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South Africa - a weekly journal

South Africa 1901 2 April - June


6 April 1901

BURY, Mrs. F. C., Cape Town, March 4, a son.
DRYDEN, Mrs. H. J., Woodstock, March 6, a son.
DUDLEY, Mrs. S. T., Newlands, March 3, a son.
EASTERBROOK, Mrs. W., Cape Town, March 2, a daughter.
ECKHOFF, Mrs. F., Overport, March 2, a daughter.
FLOYD, Mrs. T. B., Wynberg, March 2, a son.
FRASER, Mrs. W. P., Durban, March 6, a daughter.
HAMBRIDGE, Mrs. A., Brickfields, Natal, March 6, a daughter.
HANSON, Mrs. H. D., Cape Town, March 5, a son.
HARVEY, Mrs. P., Muizenberg, March 8, a daughter.
HEATLIE, Mrs. B. H., Rondebosch, March 5, a son.
HOCKEY, Mrs. C. A., Robertson, March 6, a daughter.
HOLMES, Mrs. G. A., Woodstock, March 1, a daughter.
JACOBS, Mrs. B., Cape Town, March 9, a daughter.
KING, Mrs. R. A., Durban, March 2, a daughter.
LENNOX, Mrs. C. W., Durban, March 4, a daughter.
NEEDHAM, Mrs. F., Cape Town, March 3, a daughter.
OWENS, Mrs. J. C., Malmesbury, March 5, a son.
POLLOCK, Mrs. J. N., Simonstown, March 2, a daughter.
ROWE, Mrs. C., Kenilworth, March 8, a son.
SHAND, Mrs. J. M., Uniondale, February 20, a son.
SILFORD, Mrs. F. C., Murraysburg, February 12, a daughter.
TAYLOR, Mrs. W. K. P., Verulam, March 1, a daughter.
TAYLOR-On March 29, at Sherfield Manor, Basingstoke, the wife of J. B. Taylor, of a son.
WYNNE-ROBERTS, Mrs. R. O., Cape Town, March 7, a son.

BEDDEK, W. Y. B.-GUEST, A., Cape Town, March 4.
BROWN, F. B.-DRIVER, E., Durban, March 5.
GRANT, W. P.-NORDEN, K., Johannesburg, March 4.
HUNTER, R.-CARSLAW, J., Woodstock, March 7.
MANTELL, J. A. E.-ALLEN, M. E., Addington, March 4.
MEYER, J. S.-HOCHFELDEN, E. E., Cape Town, February 26.

BENJAMIN, L., Cape Town, aged 22.
BLOOMER, W. E., Zuurfontein, Feb. 16, aged 35.
BRAND, Miss C. D., Stellenbosch, March 3.
BREWIS, G. D., Cape Town, March 4, aged 22.
COTESWORTH-On March 25, at Port Elizabeth, suddenly, of heart failure, Hugh Cotesworth, R.N., Commander of H.M.S. Barracouta, aged 41.
EDWARDS, Rev. W. F., Stellenbosch, March 3, aged 62.
FERNS, Lieutenant A. R., Durban, March 3.
FLACK, T. S., Durban, March 2, aged 51.
FRASER-On March 30, at Bloemfontein, from enteric fever, Charles Fraser, South African Constabulary, aged 22, youngest son of the late Thomas Fraser, Esq., of St. Germans Place, Blackheath, and Mrs. Thomas Fraser, of Ellerker Gardens, Richmond.
GRONDELER, Miss, Cape Town, March 1, aged 79.
GUNNING, A. J., Durban, February 27, aged 23.
JOHNSTON, Mrs. I., Cape Town, March 6, aged 79.
KENWORTHY, Mrs. J., Durban, March 3, aged 59.
LUTGENS, J. F., Cape Town, March 4, aged 22.
OSLER, B., Riversdale, February 27, aged 62.
RETIEF, G. J., Frenchhoek, February 28.
TRIGGS, T. J., Addington, March 3, aged 47.
VILJOEN, Miss G. S., Caledon, March 3, aged 14.
WARREN, W., Maritzburg, February 28, aged 53.

4 May 1901

ADAMS, Mrs. I., Woodstock, March 31, a son.
APSEY, Mrs. J. T., Cape Town, March 31, a son.
BERLEIN-On April 27, at 4, Lower Berkeley Street, W., the wife of Julius Berlein, of a daughter.
BIRCH-On February 1, at Salisbury, Rhodesia, the wife of Culum de Kantzow Birch, of a son.
CASTLEMAN, Mrs. W., Cape Town, April 4, a daughter.
COLLINS, Mrs. H. T., Greyville, April 2, a daughter.
HAGER, Mrs. J. C., Greyville, March 23, a daughter.
KING, Mrs. C., Salt River, March 30, a daughter.
LOCKE, Mrs. W. R., Greyville, March 30, a son (stillborn).
LOUBSER, Mrs. A., Cape Town, March 30, a son.
MCKENZIE, Mrs. Durban, March 26, twin daughters.
MCLOUGHLIN, Mrs. J. T., Salt River, Mar. 31, a son.
MITCHELL, Mrs. J., Cape Town, April 2, a daughter.
MITCHELL-On March 26, at Harrismith, Orange River Colony, the wife of George Mitchell, formerly of Glasgow, of a daughter.
MOFFETT, Mrs. J. R., Cape Town, April 3, a son.
MOSS, Mrs. L., Cape Town, April 4, a son.
MYERS, Mrs. J., Cape Town, March 31, a son.
RUSDEN, Mrs., Durban, April 1, a daughter.
RUSSELL, Mrs. A., Durban, March 31, a daughter.
TAYLOR, Mrs. A., Cape Town, April 2, a daughter.
UTTING, Mrs. F. E., Tamboer's Kloof, April 5, a daughter.
WHITAKER, Mrs. T. S., Cape Town, March 30, a son.
WOODING, Mrs. S. G., Wynberg, April 2, a daughter.
WOOLLATT, Mrs. S. B., Maritzburg, March 28, a son.
WOOLRIDGE, Mrs. C. R., Umhlali, March 27, a son.

ARMSTRONG, A. H.-THOMPSON, F., Bloemfontein, February 11.
HAYFIELD, T. J.-HILL, M. E., Durban, March 19.
JAUDRELL, G. B.-ADDINALL, M., Cape Town, March 27.
KENDALL-IZARD-On April 30, at All Saints' Church, Blackheath, by the Rev.Robert Sinclair Kendall, Vicar of Luxulyan, Cornwall, uncle of the bridegroom, and the Rev. Arthur Izard, Rector of Slindon, cousin of the bride, Nicholas Fletcher Kendall, M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P., of Chiddingfold, eldest son of Franklin Richardson Kendall, of Blackheath, to Kathleen Addison, eldest daughter of Walter George Izard, Assoc. M. Inst. C.E., of Blackheath.
MACDONALD-AYLIFF-On April 25, at St. Mark's, Hamilton Terrace, by the Rev.
Prebendary Macdonald, father of the bridegroom, assisted by the Rev. Canon Savage and the Rev. C. Erskine, the Rev. F. C. Macdonald, Vicar of St.Hilda's, Sunderland, to Maude, daughter of the late Hon. Jonathan Ayliff, of Grahamstown.
ROSS, S. G.-COLLER, C. E., Salt River, March 26.
SEDDON-ANDERSON-On February 19, at Victoria, Rhodesia, by the Rev. Herbert Selmes, M.A., Russell Nelson Seddon, third son of Colonel H. C. Seddon, R.E.(retired), of 67, West Cromwell Road, London, S.W., to Alice Mary Anderson, widow, second daughter of James Clark, Esq., of Victoria, Rhodesia.
SMITH-DICKSON-On April 20, at the Gardens Presbyterian Church, Cape Town, by the Rev. J. McClure, Charles William Henry Smith, of the Cape Colonial Civil Service, to Isobel Forrest, elder daughter of Andrew Dickson, Rosebank, Haddington.

BERGHOUT, J., Cape Town, April 5.
BOON, G., Woodstock, April 4, aged 35.
COTTAM-On April 19, at Southampton, Francis H. Warburton Cottam, M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P., eldest son of the late Rev. Henry Cottam, M.A., Rector of St.Mary's, Crumpsall, and Mrs. Cottam, 56, Lansdowne Road, aged 38.
GILMORE, J., Cape Town, April 5, aged 32.
HUNTER-On April 23, at Kenhardt, Cape Colony, William Baxter, second son of Charles L. Hunter, Murrayfield Mills, Edinburgh, aged 25.
LOCKE-On April 28, killed in action at Mahlabitini, Zululand, whilst defending the Magistracy, Nigel Locke, Sergeant Natal Mounted Police, fifth surviving son of the late Frederick Locke, Esquire, D.L., J.P., of Dane House, Hartlip, Sittingbourne, Kent, aged 30 years.
MANEVELDT, S., Zonnebloom, April 2, aged 63.
MASFEN-On April 21, at Zwartzkop, Cape Colony, killed in action, John Hanbury Masfen, son of the late John Hanbury Masfen, of Tamworth, Staffordshire, aged 27.
PRINCE, D., Woodstock, April 1, aged 18.
RUSSELL, G., Durban, April 1, aged 69.
SHORTT, Mrs. P. B., Durban, March 30, aged 73.
SUTHERLAND-On April 22, at 26, Blackwood Crescent, Glasgow, Jane Sutherland, eldest sister of the late Dr. P. C. Sutherland ex-Surveyor-General of Natal, and last survivor of the family, in her 83rd year.
TEHART, W. R., Uitvlugt, April 1, aged 15.
WEST-SYMES-On April 28, at Cape Town, of enteric fever, aged 21 years, Edward Bertram, elder son of E. West-Symes, M.D., of Halifax. R.I.P.
WOODROFFE-On April 25, at Elsenham, Kokstad, Griqualand East, Charles Alfred Woodroffe, late Lieutenant Royal Navy, aged 56.
FRANKS-On April 30, 1900, killed in the engagement at Karree Siding (Thaba 'Nchu), Arthur Fred Franks, aged 28, Trooper in Lumsden's Horse, second son of Percy and Marie Franks, of The Chase, Clapham Common.

1 June 1901

ALBRECHT, Mrs. J. A., Constantia, April 27, a son.
ALBU, Mrs. J., Woodstock, May 2, a son.
AUBREY, Mrs. S., Durban, April 30, a daughter.
BORAIN, Mrs. J., Gillitt's, Natal, April 30, a daughter.
CAMPBELL, Mrs. J. W., Reunion, April 24, a daughter.
CARMICHAEL-On May 25, at Lilyville, 16, Watson Street, Falkirk, the wife of John Carmichael, Port Elizabeth, of a daughter.
COOPER, Mrs. A., Simonstown, April 30, a daughter.
DENNY-On May 26, at Holmfield, Woolstone Road, Catford, the wife of Harry S. Denny, of Johannesburg, of a son.
DUNN-PATTISON, Mrs. F. H., Durban, April 30, a daughter.
EASTON, Mrs. D., Cape Town, May 2, a daughter.
FRASER-On April 18, at Ropsley, Uitenhage, Cape Colony, the wife of Dr. A.Ross Fraser, of a son.
HOFMEYR, Mrs. A. H., Stellenbosch, April 30, a son.
HOGG, Mrs. R. T., Durban, April 29, a daughter.
HUXHAM, Mrs. W. H. T., Wynberg, April 30, a son.
MACKINLAY, Mrs. A. G., Maritzburg, April 27, a daughter.
MICHAU, Mrs. J. J., Rondebosch, April 27, a son.
PHILPOTT, Mrs. E., Beaufort West, April 27, a son.
PIRIE, Mrs. A., Durban, April 30, a son.
SELF, Mrs. P. W., Durban, April 22, a son.
SILVERMAN, Mrs. S., Cape Town, April 30, a daughter.
SIMPSON, Mrs. G., Cape Town, May 1, a daughter.
SMITH-On May 18, at Amanzimtote, Natal, the wife of John Smith, engineer, of a son.
SYKES, Mrs. W. H., Mowbray, April 26, a son.
TOWNSHEND, Mrs. P., Vryburg, April 27, a son.

ALLISON, J.-MILNE, M., Durban, April 26.
BORROWMAN-SHEARER-On April 30, at the Presbyterian Church, Durban, by the Rev. W. Tees, Alexander Borrowman, of Johannesburg, to Margaret Angus Pitcairn Shearer, of Armadale, Scotland.
BROWNING, R. R.-NUGENT, M. J., Woodstock, April 16.
EVANS, J. F.-NURDEN, A. M., Estcourt, April 10.
FITZPATRICK-MAYNARD-On May 28, at Commercial Street Baptist Church, Newport (Mon.), by the Rev. W. Ross, Gerald Coleman, second son of the late James Coleman Fitzpatrick, Judge of the Supreme Court of the Colony of the Cape of Good Hope, to Bessie, youngest daughter of the late Walter Maynard, of Taunton.
FORRESTER, H.-MURCHIE, A., Durban, April 30.
GERAGHTY, W. J.-BRANDON, S. M., Durban, April 17.
GOBLE, F. L.-THOMPSON, M. P., Durban, March 30.
HARVEY, B. A.-DU TOIT, W. M., Barkly West, April 16.
HARROWER, W. B. I.-CRUICKSHANK, G., Durban, April 26.
LOGAN, R. F.-NEWBERRY, L., Durban, April 30.
MACKAY-DONALDSON-On May 28, at Cape Town, by the Rev. J. R. Saunders, Somerset West, John MacKay, Somerset West, to Bertha Honeyman, fourth daughter of John Donaldson, Esq., Crescent Bank, Newport-On-Tay.
MACKIE, J. P.-PARR, I. H., Durban, April 25.
MCDONNELL, H.-WILLIAMS, H., Cape Town, April 30.
MORRIS, J. H.-PRICE, M. O., Rondebosch, April 11.
NEVE, C. E.-HICKEY, L., Cape Town, April 24.
ROBERTS, T. N.-DUFFETT, E. M., Cape Town, April 30.
SHORT, H. H.-BYRNE, E., Simonstown, May 2.
STEAD, L. T.-STAFFORD, G., Durban, April 10.
WARNER-HOARE-On April 23, at Port Elizabeth, by the Rev. Canon Hewitt, Major R. H. L. Warner, A.S.C., elder son of Captain L. Warner, Caen Wood, Ashstead, to F. Grace Hoare, third daughter of Rev. T. S. Hoare, Rector of Godstone, Surrey.

ALEXANDER-On May 15, at Metz Farm, near Smithfield, Orange River Colony, Second Lieutenant John Alexander, South African Light Horse, the beloved son of Mrs. John Alexander, of Lidwells, Goudhurst, Kent, aged 21.
BURTON-On May 17, at Standerton, of dysentery, Harry Burton, aged 21 years, eldest son of James Burton, Balfron, Rutherglen.
DIBBEN, G. E., Simonstown, April 27.
DICKSON, C. F., East London, April 30, aged 20.
EAMES, H., Durban, April 23, aged 23.
FISHER, J., Cape Town, April 28.
HALDER-On May 25, suddenly, Albert Hubert Halder, of 183, Regent Street, W., and South Africa.
HANNING, J., Cape Town, May 2, aged 46.
HICKS-On May 30, at 18, Kildare Terrace, Bayswater, W., Hannah Ellen, wife of Herbert G. Hicks, of Oudtshoorn, South Africa.
HODGSON-On May 25, in Cape Colony, Charles George, late of Plympton Road, Brondesbury, eldest son of Charles Hodgson, of Glyndhurst, Cricklewood, London, N.W., aged 36.
KOSTER, Miss W., Greytown, April 19, aged 22.
MANN, M., Cape Town, April 28, aged 62.
PULLEYN, J., Durban, April 28, aged 75.
TAPP, Rev. F. H., Ladysmith, April 22, aged 27.
WALTON, J., Beaufort West, April 24, aged 22.

EVANS-Called away on May 29, 1892, at Harding, Natal, Christopher Philip Edwin Evans, aged 19. Make him to be numbered with Thy Saints in glory everlasting.

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