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South Africa - a weekly journal

South Africa 1898 4 October - December


1 October 1898

BIRD, Mrs. T., Bultfontein, August 28, a daughter.
BRADNEY, Mrs. J. D., Durban, August 28, a son.
DAKYN-HOCKIN, Mrs. F., Durban, August 28, a son.
GOBLE, Mrs. R. E., Barwon, Upper Tongaat, August 26, a son.
GREATHEAD, Mrs. J. B., Grahamstown, August 26, a daughter.
HACKLAND, Mrs. J., Richmond, Natal, Aug. 24, a son.
HOMAN—On September 21, at Kroonstad, Orange Free State, the wife of William MacLean Homan, C.E., a son.
LADDS—On Sept. 20, at 24, Wemyss Road, Blackheath, S.E., the wife of T. G. MacLean Ladds, of Johannesburg, a daughter.
MCLELLAN, Mrs. J., Kimberley, Aug. 26, a daughter.
MORGAN, Mrs. J. H. R., St. Mark’s, Aug. 12, a son.
SPILHAUS, Mrs. C. F., Cape Town, Sept. 3, a son.
STEYN, Mrs. M. P., Port Elizabeth, Aug. 31, a son.

DINWOODY, Rev. L. M.—HAY, M., Inverness, Aug. 10.
MARTIN, D.—BROOKS, A. W., Kimberley, August 25.
PRINCE, W. H.—MCCALLUM, J., Kingwilliamstown, August 27.
STOKES, W. H.—COUSINS, L. F., Cape Town, September 3.
STYLE, Captain S. R.—WHITTAKER, J., Berlin, August 29.
WARD, R. J.—JOHNSON, F. M., Kimberley, Aug. 29.

BEAMISH, M., Cradock, August 29, aged 53.
CAWTHORNE, S. J., Bedford, August 27, aged 27.
GREIG—On September 23, on board s.s. Norman, returning from South Africa, Arthur James, second son of the late John Greig, wool broker, Edinburgh, aged 36.
JOUBERT, J. J., Worcester, August 31, aged 44.
KINSELLA, J., Port Elizabeth, August 25, aged 34.
MARSHALL, Mrs. J., Grahamstown, Aug. 26, aged 76.
MCBRIDE—On September 19, at Johannesburg, of pneumonia, George T. M. McBride, General Manager of the New Spes Bona Gold Mining Company, fifth son of the late William McBride, manufacturer, Shettleston.
MCCORMICK—On September 1, at Kimberley, James Steele McCormick, third son of the late William McCormick, M.P., of Tissabally, Londonderry.
NICKLES, Mrs. J. M., Cape Town, September 3, aged 67.
SMITH, H., Cape Town, September 2, aged 72.
TAYLOE—On September 1, at Maritzburg, William Napier, youngest son of the late Edward Tayloe, of Clapham Common, aged 38.
WINDSOR, Mrs. G. L., Cape Town, September 1.
WOOD, Mrs. J., Fort Beaufort, aged 60.

19 November 1898

CLOSE, Mrs. E., Cape Town, Oct. 17, twins (boys).
EDWARDS, Mrs. H. B., Cape Town, October 20, a son.
EEWAN, Mrs. R., Stellenbosch, October 13, a daughter.
FEATHERSTONE, Mrs. J. H., Graaff-Reinet, October 15, a daughter.
GALLETLY—On October 12, at East London, the wife of David Galletly, a son.
GIBBS—On October 21, at Johannesburg, the wife of John Sidney Gibbs, a daughter.
GOODALE, Mrs. H., Durban, October 18, a daughter.
HAY, Mrs. G., Grahamstown, October 14, a son.
HORN, Mrs. W. F., Kingwilliamstown, Oct. 14, a son.
JELLEY, Mrs. V. G., Qumbu, Griqualand East, a son.
JOHNSON, Mrs. D., Grahamstown, October 15, a daughter.
JOLLIFFE, Mrs. J., Wakkerstroom, October 9, a son.
KING, Mrs. P. R., Clarkebury, Tembuland, October 12, a daughter.
LEWIS, Mrs. M. R., East London, October 15, a daughter.
MACKENZIE, Mrs. H., Durban, October 17, a son.
MUNRO, Mrs. P. R., Durban, October 11, a daughter.
PHILIPP, Mrs. J. B., Durban, October 16, a daughter.
SAYERS, Mrs. A. J., George, October 15, a son.
STAMPER, Mrs. H. A., Johannesburg, Oct. 20, a son.
TUCKER, Mrs. G., Rondebosch, October 15, a daughter.
VAN DRUTEN, Mrs. W. G. J., Griquatown, October 2, a daughter.

ASHTON, W.—DONALDSON, M., Kimberley.
DINGLE, M. M.—BOWLES, M. R., Kareiga, October 12.
HUNTER—STEWART—On November 14, at Portpatrick by the Rev. John Brownlie, minister of the Free Church there, the Rev. David Hunter, Port Elizabeth, to Margaret Stewart, late of Mount Stewart, Portpatrick, Wigtownshire.
MIDDLETON, E. H.—WILDING, J., Durban, October 18.
RUDD—WALLACE—On November 9, by special licence, at St. Peter’s, Ealing, by the Rev. F. E. Toyne, Vicar of St. Michael’s, Bournemouth, assisted by the Rev. W. Petty, Vicar of St. Peter’s, Ealing, and the Rev. F. Lushington, nephew of the bridegroom, Charles D. Rudd, of 21, Hyde Park Gardens, and Ardnamurchan, Argyleshire, to Corrie, eldest daughter of the late R. E. Wallace, of Kimberley, and of Mrs. Wallace, Ealing.
SADLER, H.—REYNOLDS, M., Cape Town, October 19.
SMITH, H. H.—REYNOLDS, M., Durban, October 19.
VANDENBURG, J. W. B.—WOOD, A. M., Verulam, October 18.

BARKER—On November 7, at Johannesburg, Percy Clarence, second son of Henry and Alice Barker, of Alexandria, Egypt, aged 24.
CHILD—On September 16, accidentally drowned at Algoa Bay, Edward Child, aged 22, and Ivan Child, aged 19, the beloved sons of Charles Edward and Marie Susanna Child, formerly of Melbourne. R.I.P.
DODDS—On November 9, at 27, Howe Street, Edinburgh, Maud Harriet, youngest daughter of the late A. W. Dodds, Harrismith, O.F.S., and niece of the late Thomas Aitken.
DU PREEZ, J. P., Port Elizabeth, October 21, aged 38.
KILBY, R., Willowmore, October 14, aged 81.
KNOX—On October 18, at Johannesburg, William Neilson Knox, aged 33, third son of the late Adam Knox, Caledonian Insurance Company.
MARDEN, Mrs. C., Kingwilliamstown, October 18, aged 77.
PANKHURST, Miss A. A., East London, October 8, aged 31.
PARGETER—On October 21, at Dundee, Natal, Robert John Pargeter, second son of Thomas and Emily Pargeter, of Islington, London, aged 23.
READER—On November 10, at Pietermaritzburg, after a short illness, Lieut.-Colonel F. W. Reader, 1st Battalion Leicestershire Regiment, aged 46.
RICHARDSON, C., East London, October 14, aged 35.
SINGLETON, S. A., Durban, October 18, aged 25.
WEBSTER, Miss M. A., Middleton, October 17, aged 74.
WOOD, F. F., Verulam, October 12, aged 28.

HOLM—In loving memory of James Holm, Professor of Physics, South African College, Cape Town, third son of the late James Holm, The Grange, Carlton Curlieu, who died at Lemoenfontein, November 15, 1897, aged 27 years.
PAULING, Henry C., died November 16, 1897. R.I.P.
PEAKE, Walter Cortis, Johannesburg, 1896. In ever-loving remembrance.

3 December 1898

BECK, Mrs. L. A. W., Claremont, Oct. 30, a daughter.
CASE, Mrs. C. R., Cape Town, Oct. 25, a daughter.
CHAPPE DE LEONVAL, Mrs. P. L., Montpelier, October 29, a son.
COOPER, Mrs. W. N., Kimberley, October 26, a son.
DAVEY, Mrs. E. C., Verulam, October 31, a daughter.
DINGLE, Mrs. W. H., Guildford, district Queenstown, October 22, a daughter.
FEEL, Mrs. J., Kimberley, October 29, a daughter.
KAVANAGH, Mrs. M., Cape Town, November 3, a son.
KEOGH, Mrs. A., Durban, October 26, a son.
MCFERRAN, Mrs. J. G., Durban, a daughter.
MCLEOD, Mrs. A., Cape Town, November 5, a son.
MOORCROFT, Mrs. E. G., Cradock, October 23, a son.
PAPENDORF, Mrs. F., Grahamstown, Oct. 27, a son.
POTGIETER, Mrs. J. H., Kimberley, Oct. 31, a daughter.
RANDELL, Mrs. A. G., East London, Oct. 31, a son.
RENNIE-On November 28, at "Dunottar," Westwood Park, Forest Hill, S.E., the wife of David William Rennie, of a daughter.
RETHMAN, Mrs. H. W. L., Harding, Oct. 23, a son.
SMITH, Mrs. J. J., Edinburgh, October 31, a daughter.
WALLACE, Mrs. W., Durban, October 29, a daughter.

COHEN, S.-GEDNER, H. M., East London, Oct. 31.
DUCKLES, T. E.-BROOK, R. H., Goliad's Kraal, October 26.
GIBSON, A. St. C.-REED, M. E., Johannesburg, October 26.
HARRIS, G.-PARKER, L., Beaufort West.
KIRKWOOD, J. G.-HAMMON, F. H., Durban, Nov. 2.
LYNDON, W.-CUTHBERT, A., Durban, Oct. 28.
MARQUARD-BARNES-On November 29, at St. Michael and All Angels' Church, Bournemouth, by the Rev. Edward Toyne, Vicar, John Marquard, of Cape Town, to Katharine Barnes, of 28, Chepstow Villas, Bayswater, youngest daughter of the late William Barnes, of Watlington, Oxon.
MCCHESNEY, E. T. M.-SHARP, I., Durban, Oct. 28.
PEACHEY, W. E.-WAY, E., Weston, October 26.
SAVORY, F.-BURCHILL, H., Port Elizabeth, Oct. 26.
STEED, F. A. R.-KEMPIS, K. J., Durban, Nov. 1.
WATSON-CRAIG-On November 4, at Bushey Lodge, Pietermaritzburg, by the Rev.
John Smith, M.A., James Watson, Natal Government Railways, to Katie, younger daughter of the late Captain G. W. Craig, Leith.
WELLS-MEADE-On November 29, at St. Stephen's, by the Rev. Mr. Brook, Percy Montagu Wells, youngest son of the late John Wesley Wells, of Cape Town, and Mrs. Sherran Thomson, Hampstead, to Eva Beatrice Meade, eldest daughter of John Thompson Meade, of Manchester, and granddaughter of Henry Dobson Meade, of Broughton, Manchester.

AADNESEN, Mrs. G. A., Durban, October 26, aged 45.
COLTON, A. J., Cape Town, November 5, aged 29.
DAWSON-On November 22, at 7, Cedars Road, Clapham Common, of acute pneumonia, Muriel Lockwood, second daughter of John Dawson, F.C.A., of Johannesburg, and granddaughter of Mrs. Jenkin Jones, aged 21.
EBERT-On November 25, at 21, Guilford Street, Russell Square, London, Carl F. H. Ebert, of Port Elizabeth, aged 32.
HENDRIKZ, Mrs. H. F., Cape Town, Nov. 2, aged 65.
HODGSON, C. M., Claremont, October 31.
ROBERTSON-On November 3, at Matjesfontein, James M. Robertson, late Sciennes School, Edinburgh.
WERNICH, C. C., Elim Mission Station, Transvaal, October 31.
WOOD, M. C., Cape Town, November 2, aged 29.

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