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South Africa - a weekly journal

South Africa 1901 3 July - September


6 July 1901

ALLISON, Mrs. J. S., Durban, May 26, a son.
CARTE, Mrs P., Richmond, Natal, May 31, a son.
ENSLIN, Mrs. P. W. A. H., Paarl, May 28, a daughter.
GRAY, Mrs. C. J., Durban, May 27, a son.
GRUN, Mrs. L., Cape Town, June 2, a son.
HAMILTON, Mrs. J. G., Mowbray, June 2, a son.
HART, Mrs. M., Cape Town, June 2, a son.
HONIKMAN, Mrs. H., Cape Town, June 6, a daughter.
HOOLE, Mrs. J. C., Rondebosch, June 3, a son.
INNES-BROWNLEE, Mrs. J., Kingwilliamstown, May 30, a daughter.
JOHNSON, Mrs. W. J., Cape Town, May 30, a son.
LATEGAN, Mrs. W. H., Constantia View, June 2, a son.
MARNHAM-On June 7, at Stellenbosch, South Africa, the wife of Arthur Henry Marnham, a son.
MATHEW, Mrs. F. C., Cape Town, June 4, a daughter.

BRODIE-TREGARTHEN-On July 1, at St. Anne's Church, South Tottenham, by the Rev. J. D. Letts, John Malcolm, only son of the late John Lamont Brodie, of Wimbledon, to Ada, second daughter of Henry John Rudhall Tregarthen, of Harringay.
BUXTON, E. C.-EVANS, A. L., Cape Town, June 1.
COLE, A. E.-HOOK, E. A., Durban, June 3.
GIBBARD, E. T.-SIMONS, M., Durban, June 5.
HUGALL, C.-BISCHOFF, E. M., Cape Town, June 3.
MILNER, W.-HIRSCHELE, M., Cape Town, May 13.
MOORE, J.-BENEDELL, E., Cape Town, June 4.
PHILLIPS-WALTER-On July 1, at St. John's Wood Synagogue, by the Rev. B.
Berliner, assisted by the Rev. H. Price, Bertrand Phillips, son of John Phillips, Esq., of 64a, Hamilton Terrace, N.W., to Nellie Julia Walter, widow of the late Henry (Doctor) Walter, of 62, Finchley Road, N.W., and daughter of the late Edmund Fitzgerald, Esq. South African papers please copy.

BRICKHILL, Mrs. J., Durban, May 31, aged 79.
CRANFIELD, W., Swellendam, June 2, aged 82.
DUNCAN-On May 9, at Gwelo, Rhodesia, of blackwater fever, Frank Richard Duncan, husband of Grace Duncan, nee Macnair.
GOSLETT, M. S., Cape Town, June 4, aged 57.
HANSON, Mrs. F., Durban, May 30, aged 67.
HARLEY, J., Salt River, June 6, aged 81.
KENWORTHY, J., Durban, May 31, aged 61.
MCHARDY-On June 2, in Cape Colony, Peter McHardy, son of the late John, farmer Lagganvoulin, Tomintoul, Banffshire; deeply regretted.
MOIR, M., Kleinberg Vlei, June 4, aged 68.
OGILVIE-On May 22, at Newcastle, Natal, Margaret Ogilvie (born Thompson), aged 42, the beloved wife of Patrick Alexander Ogilvie, of Johannesburg (late of Thorneycroft's Mounted Infantry).

3 August 1901

ASHLEY, Mrs. W. H., Cape Town, July 3, a son.
BROWN, Mrs. T. A., Greyville, July 3, a daughter.
CAMPBELL, Mrs. W. D., Durban, June 28, a son.
DANTU, Mrs. M., Woodstock, July 7, a daughter.
HARRINGTON-On July 30, at 38, Samos Road, Anerley, London, S.E., the wife of Alfred Harrington (late of Pietermaritzburg), of a son.
JEFTHA, Mrs. M., Cape Town, July 5, a son.
KNIGHT-On July 28, at Horner Grange, West Hill, Sydenham, the wife of Arthur A Knight, of a daughter.

GREY-BROWNE-On July 10, at the Cathedral, Cape Town, Major Raleigh Grey to Mary Isabel Browne, widow of the late A. H. Browne, of Callaly Castle, Northumberland.
HEATH, L. S.-LE CLUS, K., Cape Town, June 26.
KOTZE, J. J.-LINDENBERG, A. R., Worcester, July 2.
MACLAREN, D. A.-POWRIE, N., Mowbray, July 2.
MILLS, J. S.-KEELER, G., Cape Town, July 6.
PORTER-BLANDY-On July 27, at Holy Trinity, Sloane Street, by the Rev. A. C.
Lucey, Rector of Westmeston, assisted by the Rev. Prebendary Bevan, Reginald Hugh, youngest son of Mr. Ludovic Porter, of Torquay, to Frances Duff, second daughter of Mr. John Blandy, of Madeira.

EVERETT-On July 13, on board s.s. Ingeli, while homeward bound from Natal, of enteric, Edward Jackson, the beloved second son of the late William Everett, Esq., of 4, Lauriston Road, Wimbledon Common, and Mrs. Everett, aged 24 years. He was buried at sea.
FENIX, W. D., Watervalboven, May 26, aged 31.
HARE, E., Mowbray, July 4, aged 38.
SHEPHERD-On July 22, at Springfontein, of enteric fever, Captain Charles Samuel Shepherd, South African Light Horse, aged 43.
TINDALL, K. M., Damfontein, June 30, aged 24.
WILSON-On June 22, at Lourenco Marques, E. Africa, of dysentery, Trooper James C. Wilson, Steinacker's Horse, aged 23, son of Geo. Wilson, 6, E.London Street, Edinburgh.

7 September 1901

ALBERS, Mrs. H., Dundee, Natal, July 31, a daughter.
ATHERTON, Mrs. J. D., Wellington, Cape Colony, August 5, a daughter.
BALFOUR-On July 26, at Cape Town, the wife of Reginald Balfour, of a daughter.
BARBER, Mrs. R. F., Durban, August 7, a daughter.
BOSOMWORTH, Mrs. A., Durban, August 4, a daughter.
BROWN, Mrs. W., Pretoria, July 1, a daughter.
CASSIDY-On September 3, at The Bungalow, North Deal, the widow of the late Charles Stewart Cassidy, R.N.R., Commander Union Castle Company, of a son.
CLARKE, Mrs. J. W. F., Woodstock, August 3, a daughter.
CLARKE, Mrs., Maritzburg, August 3, a daughter.
COUTER, Mrs. C., Salt River, July 30, a son.
CULLEN, Mrs. D., Durban, August 5, a son.
ERSKINE-On August 1, at Maclear, South Africa, the wife of the Rev. D. L. Erskine, Somerville, Tsolo, of a daughter.
HARRIS, Mrs. F., Cape Town, August 8, a son.
HILLIER-On September 2, at 30, Wimpole Street, London, W., the wife of Dr. Alfred Hillier, of a daughter.
HILL, Mrs. F. G., Kroonstad, O.R.C., August 1, a son.
HUDSON-On September 1, at Wynberg, Cape Town, the wife of Arthur Ainslie Hudson, M.D., F.R.C.S., Edinburgh, of a daughter.
HYBINETT, Mrs. A. R., Woodstock, July 31, a son.
IVINS, Mrs. A., Greyville, July 28, a daughter.
KELLY, Mrs. L. O., Durban, August 8, a son.
MARSHALL-On September 1, at Rachan, Broughton, Peeb'esshire, the wife of H. B. Marshall, of a daughter.
NICHOL, Mrs. J. M., Durban, August 5, a daughter.
ROSS, Mrs. A. E., Cape Town, August 4, a son.
SMITH, Mrs. C. H., Rondebosch, August 7, a daughter.
STANLEY-SMITH, Mrs. H. E., Durban, August 5, a daughter.
STEENSMA, Mrs. P. B., Maitland, August 3, a son.
TAYLOR, Mrs. E. S., Durban, August 7, a son.
WENTZEL, Mrs. S., Newlands, August 7, a son.
WHITE, Mrs. H. B., Aliwal North, August 2, a son.

CHAPPELL, A. E.-BORCHER, Mrs. M. E., Durban, August 7.
COCHRANE, J.-HEYDENRYCH, S., Cape Town, Aug. 5.
DIVINE, A. H.-DURHAM, I. F., Paarl, July 18.
ERSKINE, C. H.-GREATHEAD, C. M., Burghersdorp, July 30.
FORSYTH-DAWSON-On August 27, at the Presbyterian Church, Walmer, Port Elizabeth, by the Rev. J. McRobert, M.A., James, eldest son of Robert Forsyth, J.P., New Smailholm, Kelso, to Annie, only daughter of the late Duncan Dawson, Stirling.
FRASER, P. K.-FINLAY, E., Durban, August 3.
GILFILLAN, F. W. B.-WHINDUS, L. A., Cape Town, July 25.
GODDARD, G. W.-DOVELL, A. M., Cape Town, July 25.
HAWKINS, F. C.-CHARMAN, A. E., Cape Town, Aug. 5.
HIME-SHORES-On August 1, at St. Saviour's Cathedral, Pietermaritzburg, by the Rev. William Clark, Charles F. W. Hime, son of Sir Albert Hime, K.C.M.G., Prime Minister of Natal, to Kathleen, eldest daughter of John W. Shore, C.M.G., M.Inst.C.E., Engineer-in-Chief Natal Government Railways.
KEARNEY, P. X.-PARKER, E. K., Bulawayo, Aug. 3.
LOCKHART-GREENFIELD-On July 29, at Durban, by the Rev. Mr. Tees, John Lockhart to Georgina Wilson, daughter of the late James S. Greenfield, Leith, and granddaughter of the late Andrew Scott, oil skin manufacturer, Leith.
MACDOUGALL, A.-HENDERSON, M. F., Wynberg, July 31.
MITCHELL, R.-WOOD, L., Durban, August 3.
RICHARDSON, E. M.-WILSON, J. B., Durban, Aug. 6.
RUSSELL, A. W.-BARBOUR, I. C., Cape Town, Aug. 3.
STECHER, P. C.-HEYDENRYCH, F. C., Cape Town, August 5.
TYTHERLEIGH, H. S.-DYASON, G., Prince Albert, July 29.
BEYERS, A. C., Salt River, August 8, aged 45.
BISCHOFF, R. B. P., Cape Town, August 7, aged 52.
BLAIR-On August 18, at Kimberley, of pneumonia, James Cameron Blair, Cape Mounted Police, fifth son of the late Matthew Blair, Paisley, and of Mrs.Blair, 1, Cluny Terrace, Edinburgh, aged 29.
COLLINGHAM, F. S., Durban, August 2, aged 25.
FLETCHER, Mrs. A., Rondebosch, August 6, aged 59.
HAWKINS, H. W., Claremont, August 8, aged 51.
HILL, E. F., Addington, August 6, aged 8.
KERR-On June 7, at Gwelo, Rhodesia, W. S. Kerr (born in Edinburgh, 1856).
LOUW, C. A., Mowbray, August 6, aged 50.
MCNAUGHTON-On August 25, at Mooi River, South Africa, Peter McNaughton, eldest son of Peter McNaughton, draper, Bathgate, N.B., aged 33.
MORKEL, W. P., Standhouder's Kraal, O.F.S., July 27, aged 71.
MORLEY-On August 8, at Mafeking, of pneumonia, Stuart Thomas Gregory, only son of the late Thomas Gregory Morley, Solicitor, of Nottingham.
MOSES, J., Claremont, August 6, aged 54.
MURRAY-On August 11, at Chinde, Central Africa, Hugh S. Murray, merchant, formerly of Kilmarnock and Glasgow.
PALMER, S., Cape Town, August 8, aged 31.
PATTISON, Miss A. L. J. A., Swellendam, July 31.
SAKI-On August 29, at Edinburgh, Moyazo Saki, student, from South Africa.
SMITH, J. D., Cape Town, August 8, aged 49.
VAN DE SANDE, J., Wynberg, August 7, aged 60.

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