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South Africa - a weekly journal

South Africa 1895 1 January - March


5 January 1895

DOBSON, Mrs. J. M., Uitenhage, November 30.
DODDS, Mrs. W. J., Boksburg, December 4.
ECK—On November 11, at Umtali, Mashonaland, the wife of Richard Eck.
FRICKER, Mrs. W. C., Cape Town, December 1.
HOMERSHAM—On November 20, at Johannesburg, the wife of Edwin Collett Homersham.
SALVAGE, Mrs. R. V., Cape Town, December 5.

ARMOUR, Mrs. R., Cape Town, December 5.
GREEN, Mrs. J., Beaconsfield, December 1.
HYLANDS, Mrs. J., Johannesburg, December 3.
LAWRANCE, Mrs. A. E. G., Barberton, Nov. 24.
RENNERT, Mrs. F., Kimberley, December 4.
TURBERVILLE, Mrs. F. S., Grahamstown, Dec. 1.

BAKER, L. G.—STEAD, H. A., Pretoria, Dec. 5.
LEONHARDT, C.—PERKINS, A. M., Johannesburg, December 3.
PIRIE, J. C.—BLANE, M. P., Germiston, November 21.
RAY, H. T.—PALMER, J., Johannesburg, Dec. 3.
SMITH, A. J.—GODDARD, A. D. B., Pretoria, December 5.
TWEEDIE, J.—SAUNDERS, F. M., Johannesburg, December 1.
GEDGE—JOUBERT—On December 3, at Johannesburg, Percy Aubrey, only son of the late John Kerr Gedge, Gentleman of Her Majesty’s Chapels Royal, to Elizabeth Catherine, eldest daughter of P. F. Joubert, of Middleburg, Cape Colony.
DICKSON—MORTIMORE—On December 29, at Durban, Francis J. Dickson, of Maritzburg, second son of the late Rev. George D. W. Dickson, M.A., Vicar of King’s Somborne, Hants, to Ethel Mary, eldest daughter of Foster Mortimore, Esq., of 78, Ecclestone Square, and The Island, Romsey, Hants.

ANGUS, J. B., Grahamstown, December 2, aged 31.
DANIELS, Mrs. A., Worcester, December 3, aged 48.
EBSTEIN, G. A. C., Jagersfontein, Nov. 29, aged 40.
FURMIDGE, Mrs. J., Grahamstown, Dec. 3, aged 84.
KEARNS, B. F., Kimberley, December 4, aged 76.
MORKEL, D. J., Pretoria, December 1, aged 62.
WHITE, Hon. Dr. H., Cape Town, Dec. 9, aged 82.
BREWIN—On November 16, at Salisbury, Mrs. A. Brewin.
BOYD—On November 28, at Johannesburg, Major Alexander R. a. Boyd, late 92nd Gordon Highlanders, aged 56.
SCRIVENOR—On November 26, at Komati Poort, Transvaal, Herbert, third son of the late Rev. A. Scrivenor, Vicar of Horncastle, aged 25.
DICKSON—On December 29, suddenly, at Torquay, Lieutenant-Colonel Lothian Sheffield Dickson, J.P., D.L., Knight of St. Ferdinand of Spain, formerly of the 2nd Queen’s Royals, 51st, 25th, and 77th Regiments, A.D.C. to Sir Lionel Smith, K.C.B., in India, 1825-6; subsequently H.M.’s Civil Commissioner and Resident Magistrate at the Cape of Good Hope, and latterly commanding for some years the 5th Battalion Rifle Brigade, in his 89th year.

12 January 1895

ANDERSON, Mrs. W. W., Transkei, December 4.
CAMPBELL, Mrs. D. J., Johannesburg, December 9.
HUMPHREYS, Mrs. H., Johannesburg, December 10.
LORENZO, Mrs. J., Johannesburg, December 10.
TINLING—On December 14, at Doornfontein, Johannesburg, the wife of John Parr Tinling.

LESAR, Mrs. H. M., Kimberley, December 10.

CARLSEN, F.—DU PLESSIS, E., Johannesburg, December 10.
DODD, W. E.—MUTER, L. J., Wynberg, Dec. 11.
HARRISON, J.—CONROY, A. A., Cape Town, December 12.
SMITH, H. G.—VAN AARDT, E., Wepener, O.F.S., December 12.
TWEEDIE, J.—SAUNDERS, F. M., Johannesburg, December 1.
JENNINGS-BRAMLY—LAMPREY—On the 3rd inst., at St. Mary’s, Kingston, by the Rev. J. B. C. Murphy, Chaplain to the Forces, assisted by the Rev. Canon Jacob, Vicar, Captain Guy Lindsey Jennings-Bramly, 6th Inniskilling Dragoons, second son of the late Captain R. D. Jennings-Bramly, of Grove Lodge, Southsea, to Sidney, elder daughter of Surgeon-General and Mrs. Lamprey, of Ravenshoe, Southsea.

GALBRAITH, A., Johannesburg, Dec. 11, aged 46.
GRIST, H. S. C., Durban, December 15.
HOFFMAN, Mrs. M. E., Stellenbosch, December 9, aged 70.
O’SULLIVAN, S., Grahamstown, Dec. 9, aged 68.
STANTON, Mrs. A. A., Johannesburg, December 11.
WEST, G. H. F., Modder River, Dec. 10, aged 30.
WEBBER, Miss A. M., Grahamstown, December 11, aged 22.
BENNETT—On December 31, 1894, off Madeira, on board the Union S.S. Norman, on his voyage home, Sidney, the younger son of the late Thomas Colling Bennett, of Ashdale, Forest Hill, Kent, aged 34 years.
BUSHMAN—On January 3, at Cape Town, Major Charles Albert Bushman, 1st Battalion Royal Highlanders, aged 41.
JONES—On December 11, 1894, at Jeppestown, near Johannesburg, Major Frederic Whitworth Russell Jones, late 74th Highland Light Infantry, eldest son of the late Major W. Foxcroft Jones.
OSWALD—On the 2nd inst., at Johannesburg, Henry Herbert, eldest son of the late Herbert Oswald, Esq., of Croydon, Surrey, aged 24.
PATRICKSON—On December 9, at Port Elizabeth, Reginald Harvey Patrickson, aged 25 years, eldest son of John Patrickson, Beckenham.

19 January 1895

ANDREW, Mrs. T., Hatherley, S.A.R., December 16.
BRAITHWAITE, Mrs. L. G., Johannesburg, Dec. 15.
CONSTABLE, Mrs. P., Johannesburg, December 17.
DEAL, Mrs. G., East London, December 16.
HOCKEY, Mrs. E. G., Johannesburg, December 19.
JEPPE, Mrs. J., Johannesburg, December 18.
LANG, Mrs. J. J., Johannesburg, December 19.
PARK, Mrs. W. S., Lady Frere, O.F.S., Dec. 16.
ROOME, Mrs. H. A., Johannesburg, December 17.
LAVER, Mrs. H., Witpoort, Middelburg, Dec. 18.

JENNINGS, Mrs. J. W., Kimberley, December 18.
ROBSON, Mrs. C. E., Johannesburg, December 17.
STOCKLEY, Mrs. W. C., Johannesburg, Dec. 18.
LONG, Mrs. J., Grahamstown, December 20.
WILLIAMS, Mrs. T. C., Port Elizabeth, Dec. 21.

CROUCHER, C.—SMITH, A. J., Grahamstown, December 19.
EUSTACE, W. M.—RORKE, A. R., Rouxville, Dec. 11.
MCMURRAY, W. A.—SIMPSON, A. E., Cape Town, December 18.
SHORT, S.—MEYER, E. R., Cape Town, Dec. 19.
WILSON, H H.—INGRAM, J., Cradock, Dec. 17.

FRANCE, Mrs. A., Port Elizabeth, December 15.
KEET, Mrs. C., Grahamstown, Dec. 16, aged 52.
LYONS, C., Johannesburg, December 19.
SOMERVILLE, J., Beaconsfield, Dec. 19, aged 24.
TARLSTON, R. T., Johannesburg, Dec. 17, aged 35.
WEBSTER, W., Johannesburg, Dec. 16, aged 74.
NEWTON, Mrs. J. C., Port Elizabeth, Dec. 10, aged 48.
GARRETT—On the 9th inst., at her residence, 12, Highbury Crescent, Fanny, wife of the late William Henry Garrett, aged 78.
MARSH—On the 6th inst., at 44, Upper Tollington Park, N., Allie, the beloved wife of Charles James Marsh, in the 48th year of her age.
PASTON-COOPER—On the 11th inst., at Cape Town, George F. Paston-Cooper, eldest son of Sir Astley Paston Paston-Cooper, of Gadebridge, aged 33.
WEBSTER—On Sunday, December 16, at his son’s residence, Doornfontein, Johannesburg, William Webster, aged 74 years, formerly of 60, Piccadilly, and 49, Anerley Park.

26 January 1895

ANGUS, Mrs. J. B., Grahamstown, December 22.
BEDDY, Mrs. J. E., Koffyfontein, December 23.
BOUWER, Mrs. J. J., Kimberley, December 23.
FRASER, Mrs. R., Johannesburg, December 24.
MCGEOCH, Mrs. J. G., Port Elizabeth, Dec. 21.

BENNETT, Mrs. A. C., Griqua Town, December 24.
DAVIDS, Mrs. M., Kimberley, December 21.
LEZARD, Mrs. F. E., Kimberley, December 21.

GREEN, G.—VAN DER MEER, A. C., Bloemfontein, December 26.
HADLOW, J. H.—PALMER, E. J., Kimberley, December 22.
KELLY, T. W.—HARE, L., Kimberley, Dec. 26.
MONTAGU, F. G.—CAMPBELL, B., Kimberley, December 26.
PENNY, E. A.—GORMAN, M., Kimberley, Dec. 26.
REID, C. G.—DE BEER, C. H., Kimberley, Dec. 24.
WILSON, G.—FAITH, M. A., Kimberley, Dec. 25.
BRIGSTOCKE—FAIRBRIDGE—On the 19th inst., at St. Margaret’s, Westminster, by the Rev. R. Hosgood (late of Ryde, I.W.), assisted by the Rev. L. Gilbertson, Minor Canon of St. Paul’s, William Player Brigstocke (late 4th Dragoon Guards), of Ryde, in the Isle of Wight, to Mary, youngest daughter of the late C. A. Fairbridge, Esq., of Sea Point, Cape Town.

TRAVERS-STUBBS, Mrs. P., Barkly West, Dec. 31.
ROOME, E., Kimberley, December 22, aged 53.
WATERS, Mrs. J., Port Alfred, Dec. 24, aged 79.

2 February 1895

AYERS, Mrs. W. M., Kimberley, December 31.
CASEY, Mrs. M., Grahamstown, December 31.
HALSE, Mrs. H. E., Queenstown, December 30.
HARRISON, Mrs. A. J., Kimberley, January 1.
MURRELL, Mrs. A., Port Elizabeth, December 31.
RHODES, Mrs. A. J., Grahamstown, December 31.
WALTER, Mrs. F., Grahamstown, December 27.
PAULING—On Wednesday, January 23, 1895, at 33, The Mansions, Richmond Road, South Kensington, the wife of Henry C. Pauling.

LOMAS, Mrs. J. E. H., Johannesburg, December 28.
MACRAE, Mrs. M., Port Elizabeth, December 29.
MACBEAN, Mrs. J. W., Port Elizabeth, Dec. 26.
ZEEMAN, Mrs. J., Johannesburg, December 29.
EASTWOOD—On January 2, at Johannesburg, the wife of Arthur K. Eastwood.

CLARK, J.—HOBSON, B., Kimberley, January 1.
DE BEER, H. A.—RENNIE, A., Kimberley, Jan. 2.
GOODMAN, J.—KOSSUTH, F., Cape Town, Jan. 3.
HOME, F. W.—VAN NOORDEN, M. J. J., Cape Town, December 31.
OOSTHUIZEN, P. M.—MILNE, M. A., Parys, O.F.S., December 26.
ROSE, R. H.—KIDGER, M. G., Cradock, Jan. 2.
TRIBE, R. S.—REEVE, M. L., Grahamstown, Jan. 3.
RHODES, J. J. G.—POTE, A. L., Grahamstown, January 3.
MONTAGU—CAMPBELL—On December 26, at St. Cyprian’s Church, Kimberley, by the Ven. W. T. Gaul, M.A., Rector, Archdeacon of Kimberley, and Bishop-Designate of Mashonaland, assisted by the Bishop of Bloemfontein, Frederick George, fourth son of the late John Edward Montagu, Esq., Register of Deeds of the Colony at Cape Town, to Bertha, eldest daughter of Colin Turing Campbell, Esq., of Barbreck, Kimberley, retired Auditor-General of Griqualand West.
PATERSON—WINTER—On the 23rd inst., at All Souls’ Church, Langham Place, by the Rev. E. Ker Gray, M.A., LL.D., assisted by the Rev. E. Wilcox Raby, M.A., and the Rev. H. Noel Paterson, M.A., John Melvyn Paterson, Esq., B.A., LL.B., Barrister-at-Law, of 33, Gloucester Terrace, Hyde Park, son of the late John Paterson, Esq., Member of the Legislative Assembly of the Cape Colony, to Adelaide Maude Marion, second daughter of J. J. Winter, Esq., of Drayton Lodge, Norfolk.

BROOKS, Mrs. Grahamstown, January 3, aged 34.
CILLIE, Mrs. M. J., Wellington, Dec. 29, aged 58.
NETTLE, Mrs. M., Tows River, Dec. 26, aged 55.
OAK—On the 3rd inst., at King William’s Town, William Coventry Oak, Esq., aged 87, formerly of Blandford, Dorset.
FINDLAY—On the 22nd inst., at Kalk Bay, near Cape Town, John Sinclair Findlay, in his 60th year.
SEARLE—On January 28, at Cape Town, of typhoid fever, Russell, beloved son of Rev. Walter Searle, Colonial Secretary of South Africa General Mission, and Mrs. Searle.

9 February 1895

ADLAM, Mrs. R. W., Johannesburg, January 8.
BROLI, Mrs. R. B. G., Adelaide, January 8.
CREW, Mrs. W. H., Prieska, January 5.
FERRANDI, Mrs. D. C., Johannesburg, January 5.
MCKAY, Mrs. G., Herbert, January 6.
TAYLOR, Mrs. J., Kimberley, January 5.
WALLACE, Mrs. F. N., Grahamstown, January 4.

DANIELS, Mrs. S. C., East London, December 24.
DORMER, Mrs. J. H. B., King Williamstown, Jan. 9.
MEYER, Mrs. O., Klein Leuwenkop, District Kenhardt, December 28.
PAXTON, Mrs. C. H., Port Elizabeth, January 8.
SHAND, Mrs. B., Grahamstown, January 4.
VAN GORKOM, Mrs. W. C. M., Johannesburg, January 7.
EDMONDS—On January 30, at Greyhound Lane, Streatham Common, the wife of Thomas W. Edmonds.

DE VILLIERS, D. G.—DE KOCK, A. W., Cape Town, January 8.
DUNCAN, W.—WILSON, J. A., King Williamstown, January 8.
GETHIN, H. R.—WILMOT, C. M., Grahamstown, January 3.
RODGER, J.—MACKENZIE, J., Hankey, January 2.
SOUTTER, J. L.—MITCHELL, R. J., Cape Town, January 9.

ADAMS, H. A., Johannesburg, January 8.
CLARK, Mrs. M. Y., Klein Letaba, January 5.
COLE, W. H., Van Rhyn’s Dorp, Jan. 6, aged 49.
DEACON—On January 31, at Briggins Park, Ware, Albert Deacon, in his 61st year.
HALL, D., Grahamstown, January 11, aged 44.
HENRY, Miss E. L., Cape Town, January 8.
LONG, Mrs. E., Rondebloom, January 6, aged 61.
LYONS, T., Jagersfontein, January 10, aged 23.
NEUPER, Mrs. C. F., Peddie, January 3, aged 35.
NEWTON, J., Kimberley, January 10, aged 56.
OLIVER, Miss E. M., Cape Town, Jan. 11, aged 23.
PAGE, Mrs. S. S., Grahamstown, Jan. 4, aged 37.
BURGES—On January 8, at Johannesburg, of typhoid fever, John Ynyr Wilbraham Burges, youngest son of Colonel Burges and of the late Honble. Mrs. Burges, in his 24th year.

16 February 1895

CHOROMANSKI, Mrs. A. G., Johannesburg, Jan. 17.
HARDING, Mrs. J. R., Johannesburg, January 15.
HILLHOUSE, Mrs. J., Johannesburg, January 15.
MCMILLAN, Mrs. A., Cape Town, January 17.
ROFF, Mrs. W. G., Johannesburg, January 17.
SUSMAN—On February 13, at 44, Rostrevor Road, Fulham, London, the wife of Louis Susman (Fort Salisbury), of a son.
TROLLIP, Mrs. R. J. W., Port Elizabeth, Jan. 12.
WAYLAND, Mrs. W. H., Cradock, January 13.

BRUCE, Mrs. J. A., Port Elizabeth, January 27.
KERR, Mrs. F. W. J., Johannesburg, January 16.
SOLE, Mrs. S. A., Johannesburg, January 11.
TYSON, Mrs. A. Q., Queenstown, January 12.

COUTTS, G.—FRANKENSTEIN, E., Kimberley, January 16.
COLLIER, G. T.—SIMKISS, L. M., Johannesburg, January 14.
JACOBS, H.—BURMAN, O., Johannesburg, Jan. 16.
MAYNARD, H. W.—SELTZER, M. M., Cradock, January 17.

BECK, Mrs. M., Claremont, January 17, aged 45.
CARTER, J., Graaff-Reinet, January 17, aged 59.
FRENCH, W., Johannesburg, January 19.
JAMES, A., Bloemfontein, January 14, aged 76.
MATHEW, A. Y., Johannesburg, Jan. 14, aged 54.
PHILIPS, G., Cradock, January 13, aged 55.
ROOS, Mrs. M. M. W., Paarl, January 14, aged 75.
WATKINS, W. J., Queenstown, January 12, aged 36.
ZIERVOGEL, Mrs. A. S., Stellenbosch, January 14, aged 89.
MARTIN—On May 5, 1894, at Victoria, Mashonaland, Peter Barclay Martin, last surviving son of the late Peter Martin, Liverpool, aged 34 years.

23 February 1895

COGILL, Mrs. W. H., Molteno, January 15.
DOBBIE, Mrs. S. W. H., Pretoria, January 21.
HUMPHREY, Mrs. C. K., East London, January 19.
LANE, Mrs. I., Beaconsfield, January 19.
MCCUAIG, Mrs. A., Port Elizabeth, January 22.
MCDONALD, Mrs. J., Kimberley, January 21.
ZOUTENDYK, Mrs. P. J., Johannesburg, January 21.

BRUCE, Mrs. J. A., Port Elizabeth, January 17.
KING, Mrs. T., Johannesburg, January 18.
POWRIE, Mrs. F. J., Kimberley, January 21.
RODWELL, Mrs. J., Pretoria, January 20.
SPERO, Mrs. A., Kimberley, January 20.
WALKER, Mrs. W. R., Johannesburg, January 21.
HERBERT—On January 25, at Waterhof, Cape Town, the wife of Henry Arthur Herbert.

CONNOR, B. B.—JAMES, E. E., King Williamstown, January 14.
DE KOCK, G. P. C.—CHANDLER, E. M., Cape Town, January 23.
HENY, A. W.—WILLCOX, M. S., Grahamstown, January 24.
MORTON, R. J.—MORTON, J., Rouxville, O.F.S., January 15.
SMEER, P. S. D.—BAUMANN, L. E., Victoria West, January 17.
WHEATLEY, F.—BROWNE, M. E. P., Rouxville, January 8.
HAWORTH—ELLYARD—On February 16, at Richmond, by the Rev. Ernest Bellamy, Henry Eldred, son of the Rev. Ernest Bellamy, Henry Eldred, son of Edward Haworth, late Captain 17th Lancers, of Streatham Hill, S.W., to Annie Ellyard, of Richmond, Surrey

ADLER, D., Buluwayo, January 21, aged 39.
BATTERSON, Mrs. S. P., Molteno, Jan. 17, aged 71.
CARTER, J., Graaff-Reinet, January 20, aged 59.
DE VILLIERS, Mrs. J. E. E., Paarl, Jan. 23, aged 63.
HEATHER, Mrs. E. E. H., Pretoria, Jan. 19, aged 79.
RASCHER, J. E. H., Smithfield, January 16.
THUNEMANN, Mrs. W., Pella, Namaqualand, January 15, aged 39.
HARPER, Mrs. James, Grahamstown, January 24, aged 80.
FOSTER—On the 17th inst., at Patney, Mrs. Thomas Foster, who was for many years well known at the Cape.
LYONS—On December 27, at Randawe, Lake Nyassa, Central Africa, while commanding the Adventure, Leiutenant Algernon Hankey Lyons, R.N., aged 32, son of the late Lt.-Col. Edmund Lyons, Bombay Army.
STANNARD—On December 31, at For t Massi Kessie, Manicaland, East Africa, of malarial fever, Harry Laurie Stannard, Assoc. M. Inst. C.E., second son of the late Robert Stannard, C.E., aged 35.

2 March 1895

BALL, Mrs. A. T., Bloemfontein, January 26.
CONNELL, Mrs. R., Johannesburg, January 27.
HASTINGS, Mrs. H. C. B., Cradock, January 26.
LARK, Mrs. E., Grahamstown, January 27.
SHAW, Mrs. G. H. B., Grahamstown, February 1.
WAT, Mrs. W. J., Beaufort West, January 24.

BREMBRIDGE, Mrs. E., Cape Town, January 26.
HOLLAND, Mrs. W., Grahamstown, February 2.
MCIVER, Mrs. W. G., Port Elizabeth, January 26.
MCTAVISH, Mrs. J., Johannesburg, January 29.
NIVEN, Mrs. A. Y., Johannesburg, January 29.
NIBTOE, Mrs. W. W., Johannesburg, January 29.
PENBERTHY, Mrs. F. J., Pretoria, January 27.
ROOKLEDGE, Mrs. W. S., Johannesburg, Jan. 27.
PADDON, Mrs. T. E., Grahamstown, January 30.

BAM, W de S.—FRYER, F., Aliwal North, Jan. 10.
RUGEN, J.—WOOD, J., Kimberley, January 28.
SMITH, A. D.—ARMSTRONG, A. M., Kimberley, January 28.
SMART—BATTEN—On the 26th ult., at St. George’s Church, Leicester, by the Rev. Hugh J. Fortescue, Vicar, Edgar Smart, of Johannesburg, second surviving son of the late William Fleet Smart, of 16, Basinghall Street, E.C., to Annie H. Batten, B.A., second daughter of James Batten, of Leicester.

BROWN, A. S., Johannesburg, January 27, aged 23.
COCKCROFT, E. H., Grahamstown, Jan. 30, aged 34.
FELL, R., Johannesburg, January 30.
HARRIS, W., Cape Town, February 1, aged 32.
HARPER, Mrs. R. E., Grahamstown, January 24, aged 80.
JOHNSON, S. V. V., Cape Town, Feb. 2, aged 42.
KEEL, Miss C., Grahamstown, January 26, aged 19.
REYNOLDS, P., Pretoria, January 29, aged 32.
SIEGMAN, Miss F., Umtata, January 25, aged 39.
HICKLEY—On February 17, drowned at Lourenco Marques, Lieut. J. D. Hickley, D.S.O., 1st Lieut. H.M.S. Phoebe, eldest son of Admiral Dennis Hickley.
GORDON—On December 29, at Tete, Mashonaland, aged 30, Robert F. Gordon, British South Africa Company, youngest son of the late Sir Henry W. Gordon, K.C.B., and of Lady Gordon, The Firs, Lindfield.
ELLISON—On the 24th ult. (being the second anniversary of the loss of her beloved husband, the late William Ellison, Architect, 4, Queen Victoria Street, E.C.), at Cleadon, Heron Court Road, Bournemouth, Louise Ellison.

9 March 1895

BOTTOMLEY, Mrs. J. V., Johannesburg, Feb. 2.
BIGGELAAR, Mrs. C. J., Cape Town, February 4.
ESPLIN, Mrs. J. S., Johannesburg, February 3.
GARDNER, Mrs. E. J. B., Barkly West, February 2.
HARTLEY, Mrs. J. C., Jagersfontein, February 3.
NATHAN, Mrs. A. L., Cape Town, February 7.
LOTT—On March 1, at De Aar, Cape Colony, the wife of the Rev. Reginald Charles Lott.
MORRIESON—On February 9, at Woodville Rondebosch, the wife of Major H. W. Morrieson, Royal Artillery.

DAWKINS, Mrs. T. J., Kimberley, February 2.
DORMER, Mrs. F. J., Johannesburg, Feb. 10 (stillborn).
MACKENZIE, Mrs., Kimberley, February 4.
MILLS, Mrs. W. S., Graaff-Reinet, February 3.
STEPHENSON, Mrs. J. K., Cape Town, February 8.
SHAW, Mrs. G. H. B., Grahamstown, February 1.
VERMOOTEN, Mrs. J. F., Belfast, S.A.R., Feb. 3.
WESSELS, Mrs. M. L., Cape Town, February 6.
WINISLE, Mrs. P. S., Johannesburg, February 2.
KING—On March 6, at Northcoates, Beckenham, the wife of Daniel King.

BAIN, W. de S.—FRYER, F., Aliwal North, Jan 10.
GIE, F. W. R.—ROOS, J. D., The Paarl, Jan. 30.
OLLIS, G. H.—FLINT, M. C., Cape Town, Feb. 4.
ROBERTS, T. A. L.—GYNGELL, A. E., Cradock, February 4.
STEVENSON, R.—WOODMAN, A. M., Prince Albert, February 4.
VOS, J. H.—VAN NIEKERK, M. C. J., Cape Town, February 4.
VAN DER MERWE, S. S.—TRANT, J. P., Cape Town, February 4.
MACKAY—MORETON—On February 13, at Newlands Church, Cape Town, William Mackay (3rd Batt. Cheshire Regiment), only son of the late William Mackay, of Alderley Edge, Cheshire, to Ethel, eldest daughter of Dr. Moreton, of Hartford, Cheshire.

DUNSTERVILLE, L., Port Elizabeth, February 3.
FISCHER, W. R., Johannesburg, Feb. 3, aged 23.
LAWRIE, Mrs. E., Bloemfontein, February 1.
RATZKER, Mrs., Johannesburg, Feb. 3, aged 24.
ALLEN—On March 4, at 24, Matheson Road, West Kensington, the Honble. Mrs. Allen, widow of the late Philip Allen, Esq., Treasurer at Natal, and sister of Lord Somers, aged 78.
ROBERTS—On February 23, at Prince Albert, South Africa, Alfred James Roberts, youngest son of the late William Ferguson Roberts, of 6, Provost Road, South Hampstead, aged 34.
STEWART—On January 16, at Talmashantwa, Matabeleland, of fever, Lewes Hart Stewart, late Lieutenant York and Lancaster Regiment, aged 28, only son of Lewes Gower Stewart, of Ilfracombe.

16 March 1895

CASH, Mrs. J., Johannesburg, February 10.
HARRIS, Mrs. W. P., Kimberley, February 13.
NICOLSON, Mrs. A. H., Johannesburg, Feb. 9.
SHEPPARD, Mrs. C. H. H., Johannesburg, Feb. 10.
VAN SELM, Mrs. J. C., Brandfort, February 9.

CHIDELL—On February 11, at Pietermaritzburg, the wife of Charles Arnold Chidell.
GODBOLT, Mrs. B. S., Graaff-Reinet, February 10.
RICHARDSON, Mrs. L., Bloemfontein, February 10.
SUEUR, Mrs. W. Le, Maraisberg, February 12.
TINDALL, Mrs. H. E., Upington, January 19.
WILMER, Mrs. H., Pietersburg, February 13.
WERDMULLER, Mrs. V. W. T., Bethulie, Feb. 13.

ALLEN, H. G.—BURKE, H. L., Grahamstown, February 6.
BODDAM, Major C. W.—HASTIE, M. A., Beaconsfield, February 7.
RAINIER, H. D.—BAKER, G., Grahamstown, February 13.
ROSS, F. B.—PAUL, C., Cape Town, February 14.
STEVENSON, Dr. R.—WOODMAN, A. M., Prince Albert, February 4.
DENNY—DYMOND—On March 5, at the Wesleyan Church, Johannesburg, by the Rev. J. S. Morris, Harold, fourth son of Jonathan Denny, of East Hill, Wandsworth, to Clara Dymond, of Exeter.

CLARENCE, P. H., Johannesburg, Feb. 9, aged 39.
FORD, G., Kasinga, February 8, aged 79.
JOLLY, W. V., Rouxville, O.F.S., Feb. 5, aged 39.
LANG, W., Bronkhorst Spruit, February 9.
LUCAS, Mrs. F. C., Port Elizabeth, February 12, aged 32.
MCCALGAN, J. A., Sterkstroom, February 11.
VOGES, Miss E. S., Malmesbury, Feb. 12, aged 24.
WEST, Mrs. L. M., Rondebosch, Feb. 12, aged 31.
HANROTT—On the 3rd inst., on board the S.S. Induna, on his way from Chinde to Durban, Charles Cory, the dearly-loved second son of Robert Cory Hanrott, of Sussex Lodge, Hampton Hill, aged 22.
Letters just received at Plymouth from Cape Town give particulars of the death of Lieutenant HICKLEY, of the Phoebe, son of Admiral Hickley, of Devonport. Deceased went ashore near Lourenco Marques duck shooting, accompanied by a small Kafir boy. At Calembi, just across the river, he shot a duck and handed his gun to his attendant to hold while he went to procure the game. After walking only a few steps he began to sink in a bed of quicksand. The boy tried to pull him out, but without success, and in a few moments the Lieutenant was swallowed up in the sands. Deceased’s body was afterwards recovered, and he was buried at Lourenco Marques.

23 March 1895

BRAND, Mrs. E. C. J., Beaconsfield, February 18.
DODGE, Mrs. A., East London, February 14.
GREENAWAY, Mrs. S. J., Kimberley, February 19.
GYSELMAN, Mrs. H., Johannesburg, February 20.
MACKENZIE, Mrs. R. D., Pretoria, February 17.
ROSSOUW, Mrs. W. D., Paarl, February 22.
VAN DER SPUY, Mrs. H. J., Bloemfontein, Feb. 16.

GROVE, Mrs. D., Kimberley, February 18.
HALL, Mrs. A. N., Kimberley, February 18.
HEYMAN, Mrs. S. L., Port Elizabeth, February 16.
MEIRING, Mrs. T., Uniondale, February 18.
OBEREM, Mrs. W., Butterworth, February 15.
PEROLD, Mrs. S. J., Beaconsfield, February 19.
TOLLEMACHE, Mrs. J. L., Johannesburg, Feb. 19.

BARRETT, H. C.—MCCARTHY, M. A., Grahamstown, February 20.
BISSETT, W. M.—TAIT, H. K., Rondebosch, Feb. 21.
GLIMMANN, E.—HECHEL, A., Johannesburg, Feb. 14.
HENDERSON, F. S.—MORTIMER, A., East London, February 14.
MARQUARD, A.—COCKINGS, J., Pretoria, Feb. 14.
THOMSON, C. A.—BIDDELL, A., King Williamstown, February 16.

BLACKBEARD, E., Grahamstown, February 19.
BROWN, S. B., Johannesburg, February 15, aged 31.
COCK, N., Johannesburg, February 14, aged 60.
CONNOCK, A. A., Grahamstown, Feb. 17, aged 19.
DE VERE, F., Johannesburg, February 19, aged 50.
DU PRAT, Mrs. J. M., Bremersdorp, February 19, aged 39.
GIBB, W., Alexander, February 17, aged 68.
HINDLEY, G. A., Johannesburg, Feb. 14, aged 19.
DURY—On Sunday, the 17th ult., at Durban, John Bourchier, second son of the late John Dury, of the Moss, Ripley, Yorks, aged 39.
We regret to learn of the death of Mr. R. M. Ross, which took place early, at his residence at Rondebosch. Mr. Ross had been in such feeble health for a considerable time that the event was by no means unexpected, but the removal of so estimable and kindly a gentleman from the scene will none the less awaken very general regrets. Mr. Ross, who was 71 years of age, started life, we understand, in the bookseller’s business in Cape Town, but afterwards took to the Strand Street business, with which his name has been for many years associated. He was, until compelled to resign through ill-health, an elder of the Scottish Presbyterian Church, and was always to the fore in religious and philanthropic movements. Otherwise, he did not care much for public life, although at one time, at the urgent request of his fellow-citizens, he contested a seat in the Legislative Council with Mr. Neethling. Mr. Ross was also for some years a member of the Rondebosch Municipality.

30 March 1895

BRODRICK, Mrs. L., Bloemfontein, February 26.
DIEBEL, Mrs. W., Kimberley, February 26.
FITZPATRICK, Mrs. W. A., Kimberley, Feb. 28.
HAUSEN, Mrs. H. J., Maitland, March 3.
MARREN, Mrs. E. T., Kimberley, February 22.
NELSON, Mrs. W., Kimberley, February 21.
O’CONNOR-SMITH, Mrs. S., Wynberg, Feb. 18.
SCHULZ, Mrs., Brandfort, February 17.
THORNE, Mrs. J. T., Pretoria, February 25.
WATSON, Mrs. H. J., Johannesburg, February 25.

KEMP, Mrs. J. N., Cape Town, February 28.
PEACOCK, Mrs. W. H., Queenstown, February 23.

BARTLETT, A. G.—ROSS, B. K., Cape Town, February 23.
FREEL, J.—SULLIVAN, M. J., Kimberley, Feb. 26.
GRANT, S. S.—SMITH, J., Johannesburg, Feb. 22.
KOENIGSBERT, A.—JACOBS, A., Johannesburg, February 26.
LALOR, J. O. G.—HATCH, E. M., Johannesburg, February 24.
SIMKINS, H. W.—KNIGHT, J., Johannesburg, February 23.
STEER, E. J.—WILLIS, E. K., Cape Town, March 2.
STEVENS, A. H. B.—BATTERN, L. L. B., Johannesburg, February 21.
BOUCHER—MANISTY—On Tuesday, February 26, at Estcourt, Natal, by the Right Rev. the Bishop of Natal, D.D., assisted by the Rev. A. P. Troughton, M.A., Vicar of the Parish, Arthur Sackville Boucher, of Johannesburg, son of the Rev. A. F. Boucher, of Kempsey, Worcestershire, to Violet, daughter of J. F. Manisty, Es., J.P., of Estcourt, and granddaughter of the late Rev. James Manistry, of  Easington, Durham.

DE BEER, Z. A., Woodstock, February 28, aged 47.
CONWAY, J., Beaufort West, February 22, aged 22.
COLE, F. W., Kimberley, February 24, aged 54.
M’GREGOR, Mrs. J., Leeuwfontein, O.F.S., February 21, aged 29.
PHILLIPS, Mrs. M. A., Cape Town, February 24, aged 69.
PAGETT, Mrs. C., Kimberley, Feb. 24, aged 55.
ROSS, R. M., Rondebosch, February 25, aged 71.
WHELAN, W., Newlands, February 27, aged 63.
FLEMING—On the 24th inst., at Cape Town, Margaret Catherine Blackadder, elder daughter of the Rev. John Fleming, 18, Blacket Place, Edinburgh.

Miscellaneous Articles on the same page:

Mr. POWYS, who has for a long time past agitated for the construction of the Umbilo tram line, picked the first piece of ground the other day at Durban. There was a fairly large concourse of people interested, including the Borough Engineer (Mr. Fletcher), Mr. Harvey (of the Tram Company), Mr. Hadfield, Mr. Blunderfield (Inspector Tram Company), and Mr. Jameson (Borough Engineer’s office). Town Councillors were conspicuous by their absence. The ceremony was commenced without much formality. After divesting himself of coat and hat, Mr. Powys wielded the pick with vigour, and soon had a good piece of the road broken up. Subsequently, he addressed a few remarks to the assembled spectators, and sketched out the history of the movement in favour of the tram line. The coolie gang immediately afterwards took possession of the road, and, by noon, had a large portion of the track broken up. The Engineer expects to have the work finished in two or three months. The cost is estimated at £3000, and the distance is upwards of three quarters of a mile.

Good work is being accomplished at Zuurfontein in connection with the new Transvaal dynamite factory, which, it is said, will be the largest in the world.

At Pretoria St. David’s Day was celebrated by local Welshmen, with a banquet, at which Sir Jacobus de Wet and Bishop Bousfield were guests, and at Johannesburg by a banquet at the Grand National Hotel. There was a good gathering, and the function was a great success.

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