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The 1820 Settler Correspondence
 as preserved in the National Archives, Kew
 and edited by Sue Mackay

Settler Returns

These are the final settler returns for each party, transcribed from CO48/47 at the National Archives, Kew, London. They formed the basis of "The Settler Handbook" by M.D. Nash, although there are some differences, as she used returns held at the Cape as well. Earlier versions of the returns can often be found amongst the 1819 settler correspondence. With the exception of capital letters for surnames, the tables are true transcriptions of the file in the National Archives, although occasionally comments have been added below in square brackets. The returns held in the Cape Archives can be found in CO6138 Volumes 1 and 2. 

There are no returns in CO47/48 for Charles CAMPBELL, Richard DANIELL, Christopher THORNHILL or William WAIT, all of whom sailed later (see post 1820 correspondence), or for the ill-fated RUSSELL's Party who sailed on the Abeona. There is also no return for WILKINSON's Party, who sailed in the privately chartered Amphitrite, but the names are listed in the returns for NIGHTINGALE's Party transcribed from CO6138/2/104 at the Cape Archives. The return for STANLEY's Party can be found in his correspondence dated 4th January 1820, although an earlier return from the Cape Archives (CO6138) is transcribed here.

SYNNOT's Party


RETURN of SETTLERS proceeding to the CAPE OF GOOD HOPE under the Direction of Walter SYNNOT

Names of the Settlers Profession or Trade Age Names of the Women
Male Children
Female Children
Walter SYNNOT HP Capt 89th Regt  45 Elizabeth  20  Walter  12  Anne  16  This list was transmitted without the Dispatch to the Governor 
          Robert Fran's HOUSTON  15   
          George  ½       
William SPIERS  Farmer  30 Sarah  28  George  10  Mary   
          James  Margaret  
              Elizabeth  ½   
Robert COWSER  Labourer  20              
William CALISTON  Carpenter  28              
Joseph QUIN Labourer  21 Mary  19           
John SCANNELL  Smith  21 Johana 21           
James KENNEDY  Labourer  25              
Robert THOMPSON Labourer  26              
Robert SHORT  Labourer  18              
Robert YOUNG  Labourer  28 Margaret 20  Samuel       


SYNNOT's orig. accept. lists substituted 27th Nov 1819


RETURN of SETTLERS proceeding to the CAPE OF GOOD HOPE under the Direction of Captain SYNNOT of Ballywalter, Newtown Hamilton, Ireland

Total Number of the Men 11
Total Number of the Women 3
Total Number of Persons above Fourteen Years of Age  1
Total Number of Children under Fourteen Years of Age 11
Total Number of the Whole Party 26
Total Amount of Deposit Money for the Whole Party £137:10


Names of the Men
Profession or Trade Names of the Women
Names of the
Male Children
Names of the
Female Children
Deposit Money
payable by the
respective settlers
Walter SYNNOT 45  HP Capt 89th  Elizabeth  20  Walter  12  Anne  16 £ : s : d 
          Robert  Fcs. HOUSTON 15   
          George  ½      27:10:0  
William SPIERS  30  Farmer  Sarah  28  George 10  Mary   
          James  Margaret   
              Elizabeth  ½  20:0:0 
Robert COWSER  20  Labourer              10:0:0 
James INGRAM 24  Blacksmith              10:0:0 
John GREY  25   Labourer     Mark      10:0:0 
William CALISTON  28  Carpenter              10:0:0 
Joseph QUIN  21  Labourer  Mary 19          10:0:0 
Thomas CAMPBEL  26  Labourer              10:0:0 
John HAWTHORN  18  Labourer              10:0:0 
Samuel McCOMB  28  Labourer              10:0:0 
William MOPHET 25  Stone Mason              10:0:0 

 [written on the bottom of this return]

Since I have filled the above a young person has offered himself and I am desirous of taking with me and request he may be accepted, named George HOUSTON, aged 13. I certify every [illegible] age to be truly returned to the best of my belief.
Walter SYNNOT HPCapt 89th Regt.

[written below in clerk's hand]

Capt. SYNNOT has since asked that the name of Miss Frances HOUSTON might be substituted for that of George HOUSTON

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