Grahamstown Journal 1843 - 3 - July to September

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Thursday 6 July 1843

If Peter BOWLES does not, within one month from the date hereof, return the Musical Snuff Box which was entrusted to his care by the Undersigned, four or five months ago, for the purpose of being repaired, proceedings will be instituted against him for the recovery of the same.
Graham's Town 6th July 1843

Died on Sunday 2nd instant at Port Elizabeth, Magdalena Fredrika, daughter of Mr.Gabriel HAUBTLEISCH, aged 3 months and 26 days.

Died on the 4th instant at Fort Beaufort, after nine hours' illness, John O'Connor, aged 13 years, 3 months and 3 days, son of Deputy Assistant Commissary General SMITH

Thursday July 13 1843

The Rev.John HEAVYSIDE, Chaplain of Graham's Town, takes this method of making it generally known that he has completed arrangements for opening a superior School for young Gentlemen which will afford all the advantages of an English Grammar School. Having with this object in view taken steps in the early part of the year for obtaining from England a clergyman properly qualified to take the chief management of such an institution, Mr.HEAVYSIDE has in the meantime secured the services of a gentleman recently arrived, an associate of King's College, London, who possesses high testimonials as to character and literary qualifications, and has been successfully engaged in tuition for several years past.
The course of instruction will comprise the Latin and Greek Classics, the French and German languages and Mathematics, together with all the various branches of a sound English education, to which particular attention will be paid.
The business of the School will commence on Monday the 24th July, when Mr.HEAVYSIDE will be ready to receive at once a few Boarders under the age of 12 years.
For terms and other particulars apply to the Rev.J.HEAVYSIDE, Graham's Town; the Rev.H.BEAVER, Fort Beaufort; the Rev.James BARROW, Bathurst; the Rev.G.V.THORPE, Sidbury and the Rev.F.McCLELAND or Daniel PHILLIPPS Esq, Port Elizabeth.

Thursday July 20 1843

Birth on the 16th instant, Mrs. Richard ORSMOND of a son Graham's Town 20th July 1843

Birth on the 16th instant Mrs.J.BRYCE of a son Graham's Town 20th July 1843

Birth yesterday, 19th instant, Mrs.J.C.WRIGHT of a daughter Graham's Town 20 July 1843

Died on the 14th instant at Cape Town, Alexander, second son of Antonio CHIAPPINI Esq, deeply regretted by his family and friends.

Died in Graham's Town on the 18th instant, Ann, the wife of Mr.C.SCANLIN of Salem, aged 30 years.

Died at Lange Kloof on the 2nd July 1843, after a short but painful illness, Ann Elizabeth, wife of Mr.F. De la HARPE, in the 22nd year of her age, deeply regretted by all her friends, leaving a husband and two young children to deplore her loss.

[Early issues for August 1843 missing at the National Archives]

Thursday August 31 1843

Died this morning at half past 2 o'clock, Jane, the wife of Mr. John MASKELL, after a brief illness of 5 days, aged 44 years, leaving 5 children to deplore the loss of an affectionate mother.
Graham's Town 31 August 1843

Died at Somerset on Wednesday 23rd instant after a few days' illness, Sarah, the beloved wife of Mr.John ELKINS Jun. She has left a husband and child, together with a numerous circle of relatives and friends, to deplore this sudden, mysterious and deeply afflictive dispensation of Divine Providence. Her end was peace - she having with perfect calmness, though in the prime of life, resigned her soul into the hands of her Creator.

Birth at Fort Beaufort on Sunday morning 27th instant, Mrs. George W. CLARKE of a daughter.

Thursday September 7 1843

Died this morning at his residence, Graham's Town, aged 45 years, Mr.William LIDDLE, late Sergeant Major in HM 75th Regt and Keeper of the District Prison in this Town, deeply regretted by his family and friends.
Graham's Town 7th September 1843

Thursday September 14 1843

From a Correspondent
Port Elizabeth September 13 pm
Yesterday all day it blew very hard from the SE with a heavy sea. We had our doubts as far as the shipping at anchor in the bay (nine in number); but fortunately all rode out the gale in safety - only one incident happening to our knowledge, viz the 'Lively' parted one chain. The wind is now ?off? the land, consequently all is safe.
This morning the body of the unfortunate nephew of Capt.CROCKLEY( late of the 'Laura') was picked up and will be buried this afternoon. This makes the fourth body recovered, namely the mate of the 'Laura', one seaman and ???.
Also the carpenter of the 'Sea Gull'.

Birth at Graaf Reinet on the 1st instant Mrs. GRISBROOK of a son

Birth at Graham's Town on the 14th instant Mrs.John BRADFIELD of a son.