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South African Commercial Advertiser

South African Commercial Advertiser 1826 - 1 - March to September

Wednesday 15 March 1826

The Perseverance, Captain BEST, struck on the Whale Rock about four o’ clock on Sunday afternoon and went down in the course of the evening in about 7 fathoms water. The Passengers and Crew were saved. Capt.B. speaks in warm terms of the prompt assistance afforded by the Commandant of Robben Island, who approached the vessel within about an hour after she struck, and safely landed part of the passengers. A boat from the Buckinghamshire was also of great service in taking out whatever luggage could be come at, and the conduct of Mr. CROZIER, who had charge of the boat, was most creditable. The proper assistance was rendered by the Port Office, by the Agents to Lloyds, Messrs. NISBET & DICKSON, and by HMS Helicon, as soon as the accident was known. We decline making any remarks until after the investigation, which we understand the Agents for Lloyds will immediately institute.

Wednesday 26 April 1826

A Sale by Auction will be held on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday the 1st 2nd and 3rd May next at the Garden Vredenburg, situated at the top of Long-street, of the whole of Mrs. ROWLES’ property, consisting of the said Garden, with a Dwelling-house, two extensive Stores, Stabling and other Outhouses; also a commodious Dwelling-house, now in the occupation of Captain BALSTON, with two small Houses adjoining, situated in Kloof-street, two Stores in Strand-street, and a small Spot of Ground near the Garden of R.J. VAN DER RIET Esq; also Plate and Plated Ware, Glass, China, and Crockery Ware, Cooking Utensils, Furniture of every description, Carriages and Horses, and various other articles, all which may be viewed at the Garden Vredenburg on Thursday and Friday the 27th and 28th instant, from the hours of 11am to 3pm.
A complete Cook, a Coachman, a Tailor, two Houseboys and a Labourer will also be sold.
The Garden and Houses are in the meantime for Sale by Private Contract
Cape Town, 26th April 1826

Wednesday 14 June 1826

The undersigned is desirous of entering into a Contract with any person or persons who are willing to engage to get the Brig Nautilus off the Beach where she now lies, near the Military Hospital, and put her in a fit and complete state for sea (under inspection). She will require to be coppered and supplied with a new 12 or 13 inch hemp cable &c &c. Further particulars may be known by application at the Office of Mr. Notary CADOGAN, where tenders will be received until Thursday next at 2 o’ clock.
W. TRIPE, Master of the Nautilus
NB Adequate security will be required for the performance of the contract.

Wednesday 21 June 1826

Subsequent to the account which appeared in our last, of the probability of getting off and repairing the Brig Nautilus for a moderate expenditure, a further survey was [made], when, it appearing that the expense of repairing her would considerably exceed her worth, and that she was in a most dilapidated state, she was condemned to be [sold] as a wreck. A sale accordingly took place yesterday, at which she fetched (including her masts, spars and boats) 3360 Rds. Her stores &c yet remain to be sold.

[after the end of June 1826 the paper became twice weekly and BMDs began to be featured regularly, usually on Saturdays]

Saturday 1 July 1826

Sunday June 25:
A son of James McQUILLON, Musician HM 49th Regt, baptised William Henry
Wednesday June 23 [sic – should be 21]:
A son of Lieutenant and Ajutant WOLFE, HM 98th Regt, baptised George Douglas Dunleavie
A daughter of Mr. Adriaan DE WAAL baptised Johanna Catharina Van Brakel
A daughter of Mr. P.E. HAMMES baptised Anna Elizabeth
A daughter of W.S. VALENTYNS baptised Christina Magdalena
A daughter of Dirkje VAN DE KAAP baptised Elisabeth Susanna
At Graham’s Town, June 11:
Two sons of Serjeant Joseph LEVEY of HM Cape Corps, baptised Henry and Charles
June 18:
A son of Joseph STEVENS baptised Joseph

Saturday June 24:
Mr. Rob’t EAGER to Miss Hendrina Christina FOCK
Monday June 26:
Sunday June 25:
Christiaan Fredrik Theodoor SCHWARTZ, widower, to Geertruyda Margaretha ROUX, widow of the late Abraham BOSMAN

June 22:
Hermanus KOELKE, aged about 48 years
June 25:
George JOHNSON Esq, Ensign in the Bombay Infantry, aged 20 years
June 27:
A son of Mr. A.C. OLTHOFF, Gerhard, aged 21 months and 1 day
June 28:
A son of Mr. P.J. PENTZ Esq, Johan Fredrik, aged 18 months.
Ditto an infant son of Mr. J.P. HELLETT
At Graham’s Town, June 4:
James, son of Mr. GILBERT, builder &c, aged 11 years
June 6:
Mary LUCAS, aged 7 years
June 13:
William LEWIS, Private in HM Cape Corps Cavalry

Saturday 8 July 1826

In the Reformed Church on Sunday June 30:
A son of Mr. R. WRANKMORE baptised Martinus
A son of S.A. BECKER baptised Carl Johannes
At Port Elizabeth June 4:
A daughter of T. STADTLER baptised Margaret
June 11:
A son of G.D. DISSEL baptised George Daniel William
June 13:
A daughter of Mr. J. SWAN , District Surveyor, baptised Margaret.
June 18:
Two sons and a daughter of T. GRIFFIN Baptised Stephen William Bill, Charles Carter and Margaret
June 25:
A daughter of J. CROOKS, Bombardier, Royal Artillery, baptised Amelia

Monday July 3
William JOHNSTON to Sarah, widow of the late R. MITCHELL

July 1:
An infant son of Benjamin MORGAN
July 3:
A daughter of Mr. W.J. SMUTS, Magdalena Elisabeth, aged 5 months and 1 day
Ditto a daughter of John GRENGER, Johanna Catharina, aged 2 years and 4 months
Ditto Johan Adam LANKOFF, aged 33 years 5 months and 12 days
Ditto Maria LOURENS, widow of the late Jacob NEGVEL, aged 75 years

Saturday 15 July 1826

Sunday July 9:
A son of Colour Serjeant Edward JONES HM 98th Regt baptised Edward
A son of M. BERGH baptised Matthys Petrus Johannes
A daughter of J.L. JORSSEN baptised Catharina Carolina Wilhelmina
A daughter of H.G. LANGEVELD baptised Dina Petronella
A daughter of J.F. LUYT baptised Christina Johanna
A daughter of the late A.D. LAURENS baptised Engela Johanna

Mr. John TOWNSEND to Miss Elizabeth BAUMAN

July 5:
An infant daughter of Peter WALKERS
July 9:
Dina Johanna Abrahamse, widow of the late M. LION, aged 29 years 3 months and 8 days
July 12:
A son of F. DE SILVA, named Lazar, aged 6 days

Saturday 22 July 1826

In the English Church, July 16:
A daughter of J.R. THOMSON Esq baptised Georgiana
A daughter of Mr. John ROWE baptised A Harriet Eliza
A son of ditto baptised John Edwin Benjamin
A son of Serjeant Samuel ELLIS baptised James
In the Reformed Church, July 16:
A son of A. BRINK Esq baptised Jan Hendrik
A son of J.A. LAUBSCHER baptised Johannes Albertus
A daughter of A.P. SMIT baptised Hilletje Maria Jacomina
In the Lutheran Church July 16:
A son of Mr. P.D. HOHNE baptised Jan Andries
A son of Mr. F.L. GAUM baptised Johannes Sebastiaan
A son of P. McLACHLAN baptised Daniel Archibald Wilhelm
Also an adult person baptised Johanna Chatharina LOUKHOFF
July 17:
A son of Niels BECK baptised Niels Ole
At Graham’s Town June 25:
A daughter of B.J. DE LANGE baptised Anna Johanna Sophia Maria
A son of W.A. VAN DEVENTER baptised Michiel Daniel
A son of S. NEL baptised Gerrit Jacobus Daniel
A daughter of F.J. VAN DYK baptised Helena Johanna
July 2:
A daughter of R. EMSLIE baptised Mary Anne
July 4:
A son of Lieut. Col. SOMERSET, Commandant on the Frontier &c &c, baptised Henry Plantagenet
A son of B.M. WEHINEYER baptised Gottlieb Wilhelm Bernhard
July 9:
A daughter of Captain PAGE baptised Sophia
A son of T. WALKER baptised William George

In the Lutheran Church, July 16:
Fredrik Gerhard SPOLANDER, widower, to Hester Petronella PRICELIUS
At Graham’s Town, July 6:
George WOOD to Susan GARBITT

July 13:
Simon Hendrik DIPPING, aged 85 years
A son of H.R. OOSTENDORP, named Hendrik Rudolph, aged 15 months and 4 days
July 15:
Catharina Margaretha BUTGER, aged 45 years and 5 months
July 17:
Daniel SHEE, aged 41 years and 5 months
Mrs. Aletta Cornelia SPARENBERG, aged 50 years 11 months and 13 days
July 18:
A son of Niels BECK, named Niels, aged 2 years, 1 month and 22 days
At Graham’s Town, July 6:
A son of Lieut. Col. SOMERSET, Commandant on the Frontier &c &c, named Henry Plantagenet
Robert PRICE, late Serjeant Major in His Majesty’s cape Corps, aged 57 years

Saturday 29 July 1826

In the English Church, July 23:
A daughter of Mr. J.L. CHURCH baptised Ann Matilda
In the Reformed Church, July 23:
A son of J.M. ROHLANDT baptised Daniel Jacobus
A daughter of Mr. J.P.L. CLOETE baptised Johanna Catharina
A daughter of J.J. HEYNS baptised Barendina Carolina
A daughter of Arend DE WAAL Hs baptised Elisabeth Margaretha
In the Lutheran Church, July 23:
A son of Mr. H.J. LEIBBRANDT baptised Johan Sebastiaan
A daughter of Mr. R.P.J. VAN DER RIET baptised Johanna Catharina Hendrina
A daughter of Mr. E,G. LANDSBERG baptised Elisabeth Catharina Cornelia
July 26:
A son of Mr. J.T.W.G. MARTIN baptised Johan Joseph Ernst Wilhelm
A son of Mr. C.G. LANGERMAN baptised George Gustaaf Christiaan
A son of J.C. VAN GRAAN baptised Moses Jacobus
At Port Elizabeth, July 16:
A son of Mr. G. HERBERT baptised Ewald Benedictus

In the Reformed Church July 21 (by special licence)
Mr Benedictus DE RONDE to Miss Dina Elisabeth Kiezewetter LICHTWARK
July 23:
Mr. Hendrik GREEFF Sen to Mrs. Margaretha Elisabeth DE VILLIERS, widow of the late Abraham Isaack DE VILLIERS

July 19:
An infant of Anna Johanna MULLER
Catharina Elisabeth KRUGER, aged 65 years
July 20:
Johan Jacob GROS aged 24 years 7 months and 20 days
July 22:
An infant daughter of David MELLET
July 24:
Sarah GOODEN, wife of James GOODEN, aged 52 years
July 25:
Casper Clansen DYKMAN, aged 24 years 8 months and 24 days
At Port Elizabeth July 2:
Maria Cornelia DAMANT, second daughter of the late Dept. Asst.Com-Gen. J. DAMANT Esq, aged 4 years and 4 months
William Henry Llewellyn JONES, aged 34 years

Saturday 5 August 1826

In the English Church July 30:
A son of Mr. P.J. GAUGAIN baptised James
In the Reformed Church July 30
A son of Mr. F.H. TRUTER baptised Jacob Laubscher
A son of J.N.J. JOONE baptised Johan Bernard
A daughter of Mr. W.A.J. LIESCHING baptised Willemina Charlotte Christine
A daughter of C.H. NEYHOFF baptised Christina Johanna
In the Lutheran Church July 30:
A son of Mr. F.G.E.LANDSBERG baptised Coenraad Gabriel Cornelius
A daughter of R.J. HEYDENRYCH baptised Elisabeth Magdalena

In the Reformed Church July 28:
H. VAN ZYL Js to C.W. LOCK, widow of the late J.P. GOUS jun.
At Graham’s Town July 19:
J. CARLISLE Esq of Belmont to Catharine, eldest daughter of J. PHILIPPS Esq of Glendour

July 31:
A son of Jacob COENRADIE, named Jonas, aged 14 months
August 2:
A son of H. CLOETE Esq Ls, named Henry Robert Josias, aged 8 years

Saturday 12 August

In the English Church August 6:
A son of Mr. W. HUTCHONS baptised Edward.
A son of Mr. R. YOUNG baptised James William.
Two daughters of Mr. R.T. MIDDLETON baptised Julia Sophia and Lucinda Caroline.
A son of Serjt. Edward WILSON HM 49th Regt baptised Robert.
A daughter of William DAVIS (Private) HM 55th Regt baptised Jane.
August 7:
A daughter of C.S. PILLANS Esq baptised Anne Jane
In the Reformed Church August 6:
A son of F.W. KELLERMAN baptised Gabriel Eliza.
A daughter of D. DANIELSZ baptised Johanna Maria.
A daughter of J.J. MELLETT baptised Elisabeth Margaretha.
In the Lutheran Church August 7:
A son of Mr. J.D. KLINCK baptised Johan Daniel
A son of Mr. R.J. DE OLIVIERA baptised Manuel Joao.
A daughter of Mr. A. AURET baptised Jacoba Maria.
At Graham’s Town July 21:
A daughter of Mr. Geo. McLACHLAN baptised Isabella.
A daughter of Mr. J.J. ROOS baptised Anna Margaretha.
July 23:
A daughter of A. DE LANGE baptised Elisabeth.
July 30:
A daughter of P.J. VAN DER WESTHUISEN baptised Susanna Elisabeth.
A son of M.J. OTTA baptised Michael Petrus Johannas.
A daughter of G.J. DELPORT baptised Catharina Johanna Maria.

In the Reformed Church August 6:
Johannes Hendrik DE WAAL to Elisabeth Marja Fredrica PAUELSEN.
In the Lutheran Church August 6:
Mr. Johannes Nicolaas HAMMAN to Miss Johanna Elisabeth Hendrica DEKENAH.
At Graham’s Town, July 28:
Peter CAMPBELL Esq. to Miss Mary CUMMING.

August 1:
Maria Barendina STRIKKERT, widow of the late W. KAMAN, aged 56 years.
August 2:
Catharina Fredrica SCHWARTSENBURG, widow of the late HAMELING, aged 66 years 6 months and 6 days.
August 4:
James DUNN, aged 33? years.
Albrecht Johannes HEROLDT, aged 47 years and 8 months.
August 6:
Mr. Johan Fredrik SCHIKKERLING, aged 78 years 7 months and 8 days.
August 9:
A daughter of the Widow Mary HAMILTON, named Mary, aged 13 years.
At Graham’s Town, July 11:
Thomas LEWIS, aged 3 months.
Thomas SIMPSON, aged 18 years.

Saturday 19 August 1826

In the English Church August 13:
A son of Mr. M. MORISON baptised George.
A son of Mr. A. GOSLETT baptised Jacob Sinjeur.
In the Reformed Church August 13:
A son of Mr. J.R.G. KLERCK baptised Willem Jan.
A son of J.A. VAN VUGT baptised Arnoldus Johannes.
A son of G.C. HANSLO baptised James George Therry.
A daughter of Mr. K.N. DE KOCK baptised Alida Maria.
A daughter of Mr. P.D. VAN DYK baptised Maria Anna.
In the Lutheran Church August 13:
A son of D. BEETS baptised Johannes Christiaan.
A daughter of Mr. A. BRINK As. baptised Anda Elisabeth.
A daughter of N. BAMBERGER baptised Aletta Sophia
Also one son and three daughters of J.G. WALENDORP baptised Johan Georg, Catharina Sophia, Maria Cornelia Johanna and Johanna Maria Elisabeth.
At Graham’s Town August 7:
A son of Mr. Donald McDONALD baptised Donald William.

In the Reformed Church August 14:
Mr. Dirk Jacobus VISSER Js to Miss Maria Johanna BESTER.
At Graham’s Town August 3:
Mr. John Owen SMITH to Miss Elizabeth GILBERT.
William LACEY to Mary Ann GOODHEAD.

August 8:
A son of G. HOFFMAN, named Daniel Christiaan, aged two years two months and two days.
August 13:
A daughter of the late J.A. AGRON, named Johanna Charlotta, aged 1 year and 8 months.
Mr. Johan Hendrik ROUX, aged 64 years and 4 months.
August 14:
A daughter of J.E. HENDRIKSE, named Anna, aged 10 years.
August 16:
Mrs. Engela Johanna LEY, widow of the late J.C. GROENEWALD Esq, aged 68 years 3 months and 8 days.

Saturday 26 August 1826

In the English Church August 20:
A daughter of Mr. R. DYASON baptised Mary Ann.
August 23:
A daughter of James Weir HOGG Esq, Barrister at Law and Registrar of the Supreme Court at Calcutta, baptised Isabella.
In the Reformed Church, August 20:
A son of J. WEIDEMAN baptised George Harrison.
A son of G.J. COETZEE baptised Gergardus Jacobus.
A son of J.J. PENTZ baptised Charles Henry Adriaan de Neys.
In the Lutheran Church August 20:
A son of Mr. T.F. MUNNIK baptised James Barry.

In the English Church Monday August 21:
Private J. HICKEY, Musician in His Majesty’s 49th Regt, to Sarah HUNTER.
August 22:
Henry John MOWAT to Dorothea Johanna Christina JANSSEN.
In the Reformed Church August 20:
Johan Michiel LE ROES to Christina Magdalena FICK.
Nicolas LAKE to Johanna Aletta MEYER.

August 16:
Maria Elisabeth BYL, wife of E.H.F. HOPKINS, aged 18 years 8 months and 10 days.
August 21:
George SMITH aged 32 years.
August 22:
Daughter of John BRYAN, named Mary, aged 8 days.
Gysbert Johannes SMITH, aged 28 years 7 months and 9 days.

Saturday 2 September 1826

In the English Church August 27:
A daughter of John LITTLEFIELD baptised Elizabeth.
In the Reformed Church August 27:
A daughter of L. BIEL baptised Clara Aletta Fredrica.
A daughter of W. JACOBSZ baptised Anna Margaretha.
In the Lutheran Church August 27:
A daughter of E.H.F. HOPKINS baptised Maria Elisabeth.
A daughter of J. VAN DEN EYKEL baptised Alida Cornelia.
August 30:
A son of C.J. GARISCH baptised Abraham Isaac.
At Port Elizabeth August 13:
A son of Private Richard STONE HM 55th Regt baptised Richard.
A son of P.C. DARDING baptised Christian Fredrik.
A daughter of D.J. STRYDOM baptised Johanna Magdalena
At Graham’s Town August 13:
A daughter of W. Senior DENTON baptised Hellen Senior.
A son of Mr. C. DALE baptised Charles.

In the Reformed Church August 28:
Mr. Kennet Nicolaas VAN BREDA As. to Mrs Maria Christina TEUBES, widow of the late Mr. D. VAN BREDA Ss.
In the Lutheran Church August 29:
Mr. Joseph Petrus DUSING to Miss Carolina Catharina DILLMAN.
At Graham’s Town August 15:
Serjeant R. WALLACE of HM Cape Corps to Jane MALLET.

August 23:
Johan George WALDENDURFF, aged 41 years and 6 months.
August 25:
Mrs. Martha Cornelia VAN DER RIET, widow of the late W.S. VAN RYNEVELD Esq, aged 64 years and 1 month.
August 27:
A son of C.M. OLVERA?, named hendrik, aged 2 years and 7 months.
August 28:
Maryna Adriana COETZEE, wife of W. NEL, aged 49 years 8 months and 18 days.
At Graham’s Town, August 17:
Mr. Patrick GIBBLIN. Aged 50 years.
Margaret Ann HANCOCK, aged 14 years and 5 months.

Saturday 9 September 1826

In the English Church Sept 3:
A son of J. COACUM Corporal HM 55th Regt, baptised John.
In the Reformed Church Sept 3:
A son of Mr. J.T. JURGENS baptise Randolph Cloete.
A son of Mr. J.P. SCHIKKERLING baptised Roeland Wilhelm.
A son of Mr. J.M. CROESER baptised Ryno.
In the Lutheran Church Sept 3:
A son of Mr. T.F. DREYER Jun baptised Thomas Fredrik.
A son of C.F. ENVRARD baptised Fredrik Hendrik Jacobus.
A son of J.G. VOIGT baptised Johan David Godlieb
At Port Elizabeth August 27:
Five male adult Govt. apprentices baptised Alexander, Francis, John, Thomas and Diederick.
Three female adult Govt. apprentices baptised Francina, Christina and Thurza.
An adult free man of colour baptised Damon.
An adult slave girl of Mrs the Widow DE LA HARPE baptised Sophia Cornelia.
Three daughters of the above Alexander and Francina baptised Louisa, Margaret and Clarissa.
Two sons of Alexander and Francina baptised Henry and George.
A son of the above Francis and Christina baptised Francis.
A daughter of Francis and Christina baptised Francina.
A male slave of Mrs. Widow DE LA HARPE baptised Abraham.

In the English Church Sept 4:
Thomas APPELBEE to harriet NELSON.
Sept 5:
Richard RUSSELL, Colour Sejeant of HM 55th Regt, to Ann CROWLEY

Sept 1:
A son of J.A. VAN VUGT, named Carel Johan Jacobus, aged 2 years and 12 days.
Johanna Magdalena EYKENSTROOM, widow of the late J.N. KEER, aged 82 years.
Sept 3:
Helena ZOON, aged 34 years and 2 months.
Sept 6:
Mrs. Christina Elisabeth LIEBBRANDT, wife of Mr. C. LIESCHING, aged about 26 years.
At Port Elizabeth August 21:
A daughter of Mr. P. TAUTE, named Sarah, aged 19 years.

Saturday 16 September 1826

In the Reformed Church Sept 10:
A son of J.B. BLOM baptised Johan George Zacharius Stephanus.
A daughter of Mr. J.D. OVERBEEK baptised Wilhelmina Anna.
A daughter of Mr, J.H. VOS baptised Johanna Jacoba.
In the Lutheran Church Sept 10:
A son of P.J. FRISLEW baptised Christaan Johannes
A daughter of J.F. OBERMEYER baptised Maria Petronell Johanna
In the English Church at Simon’s Town Sept 19:
A daughter of Mr. J. JONES baptised Cornelia Mary.
A son of Mr. J. JONES baptised William Griffith.
At Graham’s Town August 27:
A daughter of T. BINGLE baptised Jane.
A son of G. FUTER baptised Thomas.
A son of P.J. GREYLING baptised Jan Christoffel.
Sept 3:
A son of W. VAN DER MERWE baptised Gert Christiaan.
A daughter of Mr. H. LLOYD baptised Alicia Packenham.
A son of Mr. H. LLOYD baptised William.

In the English Church Sept 9 (by special licence):
Mr. George Macnamara BRUNETT to Miss Maria Theresa Francisca COCKBURN.
In the Reformed Church Sept 8 (by special licence):
Anthony HEERING to Alida MUYTEL

Sept 6:
Mrs. Elisabeth Esther DU TOIT, wife of Mr. P.F. ROSSOUW, aged 20 years and 5 months.
Sept 9:
An infant daughter of Mr. P.J. POGGENPOEL.
At Graham’s Town August 20:
Mary Garvey WYATT, aged 16 months.
Sept 1:
Frederick William HILES, aged 61 years.
Catherine FITZGERALD, aged 14 months and 14 days.

Saturday 23 September 1826

DIED on the 16th inst, aged 76 years and 11 months, our beloved mother and mother-in-law Susanna HEYDENRYCH, widow of the late Jacobus ROHLANDT, of which melancholy event notice is hereby given to Relatives and Friends. In the name of the children
Cape Town Sept 16 1826

In the English Church Sept 17:
A son of Mr. J. ROWE baptised John Saunders
In the Reformed Church Sept 17:
A daughter of M VAN EYSSEN Cs baptised Catharina Alida Johanna.
A daughter of J.P. VISSER baptised Platefina
In the Lutheran Church Sept 15:
A daughter of Mr. G. GLAESER baptised Aletta Johanna Sophia.
Sept 17:
Two daughters (twins) of Mr. J.J. ZEYLER baptised Johanna Wilhelmina and Margaretha Catharina.
A son of A. SPOLANDER baptised Jan Nicolaas

Sept 13:
A daughter of J.P. BORGSTORM, named Johanna Maria Elisabeth, aged 2 years and 6 months.
Sept 14:
Andries JINKEL, aged 62 years.
Sept 15:
Fredrik DE JONK, aged 37 years.
A daughter of J.S. LE RIES, named Hendrina Maria Elisbeth, aged 2 years and 21 days.
Sept 16:
Susanna HEYDENRYCH, widow of the late J. ROHLAND, aged 76 years and 11 months.
Sept 17:
Pieter Francois FRUY, aged 38 years and 3 days.

At Saint Helena
June 1: Departed this life Mr. W. WARREN, master baker and confectioner, much respected and regretted.
Aug 15: Married, John ADEEN, servant of Mr. S. SOLOMON, to Mary CAPER

Saturday 30 September 1826

In the English Church Sept 23:
A daughter of J.W. FAIRBRIDGE Esq MD baptised Sarah Armstrong.
Sept 25:
A daughter of G.M. PEDDER Esq baptised caroline.
A daughter of Private J. McGEOGH HM 49th Regt baptised Elizabeth Jane.
In the Reformed Church Sept 24:
A daughter of J.J. BOONZAIER baptised Louisa Cornelia.
A daughter of P.F. ROSSOUW baptised Elisabeta Maria Susanna.
In the Lutheran Church Sept 24:
A daughter of Mr. P.J. RAVEN baptised Johanna Sanetta Alida.
A daughter of Mr. H.J. DE NECKER baptised Maria Barendina.
At Graham’s Town Sept 10:
A son of Corporal KENNEBY of HM 55th Regt baptised John.
A daughter of G. FAIRCLOTH baptised Sarah.
A son of M.J. POTGIETER baptised Martinus Jacobus Fredrik.
A son of A. DE MEYER baptised Jan Baptis.
A son of W. ELLIOT baptised William.

In the Reformed Church Sept 24:
Frans Nicolaas JORDAAN to Anna Johanna KOCK, widow of the late P. LINGENFELDER.
At Graham’s Town, Sept 7:
Alexander FORBES to Jane THOMAS

Sept 22:
Johan Hendrik UNGEREN, aged 59 years 7 months and 17 days.
Sept 25:
Ann BAKER, wife of G. BAKER, aged 62 years.
Mr. John Seibert DORMEHL, aged 71 years and 10 months.
Sept 27:
Mr. John CONSTABLE Jun, aged 27 years 7 months and 25 days.
At Graham’s Town Sept 11:
John KENNEBY aged 11 days.
Sept 15:
Joseph LOTTS, aged 40 years.

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