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South African Commercial Advertiser

South African Commercial Advertiser 1824 (partial)

Wednesday 11 February 1824

On the 5th ultimo a man was found drowned in the Breede River, and an inquest having been held upon the body it was ascertained to be that of the Rev. James SMALL, a Scotch Presbyterian Clergyman, who has for some years been wandering about the Colony in a state of poverty and wretchedness. He did not emigrate with any party of the Settlers, but came out shortly after them as a solitary adventurer, and has since been employed as a school master, and occasionally as a Preacher in various parts of the Colony. He appeared to have been originally a person of respectable character and acquirements, but had, through misfortune or malady, become unsettled in his habits and apparently deranged in his mind.

Wednesday 17 March 1824

On Friday evening the 12th inst a most brutal assault was made on Mr. SHEE, residing in Grave-street, by W. TILLEY, a Saddler, living opposite. The account given by SHEE is that on the evening in question he had invited TILLEY to supper, which the latter refused; some time after, however, he burst into SHEE’s house, and behaved so riotously that SHEE desired him to leave the house; this he refused to do, and was at length turned out. On the stoop he struck at SHEE several times, who did not strike him again but merely held him tightly down; finding himself mastered, he called out “SHEE is biting me!”, his wife then ran over and endeavoured to remove SHEE by taking hold of his arms. The ruffian TILLEY took advantage of this, and seizing SHEE by the throat with both hands he exclaimed “I know I cannot fight you; so now you ___ I’ll mark you for life;” and actually bit off the end of SHEE’s nose and spit it out on the stoop! The piece has since mortified and SHEE is of course disfigured for life. We understand the perpetrator of this brutal action will appear today to give bail to answer for his actions.

Wednesday 7 April 1824

Robert SWAN, Watch Maker, begs to acquaint his Friends and the Public that he has removed from Grave-street to No.6 Market-square, where he continues to carry on the above business in all its branches
Cape Town 6th April 1824

Wednesday 28 April 1824

Jabez HART begs to inform his friends that he has taken the stores lately occupied by Mr. MASKEW, which he intends opening in the course of next week, with a choice assortment; and hopes, by attention to the accommodation of the public, to merit the above recommendations.
25 Longmarket-street
26 April 1824

J. FELL, Tin Worker and Bell-hanger, most respectfully informs the inhabitants of Cape Town and its vicinity, in consequence of his having taken by contract the management of the Light House, Green Point, and having quitted his house and business, No.7 Burg-street Cape Town, will still carry on the part of bell-hanging as usual; by attention to which he hopes to merit a continuance of their favors. Orders will be taken in at Mr. J.H. WILLS’, No.2 Shortmarket-street.
NB Very good lamp oil may be had by the gallon or other quantities. Apply as above.

[No newspapers in the file between May 1824 and August 1825]

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