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South Africa - a weekly journal

South Africa 1898 3 July - September


2 July 1898

BELLAMY—On June 25, at Goodhope Prenton, Birkenhead, the wife of the Rev. R. H. Bellamy, Rector of Fordsburg, Johannesburg, South Africa, of a son.
BROWNE—On June 22, at Bulawayo, Rhodesia, the wife of Percy Howe Browne, of a daughter.
CHICK, Mrs. R. J., Umgeni, May 27, a daughter.
CORBISHLEY, Mrs. T., Durban, May 31, a daughter.
DOWNARD, Mrs. C. W., Durban, June 1, a son
GANE, Mrs. E. G., Grahamstown, May 28, a son.
GIRDLESTONE, Mrs. F. C., Port Elizabeth, May 25, a daughter.
HOPLEY, Mrs. C. E., Kimberley, May 26, a daughter.
HOSTE—On June 22, at The Kopje, Salisbury, Mashonaland, the wife of Henry F. Hoste, of a daughter.
HUGHES, Mrs. T. T., East London, May 30, a son.
KELLY, Mrs. W. F., Barkly East, May 6, a son.
KERNICK, Mrs. G. S., Kimberley, May 26, a son (prematurely).
MCCALLUM, Mrs. S. H., Kimberley, May 29, a daughter.
MILLER, Mrs. C. H., Durban, May 28, a daughter.
RAWBONE, Mrs. J., Middelburg, S.A.R., May 5, a son.
SECKER—On June 27, at 6, Abbey Road, St. John’s Wood, the wife of Frank Secker, of Durban, Natal, of a daughter.
SULLY, Mrs. C. W., Grahamstown, May 22, a son.
TASSIE, Mrs. G. A., Durban, May 28, a daughter.

BREEDS, L. A.—WEAVER, K. A., Durban, May 30.
DALRYMPLE—JONES—On April 26, at Beira, Alan Dalrymple, younger son of William Charles Dalrymple, Esq., of Thornwood House, Amhurst Road, London, N.E., to Anice Florence Fisher Jones, younger daughter of the late John Jones, Esq., of Swansea.
HARVETT, T.—CROUCH, A. M., Kimberley, May 16.
JONES, Dr. T. E.—MACROBERT, D., Wageneers Kraal, Beaufort West, May 25.
MITCHELL, G. B.—DRAKE, B. V., Rondebosch, June 1.
MITCHELL—SUTTER—On June 23, at Holy Trinity Church, South Hetton, by the Rev. A. P. Mitchell, M.A., Rector of Brotton, Yorks., brother of the bridegroom, assisted by the Rev. J. H. Clarkson, B.A., Thomas Ellis Mitchell, B.A., M.B., B.C. Cantab., Oldhill, Staffs., younger son of the Rev. J. W. Mitchell, M.A., Vicar of South Hetton, to Mary Helena, third daughter of George Skelton Sutter, Esq., of Port Elizabeth.
REDDIN, W.—SURMON, E. J., Grahamstown, May 26.
THOMSON, S.—HOFFMANN, M., Durban, May 31.

ANDREWS—On June 27, at Normandy Lodge, Grosvenor Road, Chiswick, Arthur Thomas Andrews, jun., aged 48, late Commander in the service of the Castle Line Mail Packets Company.
BARNSLEY, J., Wellington, May 27, aged 73.
BARRAUD, E., Johannesburg, April 19, aged 42.
BAZLEY, G., Eshowe, Zululand, May 28, aged 50.
DEVENISH, A. L., Pietersburg, Z.A.R., May 3, aged 45.
LAUSON, J. C., Bulawayo, May 26, aged 28.
MACKAY, D., Grahamstown, May 24, aged 76.
RANKIN, J., Oudtshoorn, May 24, aged 65.
ROSS, Mrs. E. J., Mafeking, May 29, aged 27.
SANDER, J. F., Cape Town, May 28, aged 59.
SHEARD—On June 25, at 47, Gower Street, W.C., suddenly, Blanche Edith Emily, wife of A. Sheard, Pretoria, and only daughter of the late J. C. Goodman, Esq., of The Boltons, South Kensington, and Iver House, Bucks.
THORNHILL, Mrs. J., Grahamstown, May 28, aged 85.
TOLLNER, jun., Mrs. W. M., Essiena, Lower Tugela, May 24, aged 36.

6 August 1898

ALEXANDER, Mrs. W., Ikwifa, Natal, July 4, a son.
BAKER, Mrs. W. V., Durban, July 3, a daughter.
CANARD, Mrs. N., Cape Town, July 9, a daughter.
COLEPEPER, Mrs. G., Durban, July 2, a son.
DUDLEY, Mrs. E. L., Cradock, June 29, a daughter.
GREEN-On July 28, at Beaumont Lodge, Lincoln, the wife of Edwin H. Green, of Johannesburg, a daughter.
HANSON, Mrs. F., Albertina, Natal, July 4, a daughter.
ROSS, Mrs. A. W., Cape Town, July 7, a daughter.
TOMLINSON, Mrs. J. A., Grahamstown, June 27, a son.
WATKINS-PITCHFORD-On July 9, at Allerton, Town Bush Valley, Pietermaritzburg, the wife of Herbert Watkins-Pitchford, Principal Veterinary Surgeon to the Colony of Natal, a daughter.

BOWES-COLEMAN-On August 3, at the Church of St. John the Divine, Kennington, by the Rev. E. A. Down, M.A., Reginald Scott, second surviving son of Samuel James Bowes, of 36, Stockwell Park Crescent, S.W., to Mary Louise (Maggie), daughter of the late Edward Coleman, of Natal, and 19, Stockwell Park Crescent, S.W.
COCKCROFT, C. B.-THOMPSON, L. M., Cape Town, June 29.
GARLAKE, S.-ANDREWS, D., Humansdorp, June 27.
HEPBURN, A. W.-CUMMING, B., Fort Beaufort, June 28.
SCOBLE, F. A. R.-JACKSON, G. E., Caversham, June 29.
SERRIDGE, J. B.-GOODEN, A. M., Verulam, July 2.
SMYTH, M. W.-VAN NIEKERK, R. A., Uitenhage, July 2.
VON KOETTLITZ-TARRY-On August 3, at St. Marylebone Church, by the Rev.
Hamilton Rose, M.A., assisted by the Rev. H. R. C. Vernon, Alexander, eldest son of Emil von Koettlitz, of Richmond, S.W., to Frances, elder daughter of the late Edw. Wallace Tarry, of Kimberley.
WHITFIELD, J. E.-NORTON, E., Kingwilliamstown, June 29.

BRONKHORST, C., Kimberley, aged 68.
CARR, Miss S. S. A., Kimberley, July 1, aged 53.
DAVIDS, Mrs. J. F., Cape Town, aged 52.
FIFE, Mrs. J., Durban, July 5, aged 33.
GLOVER-On July 26, at Sawston Vicarage, Cambridge, Mary Jane, widow of the Rev. Edward Glover, M.A., formerly Archdeacon of George, Diocese of Cape Town, afterwards Vicar of Whittlesford, Cambs.
GOLDSWAIN, W., Grahamstown, June 29, aged 75.
HUMPHRIS, W. T., Cape Town, July 3, aged 65.
JEE, Mrs. C. S. M., Umsindusi (near Maritzburg), July 3.
MYBURG, P. D., Stellenbosch, July 4, aged 81.
TROLLIP, Miss A. B., Grahamstown, June 28, aged 30.
WHITE-On July 30, at Marburg, Germany, of pneumonia, Rev. Henry Alcock White, M.A., aged 33, Theological Tutor of Durham University, late Fellow of New College, Oxford, eldest son of the late Archdeacon White, of Grahamstown, and of Mrs. Master White, Berkhamsted.

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