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South Africa - a weekly journal

South Africa 1894 4 October - December


6 October 1894

BADENHORST, Mrs. W., De Wet’s Dorp, O.F.S., August 27.
GEDGE—On the 3rd inst., at Horton Lodge, Slough, Mrs. S. F. Gedge.
GRIFFITHS, Mrs. D. J., East London, September 3.
HENDERSON, Mrs. R. H., Kimberley, September 5.
MCINTOSH, Mrs. G., East London, September 1.
SPENCE, Mrs. C., East London, September 4.
WEEKS, Mrs. W., Grahamstown, September 2.
FROST—On the 1st inst., at St. Valery, Enfield, Middlesex, Mrs. F. Walter Frost (Norman Mansergh).

CHILDS, Mrs. J., Kimberley, September 4.
FRADGLEY, Mrs. E., Cala, September 3.
KING, Mrs. T., Grahamstown, September 1.
LIDDELL, Mrs. G. A. A., Cradock, September 7.
TRENNERY, Mrs. T. A., Indwe Poort, September 4.

HEATLIE, A.—MANN, L., Cape Town, September 4.
LLOYD, A. E.—FLETCHER, L., Grahamstown, September 4.
MCKENZIE, H.—KIRKWOOD, J. S., Queenstown, August 28.
PAYN, E. M.—LABEZ, M., Claremont, August 22.
STREAK, J. N.—WOEST, E. M., Queenstown, September 4.
DU TOIT—FRITH—On September 29, at Cape Town, C. P. du Toit, R.M., eldest son of A. F. du Toit, Esq., Middleburg, Cape Colony, to Charlotte E. Frith, youngest daughter of the late Rev. J. B. Frith, J.P., The Cross, Enniskillen.
ESCOMBE—RICHARDSON—On September 29, at St. George’s, Hanover Square, by the Rev. G. S. de Sausmarez, M.A., Edmund Escombe, of Mayfield Lodge, Addison Road, W., to Esther, fourth daughter of J. Clarke Richardson, J.P., of Derwen Fawr, near Swansea.
FILLINGHAM—LOVEJOY—On September 5, at Johannesburg, by the Rev. J. Darragh, Alfred Thomas Fillingham, of Sheffield, to Margaret Eldred Lovejoy, youngest daughter of the late William Lovejoy, of 37, Russell Square, London, and of Mrs. Lovejoy, Eastbourne.
OHLSSON—HORNOR—On the 2nd inst., at St. Martin-in-the-Fields, Trafalgar Square, London, by the Rev. J. F. Kitto, M.A., Vicar, and the Rev. J. Hendry Anderson, Rector of Foulsham, Norfolk, Anders Ohlsson, Consul-General for Sweden and Norway of Montebello, Newlands, Cape Town, to Margaretta Caroline, third daughter of Charles Hornor, of Thorpe Hamlet, Norwich.

COUGHLAN, Mrs. E. J., Kimberley, September 3, aged 40.
INGRAM, S. J., Grahamstown, September 3, aged 22.
KRAMER, Mrs. C. J. M., Cape Town, September 4.
MARAIS, J. C., Stellenbosch, September 5.
MCDOUGALL, D. C., Kariega Mouth, September 4, aged 22.
O’GRADY, Mrs., Grahamstown, September 6, aged 63.
STUDDEN, W. J., Kimberley, September 2, aged 33.
THORNTON, E. F., Uitenhage, September 1, aged 37.
HODGES—On the 30th ult., at Fairlawn Park, Chiswick, John George, eldest son of the late John George Hodges, of Chancery Lane, W.C., aged 65. Friends, kindly accept this intimation.

13 October 1894

ALEXANDER, Mrs. G., Johannesburg, Sept. 9.
BRINK, Mrs. J., Jagersfontein, O.F.S., Sept. 14.
CASTLES, Mrs. J. W., Montagu, September 14.
CRAGG, Mrs. H., East London, September 9.
DA SILVA, Mrs. J., Johannesburg, Sept. 9.
MULOCK—BENTLEY, Mrs. T., Vrede, O.F.S., September 2.
LOWE, Mrs. W. L., Newton, September 8.
WILSON, Mrs. R. H., Port Elizabeth, Sept. 9.

GROSS, Mrs. H., Kimberley, September 12.
GOWER, Mrs. W., East London, September 6.
LAWRANCE, Mrs. H., Grahamstown, Sept. 16.
STAYT, Mrs. W., Johannesburg, September 12.
STOCKS, Mrs. W. B., Grahamstown, September 8.
WEBB, Mrs. E. A., East London, September 9.
LOGAN—On the 4th inst., at Johannesburg, the wife of John W. Logan, M. I. Mech.E., of a daughter. (By cable.)

BRINK, S. J. H.—ROSSOUW, R. W., Stellenbosch, September 11.
DE PASS, G.—STANFORD, F., Pretoria, Sept. 11.
DIVINE, C. H. F.—CLEGG, A. D., Johannesburg, September 7.
GOULDIE, W. H.—IRVING, M. E., Kimberley, September 8.
RAMPF, H. A.—STEGMANN, A. E., Willowmore, C.C., August 15.
STERLEY, W. H.—DENNIS, M., Kimberley, September 12.

ANDERSSON, Mrs. H. E., Johannesburg, Sept. 7.
DICKSON, D., Port Elizabeth, September 9, aged 67.
FIRM, Mrs. E. J., Port Alfred, Sept. 8, aged 62.
HOBERN, Mrs. M. S., Jansenville, Sept. 8, aged 70.
JENKINS, J. C., Kimberley, September 9, aged 33.
KYTE, Mrs. R. S. K., Grahamstown, September 7, aged 46.
MCGOWAN, J., King William’s Town, September 12, aged 74.
STEVENS, F. W. J., Hanover, Sept. 7, aged 71.
SUCKOW, W. H., Grahamstown, Sept. 8, aged 28.
CAMPBELL—On August 29, at Glenora, Maritzburg, Sophie Campbell, aged 48.
CAMERON—On September 9, suddenly, at Johannesburg, Alexander P. G. Cameron, aged 25, the younger son of G. F. Cameron, M.D., J.P., 1, Dalgarno Gardens, North Kensington, W.
DOWLING—On August 10, at Cape Town, of pneumonia, D. G. A. Dowling, eldest son of the late D. W. and Mrs. Dowling, formerly of St. George’s Square, London, S.W., to the inexpressible grief of his bereaved mother, beloved and regretted by all who knew him.

20 October 1894

GOUWS, Mrs. W. S., Port Elizabeth, Sept. 11.
DREYER, Mrs. F., East London, September 17.
JOHNSTON, Mrs. D. S., Johannesburg, Sept. 19.
MENTEATH, Mrs. J. R. S., East London, Sept. 19.
TAIT, Mrs. M. M., jun., Claremont, September 17.
VAN OS, Mrs. L. W. Johannesburg, Sept. 18.

CARRUTHERS, Mrs. W., East London, Sept. 21.
HARTLEY, Mrs. W. B., East London, Sept. 21.
LAWTON, Mrs. T. E., Cape Town, September 17.
MANSERGH, Mrs. L., Wynberg, September 15.
PAYNTER—On Friday, October 12, at Johannesburg, the wife of Hugh H. Paynter.

BUCHANAN, W. P.—BOYD, C., Cape Town, September 17.
CORNWELL, J. E.—LAWTON, A. R., Cape Town, September 20.
FALCK, A. E.—RANDELL, T., Johannesburg, September 18.
GREIG, W. M.—DUNCAN, B. W., East London, September 20.
MACKAY, R. M.—CHRISTIE, M. K., Port Elizabeth, September 20.
MCDOWELL, J. J.—HOLTON, B. M., Uitenhage, September 18.
MCINTYRE, S.—KING, M., East London, Sept. 19.
NOBLE, G.—REYS, A., Johannesburg, Sept. 15.
TURNBULL, J.—BRADFIELD, L. A., Johannesburg, September 19.
WOOD, H. R.—SLATER, A. M., Grahamstown, September 20.
GREATHEAD—BUBB—On October 4, at the Cathedral, Grahamstown, by the Rev. Canon Espin, assisted by the Rev. W. Wallace, John Baldwin Smithson Greathead, M.B., C.M., Edin., to Ellen Annie, second daughter of the late William Henry Bubb, of Cheltenham, Solicitor.
HARRISON—DAVIS—On October 11, at the Western Synagogue, St. Alban’s Place, Haymarket, by the Reverends H. Davids and L. Canter, Henry Harrison, of Port Elizabeth, to Maria, eldest daughter of the late Moss Davis and of Mrs. Moss Davis, 26, Glasshouse Street, Regent Street, W.
GREENLEES—WHITE—On the 17th inst., at St. Mary’s Church, Stone, Kent, by the Rev. Canon Murray, assisted by the Rev. Oscar Hewitt, M.A., Dr. T. Duncan Greenlees, Medical Superintendent, Grahamstown Asylum, to Edith, daughter of the late Richard White, Esq., of Norwich. No cards.
BELL—MARCH—On October 15, at St. Michael and All Angel’s Church, Queenstown, Cape of Good Hope, by the Rev. Julius Gordon, Edward Ronald, son of the late Edward Bell, Queenstown, to Sascha Alexandra, daughter of the late Edwin March, London, and both great-grandchildren of the late Dr. Crichton, Dundee.
FAULKINER—FARMER—On October 16, at St. Paul’s Church, Knightsbridge, by the Rev. Moore Nelligan, Vicar of St. Stephen’s, Westbourne Park, assisted by the Rev. Baden-Powell, Precentor of St. Paul’s, Sir Leslie Edmond Percy Riggs Falkiner, Bart., of Ann-Mount, co. Cork, to Elaine Maynard, younger daughter of Mr. W. M. M. Farmer, of 18, Bina Gardens, South Kensington, and Maynard Villa, Wynberg, Cape of Good Hope.
MARKHAM—GERVERS—On the 11th inst., at St. Michael’s, Chester Square, by the Rev. C. Markham, Rector of Aughton, Rev. Canon Fleming, Chaplain-in-Ordinary to the Queen and Hon. Chaplain to the Prince of Wales, and the Rev. C. Morton, Rear-Admiral Albert Hastings Markham, R.N., son of the late Captain J. Markham, R.N., to Theodora Chevallier, eldest daughter of Francis T. Gervers, 80, Marine Parade, Brighton.

BAM, F. A., Cape Town, September 22, aged 23.
BETTLINGER, Mrs. C., Burghersdorp, September 14, aged 24.
BRIGHT, Mrs. M. A., King Williamstown, September 18, aged 80.
EDGAR, J., Queenstown, September 14.
GUINSBERG, Mrs. H., Pretoria, September 17.
HALSE, B. J., Lady Grey, September 12, aged 65.
KENSIT, Mrs. H., Port Elizabeth, September 14, aged 75.
MCCORMACK, Mrs. A., East London, September 14.
PHILLIPS, Mrs. E., Cape Town, Sept. 18, aged 30.
WOLFE, C. H., Cape Town, Sept. 19, aged 37.

Miscellaneous articles on the same page:

A large gathering of Italians has been held at Johannesburg, the proceedings taking the form of a supper and dance to celebrate Garibaldi’s entry into Rome on the twentieth anniversary of that event.

A most deliberate murder has been committed at Fordsburg. An Austrian named Borovich shot a countryman named Gojkovichy, with whom he had previously been fighting, through the back. The victim died from the wound, and Borovich was taken into custody.

27 October 1894

CARSTENS, Mrs. W., Port Nolloth, September 20.
POTE, Mrs. M. S., Humansdorp, September 21.
WILLCOX, Mrs. J. S., Grahamstown, Sept. 29.

BARRETT, Mrs. W. A., Johannesburg, Sept. 25.
CLARK, Mrs. J., Pretoria, September 23.
DEKEMA, Mrs. K. J. Winburg, O.F.S., Sept. 5.
HOWARD, Mrs. J. E. P., King Williamstown, September 23.
MITCHELL, Mrs. J., Johannesburg, Sept. 21.
REES—On October 20, at Phillimore, Beckenham, the wife of Frank Rees, of a daughter.

HEYNS, M.—TINDALL, A. M., Stellenbosch, September 25.
NEEDHAM, G. R.—GIBSON, S. E., Kimberley, September 19.
OBERHAUSER, K.—INGRAM, A., Winberg, Sept. 18.
TOERIEN, P. S.—KLAVERWYDEN, W., Cape Town, September 25.
WEBB, H. J.—AUSTIN, M. G., Grahamstown, September 26.

POPE—On September 24, at Johannesburg, suddenly, of acute pneumonia, Herbert Keble, late of the 37th (the Hampshire Regiment), son of the Rev. G. U. Pope, D.D., of Balliol College, Oxford, aged 25.
ANDERSON, Mrs. E. S., Britstown, September 17.
BENNETT, Mrs. M. A., Uitenhage, September 24, aged 58.
BONTHUYS, J. J., Paarl, September 22, aged 32.
DYKE, D. J., Wynberg, September 20.
DOLL, E. V., Cape Town, September 26, aged 34.
HEMMING, J., Kimberley, September 22, aged 37.
SOUTHEY, Mrs. H., Middelburg, Sept. 25, aged 73.
KENT, J., Grahamstown, September 28, aged 70.
TOZER—On October 18, at Whitby, Catherine Tozer, formerly of Sheffield, only surviving daughter of the late Arthur Tozer, of Bristol, in her 71st year.

3 November 1894

BYRNE, Mrs. R. A., Pretoria, October 4.
CRUSE, Mrs. G., Pretoria, September 30.
FRAMES, Mrs. P. R., Kimberley, October 5.
GALPIN, Mrs. E. E., Queenstown, October 4.
IMPEY, Mrs. F. W., Grahamstown, Sept. 29.
MCJANNET, Mrs. J., East London, October 2.
MOORHEAD, Mrs. G. O., Molteno, September 26.
ROWBOTHAM, Mrs. B., Port Elizabeth, October 3.

ARNOLD, Mrs. C. A., Cape Town, October 4.
BRUNYEE, Mrs. H., Durban, September 27.
CURSON, Mrs. H. C., Umzimkulu, October 1.
DICKINSON, Mrs. W., King Williamstown, September 29.
EVANS, Mrs. M. S., Durban, September 27.
FISHER, Mrs. H., East London, September 28.
STOWE, Mrs. S. F., Grahamstown, September 30.
WARREN, Mrs. H., Cala, September 30.

BRAND, F. J. G.—DE WET, J. F., Cape Town, October 3.
GREATHEAD, J. B.—BUBB, E. A., Grahamstown, October 4.
GREIG, G.—RITTMANN, A. E., Murraysburg, September 20.
KING, J. F.—SHARPE, F. E., Durban, October 3.
MCLEOD, A. H.—KIDD, D., Kimberley, Sept. 26.
TILLER, E.—BURGESS, E., Uitenhage, October 3.
WATSON, W. S.—ATTWELL, A. M., Cape Town, October 4.
RELLY—RAWSTORNE—On October 24, at St. Paul’s, Covent Garden, London, by the Rev. J. J. Scully, Owen Relly, of Johannesburg, South Africa, to Lillian Mary Atherton Rawstorne.
CLENNELL—WEIGHT—On October 30, at Kelsall, Cheshire, by the Rev. A. P. French, M.A., of St. John’s, Higher Broughton, Manchester, assisted by the Rev. H. T. Clark, M.A., of Kelsall, John Edward Clennell, B.Sc., of Johannesburg, Analytical Chemist, eldest son of Walter C. Clennell, B.A., of Clapton, Solicitor, to Margaret Elizabeth Wright, only daughter of Mrs. Wright, of The Cottage, Kelsall.

BURGESS, J., Grahamstown, September 30, aged 40.
DAVIS, T., Johannesburg, September 25, aged 69.
DE THIAN, L. A., East London, Oct. 4, aged 48.
DYE, A., Cape Town, October 6, aged 38.
EDMUNDS, J. H., Somerset East, Sept. 29, aged 41.
MARAIS, J. P. H., Heidelberg, October 1, aged 70.
PEARSON, G., Kimberley, October 2, aged 77.
ROOS, P. J., Heidelberg, September 30, aged 81.
SIMON, W., Wynberg, October 5, aged 59.
STANLEY, S., Durban, September 29, aged 52.
VAN DER POEL, H. H., Kimberley, Sept. 28, aged 40.
SHERMAN—On October 26, 1894, at No. 51, Crofton Road, Camberwell, Alexander Sherman, third son of the late Henry Sherman, of Cape Town, aged 57.

17 November 1894

GALPIN, Mrs. E. E., Queenstown, October 4.
GRAHAM, Mrs. T. I., Wynberg, October 18.
HEIMANN, Mrs. S., Johannesburg, October 17.
REY, Mrs. J., Worcester, October 14.
LANDAN, Mrs. D. M., Ermelo, October 12.
LLOYD, Mrs. O., East London, October 7.
MCCARTHY, Mrs. R. H., Quigney, Oct. 13 (twins).
MAVER, Mrs. M., Port Elizabeth, October 12.
MILLAR—On October 10, at Avochie, near Durban, Natal, the wife of Alfred D. Millar.
UPHAM, Mrs. J. G., Grahamstown, October 21.

JOLLY, Mrs. W. V., Rouxville, October 10.
QUIN, Mrs. J. G., Johannesburg, October 14.
SCHONLAND, Mrs. J., Barkly East, October 12.
SUTRO, Mrs. L., Kimberley, October 14.
WATSON, Mrs. J. W., Kimberley, October 14.
WRIGHT, Mrs. H., Grahamstown, October 15.
STRUBEN—On November 12, at Malpas Lodge, Torquay, the wife of Fred Struben, of a daughter.

GLYNN, W. H.—HALBIG, B. J., East London, October 9.
MCFARLANE, M.—STORRIER, F. E., Kimberley, October 17.
PRICE, E. J.—FREEMAN, W. A., Cape Town, October 15.

BEGG-ROBERTSON, Mrs. J., Cradock, October 9.
ECKSTEIN, Mrs. C., Kimberley, Oct. 15, aged 55.
MARAIS, A. L. P., Victoria West, October 19.
MOSTERT, C. D. G., Mowbray, Oct. 21, aged 67.
NICHOLSON, H. M., Uitenhage, Oct. 17, aged 35.
NITCH, Mrs. A., Cape Town, October 16, aged 79.
QUINLAN, D., Jagersfontein, October 15, aged 47.
SHAW, J., Grahamstown, October 15, aged 25.
STANTON, Mrs. M. A., Grahamstown, October 17, aged 71.
WRIGHT, Mrs. C. F., Grahamstown, October 15, aged 23.

24 November 1894

AMYOT, Mrs. W. A., Johannesburg, October 20.
BUCKERIDGE, Mrs. A. D., Johannesburg, Oct. 19
MURRAY, Mrs. D. M., Cape Town, October 23.
NELSON, Mrs. C. E., Johannesburg, October 24.
SACK, Mrs. S., Johannesburg, October 25.
TENNANT, Mrs. E. C., Johannesburg, October 23.
TOM, Mrs. D., Potchefstroom, October 22.

STARFIELD, Mrs. T. M., Johannesburg, October 20.
STUBBS, Mrs. P. B., Barkly West, October 29.
WALTERS, Mrs. R., Grahamstown, October 21.
WATKINS, Mrs. W. H., Grahamstown, October 27.

COWEN, C. A. D.—BIDDULPH, I., Cradock, Oct. 22.
HOWARTH, E. W.—DANIELL, E. G., Sidbury, October 24.
INSALL, T. W.—BALMER, M. E., Queenstown, October 22.
NEUBAUER, E.—SEKERA, M., Bloemfontein, October 23.
SHORT, L. W.—WEPENER, F. J., Johannesburg, October 10.

BOSWELL, D., Cradock, October 21, aged 38.
GEORGE, Mrs. C., Cape Town, October 27, aged 67.
HAYMAN, P., Johannesburg, October 20, aged 50.
LESS, Mrs. E. P., Cape Town, October 25, aged 79.
MCLELLAND, Mrs. E., Beaconsfield, October 24.
NOTHLING, Mrs. E., Fordsburg, Oct. 20, aged 30.
RADANDT, Wm., Cape Town, October 26.
STUTTAFORD—On October 23, at Beaufort West, Edmund Stuttaford, aged 19 years.
APPLEYARD—On October 27, at Johannesburg, Francis Sylvanus, youngest son of the late Frederick Newman Appleyard, Esq., aged 22.
BELL—On November 19, at King’s Road, Brighton, John Bell, of Lockney Holt, Chilworth, Surrey, in his 63rd year. No flowers by request.

Miscellaneous article on the same page:


We have received and reproduce a portrait of the late Mrs. A. de Sales Turland, of Johannesburg, whose death we have heard of with regret.
The deceased lady was one of the earliest pioneers of Johannesburg, entering camp and starting business in 1886, and by her tact and business ability she steadily compassed a comfortable competence. Mrs. Turland is credited also with being the cause of women being allowed to peg off gold claims in the Transvaal, the law there reserving that privilege to males before Mrs. Turland took up the fight on behalf of her sex, and convinced President Kruger of her rights. Mrs. Turland was to the fore in many ways in the early days of Witwatersrand—1886 to 1892; but recently had retired from active business, and was preparing for a lengthened trip to the Old Country, when, seized by a sudden illness, she passed away. Her portrait will be of interest to the many Johannesburgers of the later eighties, and by all of whom she was well and appreciatingly known.

1 December 1894

DIGGINS, Mrs. J., East London, October 27.
DU TOIT, Mrs. J. S., Fordsburg, October 28.
NICHOL, Mrs. W., Kimberley, October 30.
PRENTICE, Mrs. T. A., Macloutsie, October 19.
SUMLEY, Mrs. W. G., Fordsburg, November 1.

DEVLIN, Mrs. J. N.—Thaba ‘Nchu, O.F.S., Oct. 27.
OLIVE, Mrs. W., Pretoria, October 28.
PULLINGER, Mrs. E. J., Johannesburg, October 26.
REID, Mrs. A. H., Johannesburg, October 28.
SHEPPARD, Mrs. F., Seymour, October 21.
LARGE—On Tuesday, the 27th ult., at the Homestead, Van Ryn Estate and Gold Mining Company, Limited, Witwatersrand, the wife of Mr. S. E. Large, Curator, of a daughter.

DAWSON, J. T.—ROUCH, A., Fauresmith, Oct. 29.
GUBB, T. W.—BARRY, F., Port Elizabeth, October 17.
DUFFIELD, A. J.—LLOYD, M. M., Port Elizabeth, October 27.
KING, C. T.—MITCHELL, J., Port Elizabeth, October 30.
MACFARLANE, M.—STORRIER, F. E., Kimberley, October 17.
MOUNTFORT, A.—GODDARD, W., Grahamstown, October 24.
IRELAND—GRANT—On November 20, at St. Peter’s, Maidstone, Kent, by the Rev. F. Ball, R.N., assisted by the Vicar, the Rev. H. H. Letchworth, M.A., Joseph Henry Hill, eldest son of James Ireland, Esq., R.N., Ellesmere, Sidcup, Kent, to Mabel Petman, youngest daughter of Thomas Grant, Esq., Shirley House, Maidstone, Kent.
NICHOLSON—DE NYSSEN—On November 23, at St. Mary’s-in-the-Castle, Hastings, by the Rev. Harlow Phibbs, William Nicholson, of Woodford Green, Essex, and London, E., to Laura Annie, eldest daughter of the late Justice P. J. de Nyssen, of Cape Town.


BRUTON, Miss F. L., Sandflats, October 26.
GADD, Mrs. E., Graham’s Town, October 31.
JOUBERT, Mrs. C. M., Paarl, October 28, aged 75.
LINCOLN, Mrs. T., Bloemfontein, October 27.
MARAIS, H. H., Cape Town, October 31, aged 59.
PRAED, J., Grahamstown, October 29, aged 86.
ROBINSON, H. A., Wepener, O.F.S., October 25, aged 39.
SCHERMBRUCKER, Mrs. L. A., Cape Town, Oct. 30.
WALLACE, Mrs. L., Fort Beaufort, October 31.
WEDDERBURN, W., Grahamstown, October 27, aged 65.
HILSON, Mrs. T., Port Elizabeth, October 26, aged 42.
BERRINGTON, Mrs. H. C., Graaff-Reinet, October 29, aged 70.
BAINBRIGGE—On October 28, at Victoria West, South Africa, the wife of W. Yates Bainbrigge.

8 December 1894

GILBERT, Mrs. A. H., Kimberley, November 2.
IKIN, Mrs. H. H., Pretoria, November 5.
KING, Mrs. F. G., East London, November 4.
LESCHINSKY, Mrs. A., Port Elizabeth, Nov. 3.
MICHAELIS, Mrs. H., Johannesburg, November 7.
TUDHOPE, Mrs. A. D., Queenstown, November 3.
FRASER, Mrs. W., Umzinto, November 7.

ALLEN, Mrs. J., Johannesburg, November 4.
COLLIE, Mrs. F. L., Queenstown, November 5.
SPANIER, Mrs. E., Maraisburg, November 2.
STUBBS, Mrs. J. W. H., Durban, November 3.
WILLIAMS, Mrs. H. C., Whittlesea, October 24.
WOOD, Mrs. J. H., Grahamstown, November 5.

HURLEY, J.—LYNCH, M. A., Grahamstown, November 4.
KAY EVANS, W.—JOHNSON, M., Durban, Oct. 31.
MITCHELL, G.—HODGKIN, H., Durban, Nov. 1.
O’CONNOR, T.—MARITZ, G., Grahamstown, Oct. 31.
WEBER, F. W.—MOORE, C. M., Constantia, November 6.
WINFIELD, W. S.—KYTE, M. E., Grahamstown, November 7.

BAYNES, Mrs. G. M., Johannesburg, Nov. 7, aged 24.
BENNETT, Mrs. A. C., Peddie, Oct. 31.
BERRINGTON, Mrs. W. C., Graaff-Reinet, Oct. 29, aged 70.
DE JONGH, C. L., Cape Town, Nov. 6, aged 50.
FARLEY, Mrs. M. E. W., Sterkstroom, Nov. 4, aged 33.
HINRICHSEN—On the 3rd inst., at Hamburg, Rudolf Hinrichsen, formerly of Kimberley, aged 48.
MCGREGOR, P., Grahamstown, Nov. 4, aged 60.
NEETHLING, E. J. J., Robertson, Nov. 6, aged 32.
SMITH, P. E. J., Aliwal North, Nov. 8, aged 63.
WOOD, Mrs. H. N., East London, Nov. 8, aged 32.
WARNER—Mrs. M. E., Sterkstroom, Nov. 4, aged 33.
LLOYD, W., East London, Nov. 6, aged 65.
MAY—On November 25, at sea, between Beira and Cape Town, in his 33rd year, Leonard Thomas Brander May, J.P., Acting Registrar of Claims at Fort Salisbury, youngest son of the late J. W. Seaburne May, Esq., formerly of Prince’s Park, Liverpool.


Henry JENKINS (or TAYLOR) was last heard of in 1880; then in Orange Free State. Native of Westbury-on-Trym, Gloucestershire. His only brother, Joseph Jenkins, inquires.
Henry WHITAKER is inquired for by his brother Edward. Henry was last heard from the diamond mines in the Transvaal.
Edward CURTIS, born at Saxthorpe, Norfolk, went to New Orleans, U.S., in 1849: worked there as a stevedore for years. When last heard from, in 1875, he gave his address as:--Russell Street, Cape G. H., Port Elizabeth, and was working at Mosanthall’s, wool and skin merchants. His brother and sister ask for news.
Mr. and Mrs. HOPE went to Grahamstown about 20 years ago. Mrs. Hope is supposed to have been re-married to a provision merchant named Winstanley. Her father (Peter VALE) asks.
Mrs. Jessie DEAR visited England from, and afterwards returned to, Innes Street, Kimberley, eight years ago. Her father (William BRAGG) asks.
John CROCKER, a native of Williton, Somersetshire, was last heard of in the Transvaal. His brother William enquires.
Mrs. MACARDY, wife of a sergeant of the 2nd Battalion Lincoln Regiment, was addressed:--Bloemfontein Hospital, Orange Free State, when last heard of. Her sister asks for news.
Albert HALLIDAY, of Bristol, is supposed to have gone to the Cape eight years ago. His brother William, and cousins Joe and Tom ask.
Mr. and Mrs. Engle and family left England on board the Garth Castle, bound for South Africa to go to a new colony called New London or Wolseley Colony. Their father inquires.
George DE LACY, aged fifty years, was last heard of at Swan Hotel, Cape Town, about two years ago. He was a native of Limerick. His brother James inquires.
Isaac LACE, who left England in 1853, was Inspector of Convicts at Breakwater, Cape of Good Hope, in 1870. His brothers Edward and William seek him.

Miscellaneous articles on the same page:

The Town Council of Cape Town has been advertising for tenders for building the City Hall. The design selected is that of Messrs. Reid and Green, of 4, Good Hope Chambers, Cape Town, and Johannesburg. The hall will have a main frontage of 250 ft., and is of proportionate size throughout. The question of site has not yet been finally decided, opinion being divided between the Parade and Caledon Square; while an increasing number of Councillors and citizens are reported to be coming round to the conviction that the historic site in Greenmarket Square is the true home of the Town Council.


The Echo columns generally convey good advice to correspondents, but an exception occurred on Monday, when someone signing himself (or herself?) “H. Walsham” offered “the advice of one who has travelled from Cape Town as far as Pretoria,” which was, “keep out of Africa altogether if delicate. Why, the dust storms alone are enough to kill, although they are only periodical. Then you have to get to the Cape, which necessitates crossing the Equator. I have seen,” continues this “adviser,” “the poor consumptives gasping for breath, some in a terrible condition owing to the fierce tropical heat. I interrogated one of the stewards of the Dunottar Castle, and his answer was “Oh, they often go to Davy Jones,’ meaning they die. I fail to see the beauty of South Africa as a health resort. Fever lurks all over it, and of sanitation there is none away from Cape Town itself. Dysentery, too, is rampant, and the soil, being a mixture of sand, &c., the slightest puff of wind sets it in motion for one to breathe. A passing vehicle does the same. The strong find it hard to bear, so what of the weak and ailing?” Then comes an astounding fact. “I have met people there going home to England in search of health. No, certainly not South Africa for an invalid. Madeira charming. Lovely climate, with balmy sunshine, and no dust storms. I have not room, or I would describe these, but in brief they are awful. The average cost of living about £2 to £3 weekly, i.e. for artists and middle-class folk. There is plenty of tinned food used.” It is a curious commentary on the above, that in the arrangement of our contemporary’s columns, it should have been placed immediately above some other “advice” from a patent medicine advertisement, not to be nervous or low spirited!

A white boy named Montgomery, a fitter, employed at the Geldenhuis Deep, was caught in a strap and whirled round. He received fearful injuries and died soon afterwards.

15 December 1894

CURRY, Mrs. A. W., Kimberley, November 12.
DAVIES, Mrs. R., Port Elizabeth, November 14.
FISHER, Mrs. W. A., Kimberley, November 13.
MCBRIDE, Mrs. G. T. M., Johannesburg, Nov. 11.
PEACOCKE, Mrs. F. V., Cape Town, Nov. 13.
PRENTICE, Mrs. T. A., Macloutsie, October 19.
REGNART, Mrs. J. W., Humansdorp, Nov. 8.
RUSSELL, Mrs. W., Johannesburg, November 11.
VAN DER BYL, Mrs. C. L., Cape Town, Nov. 19.
WEBB, Mrs. C. D., Johannesburg, November 9.


GILFILLAN, Mrs. D. F., Johannesburg, Nov. 15.
HART, Mrs. B. H., Wynberg, November 16.
SOGA, Mrs. J. F., King Williamstown, Nov. 12.

CARTER, F. J.—HAMBLY, A. R., Cape Town, November 12.
CLASSON, T. A.—PICK, M. M. L., Cape Town, November 12.
DE CORRO, M. X.—CORNELISSEN, E. C., Cape Town, November 12.
HARE, J. J. P.—DE NEUFVILLE, E., Grahamstown, November 14.
KENT, W. P.—BERNHARDT, F. E., Prince Albert, November 6.
WHITE, C. G.—HUGO, H. B., Cape Town, November 14.

HILL, W., Fort Salisbury, November 1, aged 40.
HORN, D., Cape Town, November 15.
JANISCH, E. C. A., Cape Town, Nov. 13, aged 59.
MOULDER, Mrs. F., Queenstown, Nov. 10, aged 28.
QUINN, J., Siberia, Barkly East, November 5.
WESSELS, J. J., Cape Town, November 15, aged 21.
ATKINSON—On December 5, suddenly, of typhoid fever, Katharine Beatrice, the beloved wife of G. Randall Atkinson, and youngest daughter of Sir Thomas G. A. Parkyns, Bart.

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A handsome brass tablet has just been placed in the crypt of St. Paul’s Cathedral, to the memory of the late Colonel James Augustus Grant, who, in company with Speke, discovered the source of the Nile, 1860-63. To commemorate this achievement there is a prospective view of the Victoria-Nyanza.

Mr. Stuttaford, one of the partners in the well-known firm of Thorne and Stuttaford, has been paying a series of visits to the branch establishments of the firm at Johannesburg, Oudtshoorn, Mossel Bay, and elsewhere, some of which have been erected since he was last in the Colony. Mr. Stuttaford, who is accompanied by his daughter, has returned to Cape Town.

22 December 1894

CLARK, Mrs. H. A., Grahamstown, Nov. 25.
HARFORD, Mrs. J., Johannesburg, Nov. 16.
JACOBS, Mrs. J., Johannesburg, Nov. 16.
KING, Mrs. D. P., Bloemfontein, Nov. 18.
O’REILLY, Mrs. M., Cape Town, Nov. 24.

CRAMOND, Mrs. A., Johannesburg, Nov. 17.
CULLES, Mrs. B. R., Durban, Nov. 16.
REES, Mrs. D., East London, Nov. 14.
SHEFFIELD, Mrs. T., Johannesburg, Nov. 17.
SMITH, Mrs. A. W., Grahamstown, Nov. 21.
TOMLINSON, Mrs. D. M., Swellendam, Nov. 19.
WOLLEY, Mrs. G., Johannesburg, Nov. 18.
PHEAR—On the 14th inst., at Kimberley, the wife of Henry Herbert Phear.
LADDS—On November 14, at Germiston, Johannesburg, the wife of T. G. Maclear Ladds (stillborn).
SPENCER—WALTON—On November 24, at 2, Moray Place, Cape Town, the wife of W. Spencer-Walton, Director of the South African General Mission.

ASHTON, H. P.—COCK, L., Johannesburg, Nov. 13.
KENT, W. P.—BERNHARDT, F. E., Prince Albert, Nov. 6.
STANTON, W. E.—FREY, M. K., Johannesburg, Nov. 19.
FORWARD, J. C.—FLETCHER, R. S., Grahamstown, Nov. 21.
MOSLEY—GWYNNE-EVANS—On the 12th inst., at the parish church of Fordham, Colchester, by the Rev. Canon Morton, of St. Asaph’s, the Rev. T. I. Lingham, the Rev. S. B. Reynolds, and the Rev. William Morgan, Mr. Guy Estell Morley, nephew of the Right Hon. John Morley, M.P. (Chief Secretary for Ireland), and Miss Jean Anne Gwynne-Evans, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. Gwynne-Evans, of Penlan Hall, Fordham, Essex, and Johannesburg.

BRANDER, A. B., Umzinto, Nov. 14, aged 78.
DAVEY, L. C., Johannesburg, Nov. 13, aged 24.
FUTTER, G. J., Theopolis, Nov. 20, aged 54.
HAVENGA, J. J., Richmond, Nov. 17, aged 66.
JAMIESON, Miss J., Fordsburg, Nov. 19, aged 31.
MCNAMARA, Mrs. M., East London, Nov. 14.
SPRING, Mrs. C., Johannesburg, Nov. 15, aged 70.
CRITCHLOW—On the 12th inst., very suddenly, at Birmingham, James Critchlow, of Johannesburg.
STUTTAFORD—On December 17, at 41, Fitzjohn’s Avenue, N.W., Emma Stuttaford, the eldest daughter of S. Stuttaford, Esq., of Hampstead, London, and Cape Colony.
SPILLAM—On the 12th last, at Pietermaritzburg, to the inexpressible grief of her mother and sisters. Charlotte Christina (Lottie), fourth daughter of the late Reinhard Blum, Wardour Street, and the devoted wife of William George Spillam, aged (43?).

29 December 1894

EDWARDS, Mrs. J., King Williamstown, Nov. 27.
FRICKER, Mrs. W. C., Cape Town, December 1.
KNIBBS, Mrs. H. E., East London, November 27.
MCLEOD, Mrs. A., De Wets Dorp, O.F.S., Nov. 24.
WIGHT, Mrs. W., Pretoria, November 27.
BRYSON, Mrs. J. W., East London, November 28.
BEESLEY—On Saturday, December 15, at Claygate, Surrey, the wife of J. Beesley.

DRUMMOND, Mrs. R. O. G., Johannesburg, Nov. 27.
HANSEN, Mrs. M. A., Kimberley, November 27.
JOSHUA, Mrs. C. A., Johannesburg, November 26.
SYMONDS, Mrs. W., Pretoria, November 27.

BENNETT, E.—OGG, J., Johannesburg, Nov. 26.
FARAGHER, L.—WEBSTER, A. M., Ookiep, November 21.
GODLEY, E. G.—HARRIS, A. A., Beaconsfield, November 26.
MCTEER, H.—ALEXANDER, J. S., Simon’s Town, November 28.
ORN, H. O.—LESLIE, I. Y., Uitenhage, Nov. 28.
KEEP—LAWRENCE—On December 20, at St. George’s Church, Malvern, Melbourne, Victoria, by the Rev. Canon Godby, assisted by the Rev. George Sutton, Albert Edward, youngest son of Alfred Keep, of Lamorna, St. Leonards-on-Sea, formerly of Edgbaston, Birmingham, to Amy, daughter of Henry Lawrence, M.D., L.R.C.P., of Pine Grove, Malvern, formerly of George Town, Cape Colony.

ADAMS, H., Johannesburg, November 25, aged 43.
BROCK, E. A., East London, November 24, aged 37.
CURRIN, Mrs. M. L., East London, November 23, aged 31.
LOXTON, F. W. C., Upington, British Bechuanaland, November 17, aged 52.
WOOD, Mrs. J., Queenstown, Nov. 12, aged 29.
COBLEY—On November 9, at Ladysmith, Natal, Vera, the younger daughter of W. H. and A. L. Cobley, aged 10 months.

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