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Newspaper Obituaries and Snippets

MURRAY, Alice Eliza 1859-1943

Transcribed form a newspaper cutting (paper unknown) in family's possession. The deceased was Alice Eliza MURRAY, daughter of George Burleigh MURRAY.


 The late Mrs. MURRAY, whp passed away on Sunday July 18th 1943, was born in Colesberg CP in the year 1859 and almost reached the good age of 84, past the allotted span. She died at her farm "Erin" in the Middleburg district, among her children and her favourite sister Mrs. CLEMENTZ, with her husband Mr.Carl CLEMENTZ of the farm "Esperanza" Colesberg and his brother Mr. Henry CLEMENTZ. Mrs. Terence DOUGLAS, of Oudtshoorn, staying with the DOUGLAS family at "Rathgar" local who was very helpful and a great comfort was also present and she took over the last sad rites, for which we are very grateful. Mrs. CLEMENTZ is now the last of four sons and four daughters, whose Father was the late George B. MURRAY, who came out in the "East India"man sailing vessel with the other 1820 Settlers.

   She was educated at a private school in Observatory Road Cape Town, under Miss PILKINGTON and Mrs. Philip LEVENBERG and unlike the children of today, did not go home for holidays, for 3 whole years. The railway only ran to Beaufort West in those days, so the journey was done by Post Cart or Mail Boat from Port Elizabeth.

   When she grew up she joined the Colesberg choir in the Wesleyan church there and her splendid soprano voice always led the anthems and she was in great request when concerts came along. She was very fond of horse riding, dancing and tennis the main items of recreation in those days.

   Later in life she married John MURRAY, who farmed in the Colesberg district for many years, on the homestead "Groot Half Akker", and they lived here happily with their two children till 1908, when the old place was sold. After a short stay in Colesberg they went to stay in East London, and while here the farm "Erin" was acquired. We were all together till Father was taken to his rest in 1915. We "carried on" till the end came, and a loving Mother, a staunch member of the church and a hearty friend, joined the great majority.

   Our grateful thanks go out to those who remembered us in our sore need, those who sent wreaths, and writers of helpful letters. God bless them.


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