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South African Commercial Advertiser

South African Commercial Advertiser 1826 - 2 - October to December

Saturday 7 October 1826

In the Reformed Church [sic] Oct 1:
A son of J. ALLEN baptised Thomas.
A daughter of the late G. SMITH baptised Ann Elizabeth.
Oct 3:
A son of Captain NICHOLSON HM 55th Regt baptised Robert Edward.
In the Reformed Church Sept 29:
A son of D.A. MULLER baptised Roeloff Albertus.
A son and 4 daughters of Jan RUTGERS? [middle letter obscured in fold] baptised Nicolaas, Hendrikje, Alida Cornelia, Grietje and Cornelia Margaretha.
A daughter of J.J. LE SUEUR Esq baptised Johanna Egberta.
A daughter of A.P. HEROLDT baptised Anna Catharina Dorothea.
A daughter of F. JORDAAN Ls baptised Antoinetta Margaretha Maria.
A daughter of W. MATHEWS baptised Betzy Susana Johanna.
Also 15 adult persons.
In the Sub Drostdy of Clanwilliam Sept 14:
A daughter of P.W. LUBBE baptised Johanna Maria.
A son of C.A.J. BURGER baptised Alewyn Johannes.
A son of A.J. VAN HEERDE baptised Schalk Willem.
A daughter of N. A. SPRUIT baptised Hester Adriana Margaretha.
A daughter of [hole in paper] RYNEVELD Esq baptised Martha Cornelia.
A daughter of [hole in paper] SMIT Esq baptised Hester Helena.
A son of E.H. VOL...[hole in paper] Esq baptised Alert [sic –Albert?] George Sebastiaan.
A daughter of J. FOSTER baptised Jane Elizabeth Johanna.
A daughter of F.J. LUBBE B.Ps. baptised Johanna Maria Jacoba.
A daughter of G. NIEUWOUDT Js baptised Johanna Ernetta Henrietta.
A daughter of J.G. SANDBERG baptised Christina Magdalena Cicilia.
A son of A.E. BOTA baptised Gert Albertus.
A daughter of A.G.J. VAN WYK baptised Christina Hester.
Two sons of J.J.S.KOOPMAN baptised David and Jan? [obscured in fold] Johannes Stephanus.
A daughter of C.J. MOUTON baptised Geesje Helena.
A son of F.J. BRAND baptised Fredrik Johannes.
A daughter of I.J. VAN DER MERWE Ns baptised Hester Sophia Jacoba.
A daughter of J.J. VAN ZYL Ps baptised Elisabeth Maria.
A son of W.J. VAN WYK baptised Willem Jacobus.
A son of Mr. H.C. NIEUWOUDT baptised Ernest Hendrik.
A son of M. KOOPMAN baptised Michiel Stephanus.
Two sons of C.L. VAN ROOYEN baptised Barend Jacobus and Cornelis Lodewyk.
A son of C.J.B. KOOPMAN baptised Christiaan Nicolaas.
A daughter of J.H. VAN ROOYEN baptised Helena Margaretha.
A daughter of D.W. VAN ROOYEN baptised Johannes [sic] Wilhelmina.
A daughter of S.W. LUBBE baptised Sophia Christina.
A daughter of G. ECKHARD baptised Maria.
A daughter of Margaretha Johanna KOOPMAN baptised Hanna Jacoba Louw.
A son of W.J. VAN WYK baptised Michiel Stephanus.

In the Reformed Church Oct 2:
Mr. P.J. REDELINGHUYS to Miss Jacoba Alida BOTHA.

Sept 29:
Helena Maria Carolina KARSTEN, aged 16 years.
Sept 30:
A son of Captain Geo. KILGOUR, named James Augustus William, aged 18 months and 7 days.
Oct 1:
An infant son of Mr. Gysbert REITS.
A daughter of the late A.B. LAING, named Margaret Jane, aged 5 years and 4 months.
Oct 2:
An infant son of Ellen JACOBS.
Oct 4:
Willemina PAASSCHEN, aged 82 years.
A son of J.T. LUYT, named Coenraad, aged 22 months and ?2 [obscured in fold] days.
Oct 5:
A son of W. JACOBSZ Gs, named Willem Johan, aged 17 months.

Saturday 14 October 1826

In the English Church Oct 5:
A son of Mr. L.H. TWENTYMAN baptised Lawrence Burrell.
In the Reformed Church Oct 8:
A son of W.T. VAN DEN BERG baptised Lambertus Petrus Johannes.
A son of S.J. JORDAAN Ls baptised Louis Johannes Jacobus.
A son of Apploon VAN DE KAAP baptised Ernst Christiaan.
A daughter of Mr. D.G. EKSTEEN Js baptised Geesje Wilhelmina Maria.
A daughter of Mr. J.D. PRINS Js baptised Johana Maria Carolina
In the Lutheran Church Oct 8:
A daughter of D.F.J. KOENSE baptised Louisa Dina Rosina.
Two daughters (twins) of Mr. J.M. WENZEL baptised Christina Carolina and Ann Margareth Elizabeth.

In the Reformed Church Oct 7:
Lieut. STEELE (half pay) of HM 60th Regt to Miss Anna Catharina LANGERMAN.
Oct 8:
Johannes JOBSEN to Hilletje SCHIETGAT, widow of the late Arie DE JONG.
Oct 12 (by special licence):
Mr. Cornelis Breevilt SCHUITEMAKER to Miss Wilhelmina Magdalena JACOBS.

Oct 6:
Florentina VAN DE KAAP, aged 62 years.
Oct 7:
An infant son of J.W. MELANDER.
Oct 8:
Mrs. Johanna NIEUHOUT, wife of Mr. W. WEIDEMAN Sen, aged 72 years 8 months and 2 days.

In the notice of the death of John CONSTABLE Jun in the Advertiser of the 30th September, for “27 years 7 months and 25 days” read “35 years and 7 months”.

Tuesday 17 October 1826

DIED on the 8th inst my dearly beloved wife Johanna NIEUHOUD, aged 72 years 8 months and 2 days, after having been married nearly 50 years, of which notice is given to Relatives and Friends.
Oct 14 1826

Saturday 21 October 1826

In the English Church Oct 15:
A daughter of Alex. McWILLIAMS baptised Ann.
In the Reformed Church Oct 15:
A son of Mr. C.M. KORSTEN baptised Hendrik Cornelis Johannes.
A son of J.A. CALMEYER baptised Pieter Fredrik.
A son of F.W. SCHIRMER baptised George Fredrik.
A son of J.N. VAN WEILLIGH baptised Johannes Nicolaas Thomas.
A son of A.J. HENDRIKSE baptised Jan Adriaan Daniel.
A daughter of Mr. J.W. MACKRILL baptised Reinietta Catharina.
In the Lutheran Church Oct 15:
A son of C.J. BECKER baptised Fredrik Georg.
A daughter of Dorothea Elisabeth KLIM, Rosina Rebecca Johanna.
Oct 19:
A son of Mr. J.G. ASPELING baptised Johannes Edmunf Willem.
In the English Church at Port Elizabeth Oct 1:
A son of E. WARNER baptised Thomas George.
At Graham’s Town Sept 18:
A daughter of H.C.J. VAN RENSBURG baptised Frericka Johanna Catrina.
Oct 1:
A daughter of G.P. LASENGAA baptised Maria Alettha.
Oct 8:
A daughter of Mr. R.B. GREEN baptised Elisabeth Rosina.
A daughter of Serjt J. TURPIN, Cape Corps, baptised Emma.
A daughter of Serjt. Major G. PRICE, Cape Corps Cavalry, baptised Mary.

In the English Church Oct 16 (by special licence):
Mr. R. BUTLER to Miss Marcella SHELLY.
In the Reformed Church Oct 17 (by special licence):
The Rev. William ELLIOT to Miss Georgina Johanna CALDWELL, youngest daughter of the late W. CALDWELL Esq.
At Graham’s Town Sept 25:
Mr. John Penny MANDY to Miss Mary DOUGHERTY.
Joseph STICK to Sophia SOUTHEY. [sic – should be STIRK]

Oct 11:
Catharina Maria ZWEDE, wife of Fredrik LEIMKEULER, aged 54 years 1 month and 28 days.
Oct 14:
A daughter of G.M. PEDDER Esq, named Anna Mary, aged 3 years 2 months and 9 days.
Helena JACOBS, aged 18 years 9 months and 8 days.
Oct 17:
Mr. Bartholomeus SCHULTZ, aged 58 years 8 months and 7 days.
A daughter of Mr. H.A. SANDENBERG, named Elsabe Antoinetta Jacoba, aged 11 months and 7 days.
An infant daughter of Maria Jacoba DE GROOT.
At Graham’s Town Oct 3:
Serjt. Major Joseph PITT, late of the Cape Infantry, aged 45 years.

Saturday 4 November 1826

In the Reformed Church Oct 29:
A son of Mr. H.H. LOEDOLFF baptised Johan Hendrik.
A son of Mr. S.V. VAN REENEN Fs baptised Dirk Gysbert.
A son of H.P. STAAL baptised Johan Godlieb.
A daughter of Mr. W.A. VAN SCHOOR baptised Anna Tobia Maria.
A daughter of A. CALMEYER baptised Helena Petronella.
A daughter of J.H. HEYDENRICH baptised Anna Elisabeth.
In the Lutheran Church Oct 29:
A daughter of Mr. J.F. DUSING baptised Carolina Helena Josina.

Oct 29:
Susanna Jacoba SWEEDE, wife of T. ARENTS, aged 52 years 6 months and 15 days.
Oct 31:
A son of Daniel BEETS, named Johannes Christiaan, aged 4 months and 9 days.
Nov 2:
A daughter of Mr. J.H. MEYRING, named Johanna Fredrica Alida, aged 4 years and 7 months.

On the 31st ultimo Mrs. WAKE of a daughter

Saturday 11 November 1826

In the English Church Nov 4:
A son of George KEKEWICH Esq baptised Samuel Blomefield.
Nov 5:
A daughter of Mr. William HAWKINS baptised Mary Ann Fitzherbert.
A son of Mr. Joseph HODGSON baptised Charles Hunter.
A daughter of Francis NIBBS baptised Mary Ann.
In the Reformed Church Nov 5:
A son of D.W. HERTZOG Esq bapt Johannes Albertus Munnik.
A son of Mr. Vespasius SCHOONBERG baptised Johan Christiaan Brasler.
A daughter of Mr. J.P.H. FAURE baptised Anna Fredrica Catharina.
A daughter of Mr. J.F. DE WET baptised Elisaberh Catharina Jacoba.
At Graham’s Town Oct 7:
A daughter of W. BERRY baptised Sophia.
A daughter of H.C. VAN RENSBURG baptised Susanna Josiana.
A son of Captain A.B. ARMSTRONG of HM Cape Corps baptised Alexander Thomas.
Oct 29:
A son of Mr. M.G. BOEYING baptised Matthys Martinus.
A daughter of B.S. VAN DER LINDEN baptised Anna Maria.
Oct 27 at Pigot Park by the Rev. Thomas Ireland:
A daughter of Donald MOODIE Esq baptised Catherine Jemima.

In the English Church Nov 4 (by special licence):
Mr. Robert SAUNDERS to Miss Elisabeth Magdalena Susanna MOHR.
In the Lutheran Church Nov 6:
Mr Johannes Jacobus WIID to Miss Theodora Christina STADLER.
At Wynberg Nov 3:
Mr. William Edward SMITH to Mrs. Hanna, widow of the late A.B. LAING.

Oct 31:
Christina Heromia SMIT, widow of the late Joan FAIRBAINX [sic] aged 52 years 4 months and 9 days.
Nov 2:
Barbara Cornelia SMIT, wife of F. SMIT, aged 74 years and 2 days.
Nov 5:
Mrs. Apolonia Carolina MOCKE, wife of Mr. C. HANCKE, aged 44 years 3 months 12 days.

Saturday 18 November 1826

In the Reformed Church Nov 12:
A son of J.C. GNADE baptised August Wilhelm.
A son of Johanna HENDRIKSE baptised Martinus Johannes.
A daughter of J.J. BOSMAN baptised Catharina Maria.
A daughter of the late Helen Maria Carolina KARSTEN baptised Antoinetta Elisabeth.
In the Lutheran Church Nov 12:
A daughter of Mr. H.C. DREYER Fs baptised Engela.
A daughter of Mr. J.C. FRISLEW baptised Sophia Maria Jacoba.
In the Sub Drostdy of Clanwilliam Oct 3:
A daughter of D.J. VERMEULEN baptised Martha Sophia Johanna.
Oct 5:
A daughter of J. VAN ZYL Bs baptised Martha Maria.
A son of Mr. L MARQUARD baptised Leopold.
A daughter of Mr. G. VAN ZYL Bs baptised Geertruida Cornelia.
A son of W. ENGELBRECHT Js baptised Josias Andries.

Nov 8:
Johannes Bernardus VAN SOES, aged 54 years and 4 months.
Nov 9:
Anna Magdalena STADLER, wife of J.L. BIANCHI, aged 38 years 9 months 7 days.
Nov 10:
An infant daughter of J.C. GNADE.
Nov 12:
Martha Maria MOLLER, widow of the late Hendrik MELLET Sen, aged 76 years 5 months and 8 days.
Nov 13:
Mr. Johannes Meynbert CRUYWAGEN As aged 25 years 7 months and 29 days.
Eva Fredrica CORNELISSE, aged 55 years 8 months and 2 days.
An infant son of Arthur SMITH.

Saturday 25 November 1826

In the English Church Nov 19:
A daughter of J. GRIMES baptised Caroline.
Nov 20:
A son of George PATON Esq baptised George Ponty.
In the Reformed Church Nov 19:
A daughter of A.G. DE SMIDT baptised Sara Maria.
A daughter of W.A.J. DE SMIDT baptised Susanna Maria.
In the Lutheran Church Nov 19:
An adult female person baptised Hendrietta Johanna SMITH.

In the Reformed Church Nov 18 (by special licence):
Francois Johannes LOMBARD to Maria Magdalena BOOYSEN

Nov 16:
Mrs. Maria Cecilia VAN DER MERWE, widow of the late Mr. A.W. BECK, aged 70 years and 22 days.
Nov 21:
Mrs. Elizabeth HORNE, wife of James HORNE Esq, aged 49 years.
Pieter Everhard BREVIS, aged 45 years.
A son of R. VAN REJEN, named Reynert Christoffel, aged 13 months.

Tuesday 5 December 1826

The following account of the funeral of the late Serjeant James BRODRICK is furnished by a Correspondent who regrets that he is not in possession of sufficient information to do justice to the very great and justly merited esteem in which the late Serjant James BRODRICK was held by every one who knew him: it was impossible that any individual of his rank in life could be more respected.
Serjeant BRODRICK was born in Sydney in New South Wales in 1791 or 2. He enlisted in the late 102nd Regiment, with which he served in that Colony, the West Indies and North America: on that regiment being disbanded in 1818 he volunteered his services to the 49th Regiment, from which he has not been a day absent. Finding his health much impaired, and conceiving that his native climate might do much towards prolonging his life, he requested to be permitted to return to it; his prayer was forwarded, strongly recommended to His Royal Highness the Commander in Chief, who was pleased to give directions that his wish should be complied with; and he was only waiting the arrival of a vessel from England to proceed to his mother, now residing in Van Diemen’s Land, when death arrested his progress and removed him to “Another and a better world”. He died on the 28th ult and was buried on the following day with both Military and Masonic honours: at his funeral there was a large attendance of military officers belonging to the respective regiments on this station; and a numerous assemblage of Brethren of the several Lodges also followed his remains to the grave.
He was a man of the most unassuming manners, possessing the strictest principles of honor and probity, and an unwearied attention to the duties of his station. As a member of the Masonic Body he is most deservedly regretted. In the office of the Master of the Lodge he pursued a line of conduct that could not fail to leave the deepest impression on the minds of his Brethren; to an anxious desire to see all the duties performed with credit to the order, he added the most inflexible justice, never permitting any deviation to pass without due notice and a proper reproof – indeed it may truly be said of him “that he did unto others as he would they should do unto him”.

Saturday 9 December 1826

In the English Church Nov 29:
A daughter of the Rev. Geo HOUGH MA, Colonial Chaplain, baptised Elice Ellen.
In the English Church Dec 3:
A daughter of Mr. C. KINCAID baptised Jessy.
In the Reformed Church Dec 3:
A son of H.G. VAN GEEMS baptised Christiaan Wilhelm Burselman.
A daughter of C.J. DE CERFF baptised Sara Helena Maria.
A daughter of R. CROOKE baptised Maria Johanna Susanna Hendrica.
In the Lutheran Church Dec 3:
A son of A.J.G. BECK baptised James Andries Hendrik.
A daughter of Felix ORLANDIEN baptised Anna Elisabeth Maria.

In the English Church Dec 4:
Mr. Thomas PEARSON to Mrs. Susanna BLACK.
In the Reformed Church Dec 1:
Mr. Rudolf CLOETE Hs to Miss Johanna Charlotta Rebecca VAN REENEN.
Dec 3:
Philip Gabriel SCHOT to Catryn KEET.

Dec 1:
Pieter Ulrich FISCHER Esq aged 61 years 11 months and 2 dats.
Johan ADRIAANSEN, aged 65 years.
Dec 2:
A daughter of Florentina WILHELMSE, named Charlotta Remsford, aged 8 months.
Dec 4:
A son of A.J. VAN DER WESTHUYZEN, named Isaak Plantefeber, aged 9 years 9 months and 13 days.
Dec 6:
Ensign Anthony Carrel HAYES, aged 21 years, of HM 13th Regt of Foot at Bengal.

Saturday 16 December 1826

In the English Church Dec 10:
A daughter of Mr. E. EAGER baptised Johanna Catherine.
In the Reformed Church Dec 10:
A son of C.J. BRAND Esq baptised Hendrik Christoffel.
A son of S. DE KOCK Jun. Esq baptised Nicolas Jacobus
A son of Mr. H.D.VOS baptised Hercules Crosse.
A son of Mr. C.H.McCOMB baptised John Thomas
A daughter of Mr. J.A. HEYDENRYCH baptised Christina Petronella.
A daughter of Mr. S.J. MOSTERT baptised Anna Martina Wilhelmina.
A daughter of S. PRUCE baptised Rosina Morrentina.
A daughter of Hanna VAN DE KAAP baptised Sara Francina Baks.
In the Lutheran Church Dec 11:
Ten slaves of J.L. PITON Esq baptised James LESENBURY, Robert SISSING, Christian SISSING, William SISSING, Jan GILES, Mary Ann REDORD, Rachel SISSING, Alida SISSING, Susanna GILES and Franchon GILES.

In the English Church Dec 11:
James MANCHEE to Sarah MOORE.
In the Reformed Church Dec 10:
Mr. Carel Johannes VAN DER MERWE Fs to Miss Wilhelmina Maria Aletta VAN AS.
In the Lutheran Church Dec 8 (by special licence):
Carl KIENZLE to Anna Maria Elisabeth Cathrina ZAAYMAN, widow of the late J.A. ALBERT.

Dec 2:
Mrs. Brieta HULTMAN, widow of the late R.H. AKERMAN Esq MD, aged 59 years and 2 months.
Dec 8:
John DEDIER, aged 51 years.
A son of A.J. ISAAKSE, named Gabriel Beyers Strydom, aged 1 year and 24 days.
Dec 9:
A daughter of C.P. BRAND, named Maria Charlotta Petronella, aged 10 months.
Dec 12:
Pieter Pieterse BOLTMAN, aged 52 years,

Saturday 23 December 1826

In the English Church Dec 17:
A daughter of Benjamin BOND baptised Susannah.
In the Reformed Church Dec 17:
A daughter of J.M. SCHIETEGAT baptised Elisabeth Jacoba.
A daughter of W. SYMS baptised Rachel Helena.
In the Lutheran Church Dec 17:
A son of J.F. KELBER baptised Hendrik Johannes.
At Graham’s Town Nov 6:
A son of W. WEBSTER baptised John.
Nov 7:
A son of A. GRAVEL baptised William.
Nov 23:
A son of Lieut. HEATHCOTE of HM Cape Corps Cavalry baptised Thomas John.
Dec 3:
A daughter of C. SANGER baptised Maria Magdalena Elisabeth.
A daughter of J. NEL baptised Aletta Johanna Elisabeth.
A daughter of J.H. DELPORT baptised Aletta Elisabeth.
Dec 10:
A daughter of T.G. POTGIETER baptised Elsje Catharina.
A son of Serjeant William SANDS of HM Cape Corps Infantry baptised William.

In the Reformed Church Dec 17:
Petrus Arnoldus COMBRINCK Hs to Johanna Catharina UYS, widow of the late J. GRAAFF.
Petrus Jacobus Paulus HANSSEN to Carolina Josina BECK.
At Simon’s Town, Dec 11:
Hendrik LOURENS to Wilhelmina Susanna FRANKIN
Isaac Fredrik KLOPPERS to Wilhelmina ADAMSE.
At Graham’s Town Dec 7:
David RUDD to Martha WHEELER.
Dec 10:
Johannes Hermanus BOUWER to Maria Dorothea FERREIRA.
Barend Daniel BOUWER to Gysbertina Jansen VAN RENSBURG.

Dec 13:
A daughter of C.H. SMITH, named Henrietta Petronella, aged 11 months and 24 days.
A daughter of H.J. FAUSTURAN, named Aletta Johanna Isabella, aged 8 months and 12? Days.
Dec 18:
Heronimus SALOMONSE, aged 86 years 11 months and 18 days.
A son of John MURRAY Jun, named William, aged 11 months.
A daughter [sic] of S.J. JORDAAN, named Louis Johannes Jacobus, aged 4 months.
At Simon’s Town Dec 14:
Anthony STEYNHARD, aged 52 years.
Edmund HASLAM, aged 3 months and 2 days.

Saturday 30 December 1826

In the English Church Dec 24:
A daughter of Mr. M. ADAMS baptised Martha Elizabeth.
In the English Church Dec 28:
A daughter of F. BALSTON Esq baptised Emily Sophia.
In the Reformed Church Dec 24:
A son of P.E. BIEL baptised Anthon Fredrik.
A daughter of J.H. HOFMAYER Js Esq baptised Elisabeth Margareth.
A daughter of A.H. LEEUWENDAAL baptised Fransina Christina.
Dec 26:
A daughter of M.W. KELLY baptised Elizabeth Catherine.
In the Lutheran Church Dec 24:
A daughter of D.J. ROOZA Sen baptised Sara Lusia.
A daughter of J.G. KROEZEN baptised Johanna Philippina Hendrica.
In the English Church Port Elizabeth Dec 3:
A son of Alexander, prize apprentice, baptised John.
Dec 17:
A daughter of Lieut. Alexander MURRAY of His Majesty’s 59th Regiment, baptised Frances Harriet.

In the English Church Dec 26:
Mr. Benjamin GLASSCOTT to Mrs. H. MUGGRIDGE.
George LITCHFIELD to Elizabeth Mary STURGES.

Dec 19:
A daughter of Mr. A. NELSON, named Barbara Jacoba, aged 11 months.
Dec 20:
A son of H.B. OPPEL, named Carel Hendrik, aged 1 year 8 months and 15 days.
Dec 21:
A son of F. GOSLOT, named Coenraad Gabriel Cornelus, aged 5 months and 9 days.
A son of P.L. VOGEL, named Lourens Jacobus Collin, aged 4 months.
Dec 23:
An infant son of J.M. DE WIT.
A daughter of E.G. LANDSBERG, named Elisabeth Cornelia, aged six months and two days.
Dec 24:
A daughter of Mr. A DE SMIDT, named Sara Maria, aged 14 months and 18 days.
Dec 25:
Jacob STEENKAMP, aged 64 years 6 months and 7 days.
Dec 26:
Mr. Nicolaas VAN ES, aged 69 years 3 months and 15 days.
A son of J. HOGSFLESH, named Thomas James, aged two years and 11 months.
An infant son of J.D.LANGEVELD.
Dec 28:
A son of J. STIGLINGH, named Jacobus Hendricus, aged 14 months and 26 days.

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