Skakel oor na Afrikaans
Skakel oor na Afrikaans
The Genealogical Society of South Africa 
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We understand that the South African Archives have re-opened and documents can once more be photographed. None of our photographers has yet visited so we do not know what the conditions or restrictions will be.

NB: Please be aware that there are freely available collections of South African Estate Files and/or Death Notices on the eGGSA web site (eGGSA Document Library) and on the FamilySearch web site (FamilySearch South Africa). We believe that, for many of the estates, neither of these collections contains everything in the file, but the FamilySearch collection does seem to contain Death Notice, Will and Liquidation & Distribution account.

We can only obtain copies of documents from the South African Archives repositories at Pietermaritzburg (NAB) for Natal, Durban (TBD), Bloemfontein (VAB) for the Orange Free State and Pretoria (TAB) for the Transvaal.  The references and details as given in the NAAIRS online index must be provided.  

NB.  We cannot obtain document copies from the The Cape Town Archives Repository (KAB) which has banned mechanical copying by any means of documents in their care. We understand they will offer a copying service themselves.
Nor can we obtain documents from any other South African repository than those listed in the first paragraph above.

The Document Ordering service is part of the services offered by the Online Shop.

This service is available to all. Current members of the Genealogical Society of South Africa (all current eGGSA members are members of this society) will receive a 50% discount.

Since we cannot know the number of pages in advance, payment will be requested when the photographs are ready for download.

PLEASE read our Help File on ordering archive document copies and be particularly wary of ordering 'EVERYTHING IN THE FILE' - for some files this may run into hundreds of pages.

For prices, terms and conditions please read: 
Archives Documents Terms & Conditions

Payment may be made via PayPal or Bank Transfer from a South African Bank account.
International payments must be made via PayPal.

NB. For orders placed from 4 October 2015 prices are as follows:

  Members of the Genealogical Society of SA
(this includes all eGGSA members)
  Anyone else (non members)
R25 or $2 (USD) for every 10 files or part thereof in the order, plus   R50 or $4 (USD)  for every 10 files or part thereof in the order, plus
  R12 or $1 (USD) for photographing the first page of each document   R24 or $2 (USD) for photographing the first page of each document
  R 6 or $0.50 (USD) for photographing each subsequent page of a document  R12 or $1 (USD) for photographing each subsequent page of a document


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