited to attend.

Wednesday 22 October 1879

MARRIED at Humansdorp on the 15th October, by the Rev W. Llewellyn, Oliver Hiram ELLIS to Sophy Mina D’AMANT, second daughter of F. D’AMANT Esq.

MARRIED at Commemoration Chapel, Grahamstown, on Wednesday the 15th October, Albert A. LAWRANCE, fourth son of Mr. Joseph LAWRANCE of this city, to Mary Evans, sixth daughter of Mr. John WEBB, also of this city.

Friday 24 October 1879

BIRTH on the 23rd inst at West Hill, the wife of Mr. Justice SMITH of a son.

BIRTH at Lawrance-street, Grahamstown on Wednesday October 22nd 1879, Mrs. Robert KING of a daughter.

DIED at Grahamstown on Wednesday October 22nd 1879, Alice, third daughter of Robert and Alice KING, aged 1 year 4 months and 21 days,
“For of such is the Kingdom of Heaven”


Fauresmith: Mrs. I.H. DOUL, a daughter, Oct. 8.
Smithfield: Mrs. G. WALLACE, a daughter, Oct. 10.
Rouxville: Mrs. J.O. BIRD, a son, September 27.
Kingwilliamstown: Mrs. C. BAXTER, a son, Oct. 10.
Umtata: Mrs. I.P. HUGHES, a daughter, Oct. 14.
Capetown: Mrs. D.P. [VURWEY], a daughter, Oct. 10.
Tarkastad: Mrs. F. KAMPF, a daughter, Oct. 8.
Graaff-Reinet: Mrs. J. CARTER, a son, Oct. 10.

Capetown: Pieter VAN BREDA to Miss HAYLETT, October 15.
Stellenbosch: Rev. T. ROPER to Miss Mary RIDGILL, October 15.
Kispmuts: C.J. THERON to Miss M. DE VILLIERS, October 13.
Humansdorp: O.H. ELLIS to Miss S. DAMANT, October 15.
Alice: F.J. HODGES CC to Miss M. DEVELING, October 8.
Fort Beaufort: H. OWEN to Miss S. RIDGARD, October 7.
Fort Beaufort: G.F. OWEN to Miss E. ROBERTSON, October 7.
Fort Beaufort: J.D. QUINN to Miss M. NILAND, October 7.

Calvinia: Mary J. WALTER, aged 34 years, Oct. 8.
Capetown: Miss Maria GODFREY, aged 44 years, October 16.
Middle Water, OFS: Jemima SEPHTON, aged 5 years, October 13.
Brakfontein, OFS: Mr. R. [RISSOUX] aged 43 years, September 29.
Bedford: Mr. S. TALBOT, aged 42 years, Oct. 14.

Monday 27 October 1879

BIRTH at Grahamstown, the wife of Clement CURRIE Esq of a daughter.

Just as we (the Oudtshorn Courant) were going to press there was a great commotion about the prison. On enquiry we learn that an altercation took place between Mr. Robert SAUNDERS’ tradesmen, when he as master attempted to act as mediator, failing which, two of the men – Philip BARNS and his son – both fired at Mr. SAUNDERS, one with a rifle and the other with a pistol, one of the two charges having penetrated through the head. Mr. SAUNDERS is not expected to live. The doctors are in attendance. We hope to be able to give fuller particulars next week.

Wednesday 29 October 1879

MARRIED at St.George’s Cathedral on Thursday 23rd October by the Very Rev Dean Williams DD, Samuel William, eldest son of W.S. WOOD, to Miss Elizabeth Ann, daughter of R. KILBY, both of this city.

DIED at Barkly, Catherine, the beloved wife of the Rev. William ASHTON, Missionary (L.M.S.) on Monday the 20th inst.

The Gazette publishes the results of the recent examination. It appears that examinations were held by the Department of Public Education at 24 different centres throughout the colony on September 23rd, and two following days. Two hundred and fifty candidates, of whom ninety-two were males, presented themselves for examination; of these 37 obtained certificates with honours, 91 certificates of competency, 12 provisional certificates, and 110 failed to pass.
Of the candidates who failed, 85 were weak in all subjects; 3 failed in English spelling only, 14 in School management only, and 8 in arithmetic only. We give the names of the successful candidates in the Eastern Province:-


4 - Harry WEAKLEY, Public School, Bedford
5 - Bertha FEATHERSTONE, Girls’ Public School, Kingwilliamstown
9 - Irvine GRIMMER, Missionary Institution, Lovedale
11 - F Madeline BOGLE, Assistant teacher, Girls’ Public School, Kingwilliamstown
12 - Ellen ROSE INNES, Girls’ Public School, Kingwilliamstown
13 - Maria HOEHLIN, Miss Hall’s School, Graaff-Reinet
14 - Ada Emily MEYER, Public School, Humansdorp
19 - F Eliza Jane CHALMERS, Diocesan Girls’ School, Grahamstown
22 - William CATHORINE, Public School, Queenstown
24 - Cornelia METELERKAMP, Convent School, Port Elizabeth
27 – Minnie MUSGROVE, Girls’ Public School, Kingwilliamstown
28 – Emillie A BOARD, Riebeek College, Uitenhage
29 – Charles H DICK, Missionary Institution, Lovedale
30 – Jessie Caroline WILSON, Girls’ Collegiate School, Port Elizabeth
33 – F Kate E CHAPLIN, Port Elizabeth
36 – Mary COWEN, Convent School, King Williamstown
37 – Francis Charlotte SLATER, Diocesan Girls’ School, Grahamstown


4 - Kate HANRAHAN, Convent School, King Williamstown
6 - Jemima S MULLER, Riebeek College, Uitenhage
7 - Richard W CLARRY, teacher Strand Street Mission School, Port Elizabeth
10 – Douglas D A BARNES, Missionary Institution, Lovedale
16 – Mary Ann LYNCH, Miss Hall’s School, Graaff-Reinet
18 – Mary Ann DALY, Convent School, Port Elizabeth
23 – Harriett M AYLIFF, Diocesan Girls’ School, Grahamstown
31 – Mary [MEARNS] Public School, Humansdorp
33 – Amy [DENT] Diocesan Girls’ School, Grahamstown
40 – Katherine JAFFREYS, Public School, Queenstown
47 – Adam J KOK, Missionary Institution, Lovedale
48 – K John DICKER, Kafir Institution, Grahamstown
49 – Adah HORNE, Convent School, King Williamstown
53 – Hellen BOURKE, Convent School, Port Elizabeth
55 – K Hezekiah MTOBI Kafir Institution, Grahamstown
56 – Amelia RANDFORD, Convent School, Port Elizabeth
58 – Marian HERBERT, Miss Johnson’s School, The Hill, Port Elizabeth
63 – Peter CAMPBELL, Missionary Institution, Lovedale
66 – K Martha NYAMANI, Girls’ Training Institution, Peelton
68 – Charles [BIKLISLIA] Kafir Institution, Grahamstown
69 – Mary CLARK, Miss Hall’s School, Graaff-Reinet
73 – K Caleb [MAHINTSH....] Training Institution, Heald Town
74 – [Nomfuwo MINHEMHU] Missionary Institution, Lovedale
75 – k [Kinina GESANT] Missionary Institution, Lovedale
76 – Caroline M HOBSON, Grammar School, Panmure
77 – Nelly VAN DER MERWE, Miss Hall’s School, Graaff-Reinett
80 – K Nkolana KONGO, Missionary Institution, Lovedale
81 – James NYALL, Training Institution, Heald Town
82 – K Enoch MAMBA, Training Institution, Heald Town
84 – Joseph J SIKWOBU, Teacher, Native School, King Williamstown
85 – K Dina [NE......] Girls’ Training Institution, Peelton
86 – K Pambaniso DANA Training Institution, Clarkebury, Transkei
87 – K William F BASAL, Teacher, Native School, All Saints, Transkei
88 – Samuel MAYLPOSO, Training Institution, Clarkebury, Transkei
89 – K Jonas NGCOPANTAL, ditto
90 – K David MALASI ditto
91 – K Leah TOKOLO, Girls’ Training Institution, Peelton

The letter F prefixed to any name implies that the candidate has passed in French; K in Kafir


Capetown: Mrs. A.P. RAPHAEL, a son, Oct. 22.
Capetown: Mrs. J. WILSON, a daughter, Oct. 22.
Capetown: Mrs. J.A. OLIVER, a son, Oct. 22.
Capetown: Mrs. E. SILKSTONE Jun, a daughter, Oct. 10.
Capetown: Mrs. E. VON [MISANI], a daughter, Oct. 21.
Robben Island: Mrs. M.J. KEET, a son, Oct. 18.

Capetown: J.O. TABUTEAN C.E. to Miss Alice GATES, Oct. 21.
Barkly: F.H.D. BACCHUS to Miss Charlotte CHALMERS, Oct. 9.
Kalk Bay: F.J. COMMERFORD to Miss J.P. BURGH, Oct. 14.

Capetown: Mrs. M.P. COETZEE, aged 24, Oct.22.
Kensington: William J. FYNMORE, aged 21, Sept. 23.
Capetown: Miss J.E. SCHENK, aged 39, Oct. 22.
Colesberg: Ernest [CREASE], aged 2, Oct. 20.
Capetown: Mijndert LACOCK Sen, aged 58, Oct. 21.

Friday 31 October 1879


Kabonqaba, Transkei: Mrs. J.M. AULD, a daughter, Oct 16th.
Kingwilliamstown: Mrs. J.H. BARKUS, a son, Oct. 27th.
Port Elizabeth: Mrs. A.G. IMPEY, a daughter, Oct. 26th.
Kimberley: Mrs. H.J. HOOLE, a son, Oct. 17th.
Kimberley: Mrs. H. EITZEN, a son, Oct. 16th.

Humansdorp: C.J. INGRAM to Miss E. BILLSON, Oct. 20.
Capetown: S. GEORGE to Miss M. HARRISON, Oct. 23.
Dutoitspan: J. HARRIT to Miss S. McGEER, Oct. 21.
Pretoria: H. WILLIAMSON to Miss G. GOOCH, Oct. 9.

Kingwilliamstown: Mrs. Louisa PITT, aged 80, Oct. 22.
Port Elizabeth: Mr. A. CADEL, aged 41, Oct. 16.
Capetown: Mr. D.E. MORGAN, aged 27, Oct. 24.
Kimberley: Infant son of Mr. and Mrs. TOWN, Oct. 17.
Kimberley: Infant son of Mr. and Mrs. STORBECK, Oct. 19.

Wednesday 5 November 1879


Port Elizabeth: Mrs. A.T. ROBERTS, a son, Oct. 27.
East London: Mrs. J.C. LEDINGHAM, a son, Oct. 20.
Baviaan’s River: Mrs. T.E. TROLLIP, a son, Oct. 25.
Kabonqaba, Transkei: Mrs. J.M. AULD, a daughter, Oct 16.
Claremont: Mrs. J. SCARIGHT Jun, a son, Oct. 29.
London: Mrs. C.C. DE VILLIERS, a daughter, Oct. 11.
Capetown: Mrs. M. LEWIS, a daughter, Oct. 26.
Tarkastad: Mrs. J.G. DE VILLIERS, a daughter, Oct. 31.
Capetown: Mrs. P.A. VON [MOLKTO], a son, Oct. 30.
Capetown: Mrs. G.J. COETZEE, a daughter, Oct. 29.

Capetown: H.J. DEVENPORT to Miss M.H. KEELER, Oct. 29.

Port Elizabeth: Mr. A. CADEL, aged 41, Oct. 16.
Bedford: Mr. S. TALBOT, aged 42, Oct. 14.
Capetown: Mr. J.A. MURRAY, aged 30, Oct. 22.
Capetown: Mrs. A. [...]KIC, aged 51, Oct. 28.
Brentfield Park, Upper Tyumie: Mr. J. BARNES, aged 71, Oct. 27.
Queenstown: Miss S.J. HEPBURN, aged 19, Oct. 11.

Friday 7 November 1879

DIED at Holloway, London, October 2nd, from an accident, Emily Loxton, aged 45 years, the beloved wife of Charles Horatio NELSON, and only daughter of Mrs. LOCKE of Grahamstown.

DIED at “Gletwyn” near Grahamstown on the 4th inst, Sarah Maria, the beloved wife of Philip Wm. LUCAS JP and daughter of the late Commander Alex. BISSET RN, in her 67th year. Deeply regretted.

We very much regret to have to record the death of Mrs. Charles H. NELSON, which occurred in London on the 1st October. We believe that the deceased lady met with a severe accident, whilst crossing a crowded thoroughfare, from the effects of which she soon died. The deceased lady had only reached her 45th year. We tender our sincerest sympathies to Mrs. LOCKE and the other relatives of the deceased.

Monday 10 November 1879

DIED on the 2nd November 1879, at the residence of his son, at Groot Fontein, Thomas FOXCROFT Senr, aged 78 years, deeply regretted by his sorrowing Widow, bereaved Family, and a large circle of Friends. Friends at a distance please accept this notice.
“Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord”

As a recent train from Capetown to Wynberg was leaving the terminus, a porter named FLAHERTY was knocked down and fearfully crushed near the first crossing, and one of his legs completely taken off. He was at once taken to hospital, where he lingered a short time, and expired.

A determined attempt at suicide was made last night by a man named Thos. BELL, residing in one of the cottages belonging to Mr. S. CAWOOD, near the alms-houses. From what we have been able to glean of this most unfortunate affair it is to be traced to the usual cause – drink. The would-be suicide was formerly in the employ, as groom, of Mr. SNEAD, who was for a short time landlord of the “Victoria” Hotel in High-street, and lately of Mr. T.H. JAMES, of the “Railway” Hotel, from whose service he was discharged some three weeks since. He is described by his late employer (Mr. JAMES) as being an excellent workman as long as he would abstain from drink, and knowing his failing in this respect he (Mr. JAMES) would never supply him with any, and, as far as possible, prevented any visitors staying at the hotel from “treating” him. BELL had 10s per month extra to his ordinary wages paid him as an inducement by his master to abstain from drink. It appears that BELL, who had a son killed in the late Zulu war, has been in a desponding state ever since; and last night, after having retired to bed, he got up and asked his wife to give him some tobacco. Before she could accede to his wishes he managed to obtain possession of some sharp instrument, and cut his throat. Dr. DREW (of Alexandria), who was fortunately staying at the Railway Hotel at the time, hearing the disturbance that was caused in the neighbourhood by the event, was very soon on the spot, and rendered valuable assistance. Dr. E. ATHERSTONE, too, who was sent for, was promptly at hand, as well as the Rev S.H. BARTON, and the man received every necessary attention, which his insane act had brought on himself. We believe there is good hope of BELL’s recovery, the jugular vein fortunately not being severed. Dr. DREW has the case in hand.

Wednesday 12 November 1879

DIED on 7th November instant, at Blauw Koppen, Mount Stewart, Margaret Zipporah Stringer, eldest daughter of J.H. and M.A. FEATHERSTONE, born 1st January 1858.


Caledon: Mrs. Brook ADAMS, a daughter.
Wellington: Mrs. J.G. GIE, a son, Oct. 28.
Rondebosch: Mrs. R.H. STOCKDALE, a son, Nov.3.
Victoria West: Mrs. H.G. WILMOT, a daughter, Nov. 1.
Queenstown: Mrs. E.R. BRADFIELD, a daughter, Oct. 20.
Cathcart, Mrs. B. OSLER, a daughter, Oct. 21.
Kingwilliamstown: Mrs. J. BENNING, a daughter, Nov. 1.
Kingwilliamstown: Mrs. L. COMBES, a daughter, Nov. 3.
Graaff-Reinet: Mrs. J,N. LUSCOMBE, a daughter, Nov. 3.
Smithfield: Mrs. G.G. WALLACE, a daughter, Oct. 10.
Herschel: Mrs. HOOK, a son, Oct. 18.
Port Elizabeth: Mrs. W.C. KEMSLEY, a son, Oct. 31.

Somerset East: A.E. JEFFREY to Miss E. VAN REENEN, Oct. 30.
Fort Beaufort: F.J. ASHINGTON to Miss Teresa DALTON, Oct. 22.

Bloemfontein: Mr. J.L. HAMELBERG, aged [36], Oct. 25.
Barkly: Mrs. C.W. ASHTON, Oct. 20.
Smithfield: J.P. HOFFMANN Esq, ex-President of the Orange Free State, aged 71, Oct. 13.
Port Elizabeth: Infant son of Mr. and Mrs. W.C. KEMSLEY
Port Elizabeth: Harriet [SOLFE] aged 17, Nov. 3.
Kingwilliamstown: Infant daughter of Irvine and Ida HUGHES, Oct. 30.
Welgevonden: Miss Sarah RUDMAN, Oct. 29.

Friday 14 November 1879

On Monday the 10th inst, at Port Alfred, Mr. Joseph G. SQUIRREL, aged 22 years and 6 months. The deceased was accidentally killed by a fall from the Port Office Flag Staff.

On Monday afternoon a sad accident happened at the tip. Mr. SQUIRREL, the signalman of the port office, whilst at work at the flagstaff, fell, and was killed at once, falling on his head. On Tuesday he was buried, when a very large body of the inhabitants attended the funeral. He was a fine young fellow, well liked, and always attentive to his duties.

It is reported in town that a Mr. LOMBARD on the Fish River committed suicide on Wednesday by shooting himself. His nephew, who was at some distance from the house, hearing a shot, went to the house, but found the door fast. On forcing it open he found the deceased lying on the floor, having shot himself in the forehead. His gun lay across the body. An inquest will be held by the Fieldcornet. We have heard of no cause assigned for the suicide.

Monday 17 November 1879

DIED at Grahamstown on Friday 14th November, Mabel Hollings, infant daughter of Hollings William and Florence Augusta OGILVIE, aged 10 months and 4 days. Deeply regretted.

DIED at the residence of the Rev. N.H. SMIT, on Sunday night, Richard Graham Stone BOTHA. Friends at a distance will accept this notice.
The Funeral of the late R.G.S. BOTHA will move from the residence of Rev. N.H. SMIT tomorrow (Tuesday) at half past 3 o’clock pm precisely. Friends are invited to attend.

We regret to have to announce the death of Mr. R.G.S. BOTHA, which sad event took place last night at the residence of the Rev. N.H. SMIT, deceased’s father-in-law. The funeral cortege will move from the Rev SMIT’s residence at 3 o’clock tomorrow (Tuesday) afternoon, when no doubt a large number of friends will be in attendance, as deceased was well-known and highly respected in the city. We beg to tender our sincerest sympathy to Mrs. BOTHA and other relatives.

Thursday 20 November 1879

At the Police Court, Capetown, on Monday last, H.W. HOMAN, an immigrant, who arrived in the colony on the ship Ferdinand, at present lying in the dock, was charged with stabbing Joseph GEORGE, and attempting to stab Frans GRONS and P.C. PATTERSON (38), with a dagger. It seemed that the knife only pierced GEORGE’s coat, but did not touch his body. The prisoner was fined £3, or in default a month’s hard labour.

We (Natal Mercury of November 8) regret to hear of a shocking accident which happened on the Berea yesterday afternoon. Mr. REEVES, a young man who had been down from the Transvaal on a short visit, was driving with a friend down the Berea Hill when the vehicle upset. Mr. REEVES fell heavily on his head; his skull was fractured and he died almost immediately. The father of the deceased some time ago worked at the Mercury office, and since his death the son had been living in the Transvaal with Mrs REEVES, to whose house he intended returning next week.


Carnarvon: Mrs. F. MOSENTHAL, a son, October 29.
Capetown: Mrs. F.E. CONSTANCE, a son, November 6.
Peninsula, Queenstown: Mrs. E.R. BRADFIELD, a daughter, October 20.
Kimberley: Mrs. J.W. SCOTT, a daughter, October 31.
Kimberley: Mrs. G. WATTS, a son, October 31.
Port Elizabeth: Mrs. P.J. FLANNERY, a daughter, November 12.
Port Elizabeth: Mrs. J. FINLAYSON, a daughter, November 6.
Colesberg: Mrs. J. PALMER, a daughter, November 8.

Cronstadt: A.T. [SLUYMERS] to Miss S.J. BOTHA, October 27.
Christiana: R. BANDA to Miss E. [L]. BEST, November 9.
Bolotw[..]: J. MOUNTAIN to Miss Ann BADHAM, October 27.
Capetown: Henry GREEN to Miss E. HAROLL, November
Capetown: G.G. PRINCE to Miss A. ROGERS, November

Walmer: Mr. J. TITTERDEN, aged 65, November 8.
Kingwilliamstown: The infant son of Mr. and Mrs. George CRESSWELL, November 13.
Kimberley: The infant daughter of Rachel and William TIMMERMAN, November 5.
Kimberley: Samuel ROWAN, aged 56, November 2.
Dutoitspan: The infant son of Matilda and Fred. NUTSHORN, November 5.
Mount Stewart: The eldest daughter of J.H. and M.A. FEATHERSTONE, November 7.
Port Elizabeth: Alfred HILL, aged 17, November 8.
Groot Fontein: Thomas FOXCROFT Senr, aged 78, November 2.
Capetown: John DIVINE, aged 22, November 13.
Capetown: Joanne WAHLBERG, aged 33, November 12.
Rondeberg, OFS: Mrs. Mary HARTLEY, aged 21, November 10.

Friday 21 November 1879

BIRTH on the 18th inst at Heatherton Towers, the wife of Charles H. PERKINS of a son.

Wednesday 26 November 1879

MARRIED at Grahamstown by the Rev J.A. Chalmers, on the 20th November 1879, Mr. Alfred EMMS of Fish River Randt to Miss Frances Ann WEBSTER, third daughter of Mr. Henry WEBSTER of Grahamstown.


Capetown: Mrs. A. OHLSSON, a daughter, November 14.
Queenstown: Mrs. P. MacKENZIE Junr, a son, November 16.
Capetown: Mrs. Thomas UPINGTON, a daughter, November 10.
Claremont: Mrs G. COMBRINK, a son, November 17.
Alexandria: Mrs. J.W. CALLAGHAN, a son, November 11.
Port Elizabeth: Mrs. E.H. BROWN, a daughter, November 13.
Port Elizabeth: Mrs. D.F. PHILLIP, a daughter, November 14.
Port Elizabeth: Mrs. J. GORDON, a son, November 10.
Capetown: Mrs. W. CAIRNCROSS, a daughter, November 21.
Worcester: Mrs. J. HUTTON, a daughter, November 20.
Capetown: Mrs. J.S.F. BOTHA, a son, November 10.

Somerset East: W.J. [IRIDGE] to Mrs. H. MAYO, November 13.
Somerset East: A.E. JEFFREY to Miss E. VAN REENEN, October 30.
Capetown: P.J. DE BEER to Miss J. KERSTON, November 20.

Capetown: The infant daughter of John and Bertha ALEXANDER, November 17.
Kingwilliamstown: William KEIGHTLEY, aged 30 years, November 14.
Steynsburg: Johanna MORRIS, aged 4 years, November 15.
East London: Florence SELWYN, November 21.
Capetown: Elizabeth DU PLESSIS, aged 45 years, November 15.
Capetown: Ellen DOWAN, aged 7 years, November 10.
Port Elizabeth: Mr. D.F. PHILLIP, aged 26 years, November 18.
Port Elizabeth: The infant daughter of Carl and Bridget SODERBERG, November 18.
Mossel Bay: The infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. WASSUNG, November 18.
Malmesbury: The infant daughter of Daniel and Anne ZENMAN, November 21.
Capetown: W. CLARK, aged 12 years, November 20.

Friday 28 November 1879

DIED on the 28th November at Market-square, Grahamstown, George Gordon, infant son of George and Molly REYNOLDS, aged three months and eleven days.

(Graaff-Reinet Advertiser)
On Monday evening two men, William MEINTJES and Andries JOUBERT, were killed in a strange and shocking manner at the railway station, Graaff-Reinet. They were standing between the double sets of rails looking at the engine or the contractor’s train, which had just come in, and was letting off its steam. The goods train for Port Elizabeth was shunting preparatory to starting. The wind was blowing violently and a cloud of dust enveloped everything. Just then the down train was being shunted back by the engine on the second set of rails within a few feet of where the men were standing. The guard saw them, shouted to them; and did his best with the break [sic] to arrest the train, the whistle blowing furiously the while; but whether from the noise of the engine they were looking at letting off steam, or the wind and the clouds of dust, they did not hear the moving train till it was close to them. When they saw it they made a bewildered rush across its path, thinking to get across the line in time; but the van caught them, both were thrown down, and the van and five or six trucks had passed over them before the train was stopped. The bodies were taken out horribly mutilated – that of poor JOUBERT being scarcely recognisable. Death in both cases must have been instantaneous. About dusk the bodies were removed on stretchers to the prison, where an inquest was held on the following morning by the District Surgeon. Great regret is felt that two men in the prime of life should be cut off in this way; particularly for JOUBERT, who was a most respectable, quiet man with a large family perhaps not well provided for. We know the railway people must have time to do what was to be done; but it is time they inclosed the line at the station or took some other effective measure to keep people off the rails. But the wonder is that more accidents of this kind have not occurred. In these long evenings men, women and children, led by the novelty of the railway, may be seen running about on the rails while trains are coming in or going out, or being shunted. Parents will not keep their children at home, nor accompany them; and if it were not for the carefulness of the guards and drivers this would not have been the first fatal accident to record resulting from people being where they have no business to be.

Monday 1 December 1879

The P.E. Observer regrets to record the death at the age of five years of a son of Mr. N.A. PATTISON. It appears that a few days since he was playing with a broken assegai, when he somehow stumbled on to the wooden end, which penetrated into his stomach, from the effects of which the poor little fellow died, after much suffering, on Thursday night.

Wednesday 3 December 1879

DIED on Wednesday 3rd December, aged 68 years and 6 months, Stephen DELL Esq of Barville Park, Lower Albany.

Information has reached town of the death this morning at Barville Park of Mr. Stephen DELL, so long the resident and proprietor of that beautiful locality. Amongst the British Settlers of Albany, few were better known or more respected than the deceased. As a member of a large family which came to this country in 1820, Stephen DELL stood conspicuous for his skill, energy and perseverance as a practical farmer; for his liberality as a landlord; and for his unbounded hospitality to all comers. As the proprietor of Barville Park, he was extensively known as the most extensive cultivator in this part of the colony, and it was impossible to ride over his estate without being inspired with admiration at the zeal and industry displayed on every hand. It will be known to many of our readers that Barville Park was originally granted to Major General CAMPBELL, who came hither in 1820, and from whose family, after the decease of that officer, it was purchased by Mr. DELL. But in addition to this he became the proprietor of a good deal of land in the same neighbourhood, plainly showing that farming operations in this country can be prosecuted with no inconsiderable advantage. It is still more worthy of note that Stephen DELL never lost sight, amidst the multifarious demands of his farming pursuits, of the moral advancement of his dependents, of which the school established on his homestead is a sufficient example, and which he was ever ready to encourage and support. It is said that his death, though he was spared to the age of 68 years, was accelerated by the breaking of his leg, an accident which he sustained a few years back by the upset of his cart on Woest Hill, when on his way home from town. On that occasion he suffered a severe compound fracture which subjected him to confinement for several months. On the whole, taking Stephen DELL altogether, there are few men among the farmers of this district who will be more missed, or whose departure from among them will be more deplored by a large circle of attached friends and of sorrowing friends, to whom we offer our heartfelt condolence.


Port Elizabeth: Mrs. W.D. CHITTENDEN, a daughter, Nov. 23.
Port Elizabeth: Mrs. I. NEWTON, a son, Nov. 24.
Capetown: Mrs. T.A. ABBITT, a son, Nov. 25.
Diep River: Mrs. I. HIRSCH, a son, Nov. 25.
Quaquadala: Mrs. F. SKOROWNEK, a son, Oct. 24.
Queenstown: Mrs. P. McKENZIE Jr, a son, Nov. 16.
Capetown: Mrs. H. THOMPSON, a son, Nov. 24.
Rondebosch: Mrs. C. PALGRAVE, a daughter, Nov. 23.
Capetown: Mrs. R.J. GLYNN, a son, Nov. 23.
Newlands: Mrs. G.P. ALEXANDER, a son, Nov. 25.

Amalinda: A.O. LAMBERT to Miss A.L. HILLIER, Nov. 27.
Worcester: M.S. FALCK to Miss R. VAN DER BYL, Nov. 12.
Queenstown: F.M. HOPE to Miss C. HAGAN
Queenstown: G.J. TAYLOR to Miss I.E. TURVEY, Nov. 13.
Kingwilliamstown: F.G. BRAUNS to Miss E. DENNIS, Nov. 18.
Paarl: P.J.P. MARAIS to Miss C.J. JOUBERT, Nov. 10.
Bloemfontein: C.N. LUCAS to Miss L. BECK, Nov. 11.
Bloemfontein: Rev. P. WINTER to Miss A. KRAUSE, Nov. 26.
Lilly Fountain: T. SIMPSON to Miss M.A. OSNER, Nov. 10.

Newcastle, Natal: Capt. Alex. McDONALD, aged 50, Nov. 15.
Port Elizabeth: The infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. SODERBERG, Nov. 18.
Capetown: The infant son of Mr. and Mrs. STIGLIEG, Nov. 26.
Oudtshoorn: The infant son of Mr. and Mrs. H.O. MEYER, Nov. 19.
Capetown: The infant son of Mr. and Mrs. LIND, Nov. 24.
Kingwilliamstown: The infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. M.A. CROSS, Nov. 22.

Friday 5 December 1879

BIRTH at Kentbury, British Kaffraria, on the 2nd December, the wife of E.C. FLETCHER of a daughter.

The funeral of the late Mr. Stephen DELL took place on Thursday morning at the burial ground attached to the chapel on the estate. There were about a hundred persons present. The Rev. Mr. WILSON of Bathurst conducted the service in a very feeling and impressive manner. The Rev. J. PRIESTLEY of Port Alfred and LOMAX of Southwell were also present.

Friday 12 December 1879

BIRTH at Port Elizabeth on the 1st inst, the wife of Mr. G.E. JARVIS, Great Kei Bridge, of a son.

MARRIED at Bloemfontein on the 3rd December, in the Trinity Methodist Church, by the Rev R.F. Hornsbrook, Mary Jane, second daughter of the late John RICHARDS Esq of HM Commissariat, to Robert, eldest son of the Rev. R. CASE, Settle, Yorkshire, England.

Monday 15 December 1879

MARRIED at the residence of the Bride, by the Rev D. Dodd, on the 9th inst, George Murray MACFARLANE to Julia Anne, daughter of Mr. James STYLE, Port Alfred.

On Tuesday night a seaman of the Balmoral Castle, by name William CHRISTOPHER, while crossing the stage between the quay and the ship, fell into the dock. A rope was thrown to him by one of the crew, which he grasped, but while the men who threw it went for a lamp the unfortunate seaman lost his hold of the rope and was drowned. The water police dragged immediately for the body, which they recovered about midnight, and conveyed to the Old Somerset Hospital.

Friday 19 December 1879

(Dordrecht Guardian)
A sad accident, resulting in the death of Mr. James BOARDMAN, a fine promising young man in his 21st year (son of Mr. Philip BOARDMAN of Holbrook, near Barkly) occurred at an early hour on Monday morning last, on the farm of M. BROMLEY (Driefontein) about two miles from Dordrecht, on the road to Grahamstown, the particulars of which will be gathered from the following deposition taken before Mr. H.A. JENNER, acting C.C. and R.M.
Clement PENNY stated:- I was travelling from Barkly to Queenstown with two wagons loaded with wool. The deceased and myself were lying asleep on the top of the front wagon, and at about half past three in the morning I was startled by hearing the driver of the wagon say “Pas op boss” (Look out master) and before I had time to get off the wagon had capsized, and the deceased and myself both fell underneath the wool. It was about two hours before they got me out, as the boys had first to pull the wagon off the wool before they could get at us; they first found the body of the deceased, who was quite dead. I was seriously hurt and bruised all over. The wagon capsized in a large sluit. The driver had got a short distance off the road, and I presume that owing to its being dark he could not see the sluit until he was on the edge of it. The boys were all perfectly sober; BOARDMAN told them that the road was good from Dordrecht, and it is the usual thing when the road is good for the leader to throw up the reins and come to the wagon. I do not attribute any blame to the boys as being the cause of the accident.
Harry, sworn, deposed: I am driver of Mr. PENNY’s wagon, and knew the deceased. It was just before daybreak that the accident happened. The morning star was just rising when I came to a sluit opposite Mr. BROMLEY’s farm, where the oxen turned out of the road. I ran and turned them, and then went to the break, when the oxen turned down into the sluit again. I then threw away my whip and ran to the front oxen, at the same time calling out to me master Pas Op! as the wagon was falling. The wagon fell, and both wagon and wool fell on top of my master and Mr. BOARDMAN. I loosened the oxen and tried to pull the wagon off the wool by fastening the animals to the middle of the vehicle, but my span could not manage it, so I called out to the other men to bring up the remaining span of oxen, and I then managed to get the wagon off. I then cut the reins that were round the bales of wool and rolled them off my master. I then sent my leader to Mr. BROMLEY’s to get a horse for the purpose of going into town to fetch the doctor. The deceased was lying with his face and half of his body outside the bales of wool, and the other part of his body was firmly jammed between the wool and the ground. I did not hear deceased speak after the wagon fell over, but heard Mr. PENNY say from under the wool “Cut the reins”. I pulled the deceased out from under the wool directly after the wagon had capsized, but it was about two hours after before I got my master out. Just before the wagon fell over there was a sudden jolt, and the left front wheel flew off; this was the wheel nearest to the sluit. I think – in fact I am almost certain – that if the wheel had not come off the wagon would not have capsized, as the oxen had almost stopped. Mr. BOARDMAN was quite dead when we pulled him out from under the wagon. The leader was not with the oxen when the capsize occurred; he was on top of the wool, and jumped off when I shouted to my master. I heard Mr. BOARDMAN say to Mr. PENNY that he could go to sleep, as there were no sluits. This was before we had out-spanned, and when we were all sitting around the fire. We never have a leader in front of the oxen when the road is good.
The spot where the unfortunate accident occurred is a very nasty one, owing to a sharp turn in the road and to the existence of a deep ravine on the one side. We would suggest to the Divisional Council the advisability of having the road there repaired or altered as soon as possible, in order to prevent accidents in the future. The funeral of the late Mr. BOARDMAN took place on Tuesday afternoon and was numerously attended by residents of the town. The remains were interred in the Wesleyan cemetery, the Rev. P. TEARLE officiating. The father and uncle of the deceased arrived here a few hours after the funeral. We tender our sympathy to the bereaved parents in the loss they have sustained through the untimely and unexpected death of their son.

De Afrikaanse Patriot contains the following:
Wepener, November 13: On Tuesday 11th Nov. God gave us a nice little boy, a good sized chap. He is very well, and so is his Ma. God be praised!
D.F. DU TOIT A.son

Friday 26 December 1879

MARRIED on the 16th December 1879, by the Rev G. Parsonson, Joseph Hare, third son of W.F. DUGMORE Esq of Koonap, to Sarah Maria, eldest daughter of Thos. COUSINS Esq, of Markwood, Fish River Randt.

On Saturday last Mr. Henry McCUSTER (says the G.R. Advertiser) met his death in a very sudden and painful manner. He was in the act of mounting, in front of the Wesleyan Chapel, a horse which he had just bought, when in some way we have not heard explained, he missed the saddle and was thrown back, falling with the back of his head on to the stone edge of the waterfurrow and into the waterfurrow itself. He was at once taken up, but it was evident he had been seriously injured. He was, however, able to walk home. Medical aid was at once procured, but he soon became unconscious and died in a couple of hours. He was only 24 years of age and had not been long married. He was much respected. It is singular that his father, Mr. James McCUSTER, met his death by a fall from his horse and died in almost the same manner after being brought home.

Monday 29 December 1879

MARRIED at Trinity Church on the 25th Dec 1879 by the Rev J.A. Chalmers, Mr. William COUSINS, eldest son of Mr. T. COUSINS, Fish River Randt, to Miss Phillis Rebecca, sixth daughter of Mr. Henry WEBSTER, Grahamstown.

DIED at Grahamstown on Sunday 28th December 1879, James Munro, infant son of Alexander Forest and Susan GIBSON, of Port Elizabeth, aged 1 year and 1 month.

DIED suddenly at Grahamstown on Friday 26th December 1879, of Heart Disease, Mary PERRIN, wife of the late Thomas PERRIN, aged 62 years. Friends at a distance will please accept this notice.

DIED at his residence, Oatlands, on the 29th December, Mr. Bernard BROOKS.
The Funeral of the late Mr. B. BROOKS will move from his late residence, Oatlands, tomorrow (Tuesday) afternoon at 4pm. Friends are invited to attend.